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TTFLS - Till the Fat Lady Slims

NEW! TTFLS 3.0 - FOLLOW UP TO 2.0 (read 2.0 first)



You know one of those moments when you meet up again with someone you’ve not seen for over a decade, and you just pick up where you left off? I have a couple of old boyfriends in that category who are dear to me. And also several female friends who have been pivotal in my life.


One of them is Shawn Goodman and she met me last week (early August 2017) after a gap of 15 years or so. The last time I met up with her, I believe I was in LA with the kids on one of our adventure hols I used to take them on, and she met us for a meal in Santa Monica. I think. Well all these years later, Shawn was over in the UK with her other half who is in the medical profession, and asked me to meet up for afternoon tea. So we did!


It was amazing to catch up with her, and it reminded me of those early days when Freedom Eating was an alien concept. Basically it’s all about listening to your body instead of over ruling it with your brain.


Basics of Freedom Eating


If you can listen to your body it will tell you when to eat, WHEN being really important, plus how to eat and what food to choose. Usually it's based on what we now know is messages from your gut, associated with your microbiome. In the old days, like with The Seven Secrets, they said listen to your body, they just didn't know why. When I wrote my version, the original Til the Fat Lady Slims book in 2002 and it's updated version 2.0 in 2014, I refined the guidelines into six principles, and explained all about the 'When' diet - and how it could work alongside any traditional diet plan - any. Also how to do it, but not really why it's so successful where so many other pure diet plans fail. The facebook group kicked off, and the online support really made a difference to everyone in it, as we encouraged each other to remember things like 'the wayside is part of the journey, just don't set up camp there.' And much discussion about NSV's - non-scales victories - which help us avoid relying on the dreaded scales too much.


Then came a revolution in understanding the signalling from the body and the connection between that and the food we eat. So since the new technology allowed scientists to examine the gut in more detail, and its links to the whole of the rest of the body and the mind, I made the connection and put it in the book 3.0. - the companion to my original TTFLS book about Freedom Eating. It became a fascination to me also, to observe other people and their own diet habits - or non diet habits, as the case maybe. And from those observations, I created several 'guises' or types of Freedom Eater - gave them all a name, and described them in book 3.0. These six guises help you understand yourself and your own particular type of food prison, and how to get out of it using TTFLs principles. 


All of this was then incorporated into a newly updated version published by Choc Lit my publisher, in January 2017 - the end product is this one, and is available to order in good bookshops and of course online, eg on amazon here.



 It made me very proud this week to bring Shawn right up to speed and has reminded me how much this system helps people who could never manage their behaviour around food before. So hats off to you, Shawn Goodman and Vicky Hansen the original Freedom Eating founders, and thank you for giving me my life back!


More about the system and testimonials on my webpage here.


Who knows, maybe come join our Facebook group (here) having read the books and found out more from the big TTFLS QVC blog i did when it sold there, perhaps you too will have an experience a bit like Penni Rowe -







Till the Fat Lady Slims features the Freedom Eating system and includes - 

- A concise summary of the Supersix Principles of Freedom Eating - to guide you on your journey out of food prison.

- how the Super Six Principles of Freedom Eating can be used alongside ANY traditional diet and can save your anxiety and guilt if you get to the stage where you think you're going to fail! 

- how it can change the bad habits of a lifetime around food - no more 'starting again tomorrow' and letting the scales make or break your day

- and how it can help you become like a slim person around food, taking your body back to how it would have been if you'd never ever dieted.

- plus updated info vital to listening to your body's signals - - eg why toxic sugar affects your body's ability to lose weight and determine what food it really needs.

Go here to get TTFLS 2.0 in paperback or eBook on Amazon - and read the first chapter free.

Go here to get TTFLS 3.0 - Tips and Tales to Inspire in paperback or eBook on Amazon - first chapter available free.

Go here to get TTFLS - Break free from Food Prison (2017) on amazon - or order from your local bookshop courtesy of publisher Choc Lit.





QVC Bonus - the hardback aqua version features another chapter in my own saga of losing weight, was only available on QVC version and not previously anywhere else. This info is now in the latest TTFLS (2017) book, along with many other autobiographical events to help you understand why this system revolutionised the way I treat food and why I stopped bingeing in 1999. (NB aqua one limited edition of 3000, sold out on QVC summer 2015. contact me in case I still have some slightly damaged ones left to sell with proceeds going to Medical Detection Dogs charity.)

Book 3.0



Book 4 - 'Till the Fat Lady Slims - 'break free from food prison' (2017) - Jan 2017, to order in bookshops and online. 

The 4th book in the series, TTFLS (2017) - features more original chapters - including some never told before even to her friends - of Debbie's story - and is now available to order in bookshops like Foyles, via Choc Lit  or on amazon. More about it here in the launch post written for Read it Write it Sell it blog. It features the reaction in the wholesaler's magazine that goes out to bookshops.





For newcomers who are curious to find out more, there is an associated TTFLS Facebook PAGE - click 'like' on this link here . A new 'tip of the day' goes up regularly. some of these will be found in the new COMPANION book 3.0 too.

And for seasoned Freedom Eaters who have begun losing weight, there's a Facebook private group with an ever growing band of happy members who are leaving their own testimonials on the group pages - some are included in the new updated book. If you can't wait, spin down this post and you'll see some of them below. If you've discovered Freedom Eating definitely works for you too, and want to share your success story, just go join the TTFLS Facebook GROUP here - Or email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or @debbieflint on Twitter.

let me know what you think of the new book!



PS Don't forget to leave me a review on Amazon or Goodreads for - Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 - The 'When' Diet!


Extra Material to help TTFLS journey - 


'aids to cutting back sugar' - blog featuring all the links mentioned in the book - click here.


 Thanks for your interest in my Freedom Eating series of books. Below are some testimonials . Do come join us on the Facebook Group and read the Back to You tab (above) regular blogs for more info.



Purple paperback: For bonus material for purple book - click here - and insert the exact reference code when asked.

QVC Hardback -if you managed to get it before it sold out - For bonus material for aqua book - click here - and insert the exact reference code when asked.

 nb - bonus material includes this visualisation track, also on sale on this link - TTFLS visualisation track or this link - TTFLS visualisation track via amazon


Fabulous Reviews

I'm delighted at the long list of wonderful reviews which have been placed on Amazon uk now - over 30 and almost all five stars - here's just one.




Dawn's Story - posted on our Facebook group in Aug 2015 


Dawn's total loss reached TEN STONE - her weight loss story and how TTFLS has helped her is available to inspire you to get the books - go here to find out more. 


January 2016 - Dawn Allen's latest update - click here to read it and hear her podcast - lost 6 and half stone in twelve months solely using Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 - the 'When' Diet


More of Dawn's own story in book 3.0



'freedom eating is what has given me so much control, when I read your book I cried because it was like you were writing about me, the guilt of blowing a diet would make me eat everything in the house, & I really struggled with the clear my plate syndrome. I now eat the best bit 1st, so I don't mind stopping eating. Now if I really fancy something I have it, but I can now stop too, I have learned to listen to my body, only eat if I'm hungry,  when I take that deep breath I know it's time to stop, & I actually enjoy salad now.' more of her story here.

Chloe's Story - features in book 2.0

"I have been overweight ever since I can remember. An emotional comfort eater! My weight was negatively impacting my emotional, social and physical well being. I felt overwhelmed with how much weight I had to lose but with the use of Debbie's book 'Till the Fat Lady Slims' I was able to build up the courage to start my weight loss journey. Slowly but surely I have now lost 3 stone in 7 months, still got a way to go but I've made it this far which at the beginning I thought would be impossible! I'm now aware of my body's signals of hunger and being satisfied! When I have cravings for certain foods I now ask myself whether I'm actually hungry. Do I really want this particular food? Am I thirsty? I enjoy my food even more so now as I eat slower and take the time to actually taste it! This book has helped me to create a positive relationship with food"  Chloe H, aged 25, Jan - Aug 2014


Debbie Sinclair Bunn's Story - features in book 2.0

Debbie has now normalised her eaitng habits and left behind forever beating herself up about getting her food choices wrong. She listens to her body and is amazing. Debbie said as a 50 something with a disability mobile, it's been a godsend to free herself of the prison she'd built herself regarding diets, diet food and obeying the rules. Forget the rules - listen to your body, like Deb did!


“When I first came across the Debbie Flints TTFLS via Facebook B2U group I was very sceptical and to be honest thought it was just a ploy to sell the book. It took me a few weeks before I started to think maybe there was something to this.

After years of yoyo dieting, slimming clubs, diet pills etc being told to eat more carbs then eat less carbs more protein or I was just plain greedy .. TLFLS shames all of them and sings to all of us that have fought with our weight most of our lives ...

It opened up a whole new world for me, once I dipped my toe in. Within a few weeks I was shouting it from the roof tops .. it works! .. The fact that you can tweak it to suit your lifestyle .. I’m disabled and it worked and still works for me .... I no longer gnaw on a tasteless cardboard tasting crispbread, no more eating sloppy diet meals and my shopping bill reduced ...

So if like me you thought being disabled on lots of medication this is not for you, please, please give it a try - what have you got to lose? Not only do I feel healthier than I have ever felt, I am no longer bloated, my skin is no longer dull, I use the bodyblade and legmaster - not as much as others but that’s ok - as this is my journey and I can honestly say it has kick started my life. That may sound like a very dramatic statement but I can say this as Debbie Flint saw me at the beginning - it has seriously changed my life ....”


Sue Stewart's Story. Sue contributed to book 3.0, where we discuss for the first time, different personality types and how they use Freedom Eating and TTFLS principles to aid their own weight loss. A 'Linda' guise of Freedom Eater is someone who used it alongside traditional dieting, for instance.

"I'm definitely a Linda. I lost my weight with Weight Watchers. I threw away my scales and only weigh once a week or so. But once I got to goal I found support wasn't there for me and I needed something else I my life. That's when I found your TTFLS group and Freedom Eating. It gives me the control of what and when to eat. It's given me more tools to live and lead a healthy lifestyle and not to be afraid of food! The support factor also is there with the group. What a great bunch they are. I'm also now happy to help them along their Freedom Eating journey too.

I'm a Linda eater.  I weighed 11st 4lb or perhaps a little more when I thought enough was enough.   I had looked at holiday photo's and deleted alot of mine.  I'm 5ft tall and basically I was fat.

My daughter was getting re married it was a white wedding and I didn't want to be the 'fat mother of the bride'.  It was my incentive to loose weight.   

All through the year's I had yo yo dieted.  Lost it, gained it.  

My help came from Weight Watchers.  I found a local group with a fabulous leader.  I could never 'point' my food , I just couldn't get my head round it.  All that weighing and pointing. But she helped with Filling & Healthy.  No counting I got to goal weight.  I continued to eat that way, but my weight started to become unsteady, a bit up and down.   I struggled with support, not from my leader, but from WW.  Around this time I found Debbie's TTFLS group and her TTFLS book. Bought the book and got support and tips from the group and have never looked back.  Ditched the bathroom scales.  It had clicked into place. How to freedom eat.  It was my light bulb moment.

My weight has become more stable and I've been let out of food prison.  It's helped me not to become the food police on family and friends and enjoy some of those treats with them.   I still go to WW to weigh and to enjoy the company and new friends I have made.  WW has changed to Smart Points now. I can point now.  But I No Count in other words I Freedom Eat.  

I eat good healthy meals. Cooked from scratch.  My attitude to food has changed.  I eat on the hunger scale and not to the clock. Stopping when 'full'.  Eating the right food. Even my husband has lost weight as he's had to have new clothes too!


I've bought a Bodyblade and joined a fantastic Facebook group of people.   We Bodyblade together and we virtual wobble with one another and virtual walk with one another. Bodyblade and walking has toned me.  It's even made me a much happier person.  Less shy and retiring.

I've learned to accept compliments and not to brush them aside.  I've learned how to give them too!  I've even done some modelling for our town centre.

From the start to today I've gone from 11st 4lb to 8st 2lb.  Dropped from a size 16 to size 8 in clothes, and found out that I even lost weight on my feet - how strange is that!"

Use it with any other Diet Plan

The useful thing about Till the Fat Lady Slims method, Freedom Eating, is that you can combine the basic principles with any other diet plan. They are not original quirky fad-based principles, they are simply a summary of how our bodies were evolved to eat, until society and bad habits got on the way. Therefore you can easily use freedom Eating as a fall back. IF YOU PANIC, OR 'BREAK' YOUR DIET, use this plan to avoid ruining it completely - no more 'starting again tomorrow' - ever. 



TTFLS Facebook Group quotes and testimonials continue on Facebook group 'Till the Fat Lady Slims.'


26th January - I asked 'what makes Freedom Eating and TTFLS such a different system compared to what you've tried before':


Pam Merrifield After many years struggling with my weight and trying every diet known to man and failing big time, I bought Debbie's book and it is such a life changer. A totally different, but sensible, way of looking at weight loss. Written in a friendly, conversational way by someone who has gone through the same issues and has come out the otherside. Having lost weight for the first time in ages I can't thank Debbie enough. X

26 January at 06:05 ·


Denise Large I was to be honest,not overweight.. Just felt a bit lumpy in places.. Menopause had kicked in ... Not feeling like me... Tried counting cals .. Didn't want to sit with others at a group... Downloaded the book..... Felt at ease with the author (Debbie Flint) and have lost over 8lbs. Don't want to be a skinny minny. Just want to be me .... Get the book x

26 January at 11:02 ·


Jacqueline Jackson TTFLS gives you a change in perspective that you don't get with diet clubs, you learn to listen to your body and just feel normal again. x

26 January at 08:10 ·


Wendy Payne Fab book (reading it in Kindle app). Very motivational and so far so good. Debbie you're an angel hun x

26 January at 08:28 ·


Lorri Vick Freedom eating was so new to me and took a while to fully understand it but it works! For first time in my life I am giving up sugar and it has opened my eyes to understanding hunger, dehydration etc and its written in a way everyone can understand - xx

26 January at 08:29 ·


Sara Brown Had been reading the book for two weeks when people started commenting Id lost weight and asking which diet I was on. Proud to say I wasn't on a traditional weight loss money making diet but just changing and learning about what my eating habits were.

26 January at 08:49 ·


Sue Davies This book makes total sense. Do what your body tells you. I used to think I was really hungry when I woke but it was dehydration. Drinking water has made such a different. This book has a really sensible approach to longterm wellbeing.

26 January at 08:51 ·


Jane Dearman The book made me view food in a totally different way. I've been listening to what my body is asking for. The result - I lost eight pounds in two weeks.

26 January at 11:08 ·


Nile Bourne This is not another diet book - it's about your attitude to food - I now look at food as fuel not a mood enhancer - if you yoyo diet read it

26 January at 12:07


Anne Keating Debbie - … wish you all the luck in the world. You deserve it. Your book has turned my life around. Not only has it changed my attitude to food, it has also helped me to lose weight - a stone since November by using your book in conjunction with a conventional slimming club - and the Bodyblade. So not only am I losing weight, I'm toning up as the same time. I'm on holiday at the mo and I have your book and the Bodyblade with me so I can dip into the book as well as the sea! And the BB bent to fit into my medium suitcase so I didn't have to stop my beach workout except this time I have my own beach to exercise on! I wish everyone knew that conventional dieting isn't the long term answer - but freedom eating is! No more failed diets! Good luck. Anne. xx

26 January at 12:56 ·


Paula Jane Baker-Price Good luck Debbie and thanks for all your help and support. My aha moment came reading your book and I have conquered my food demons x

26 January at 14:41 ·


Nicky Crane TTFLS has changed my view on food I feel I have been released from food prison with 6 common sense, easy, manageable steps. It's lead to a new healthier me and I do not feel restricted best bit because I know I can have naughty food I don't want it, It takes a while to get to know your body but well worth it the best things in life take time. Can't thank you enough Debbie. ..Good luck for later we are all behind you and very grateful for your inspiration, motivation and continued support xx

26 January at 14:46 ·


Lesley Young Made me think about why I am ffat so that I can break my habits. A serious thoughtful book that is changing my life… I have lost two pounds this week so that’s five in total, in a fortnight. 26 January at 15:30 ·


Elizabeth Gray Good luck for tonight Debbie best thing about this regime for me is nothing is banned and I find that I don't crave things because I can have what I want when I want when im hungry and I don't think / obsess about food your book points you in the right direction for support and is written by a wonderful lady who knows what it's like to not be the perfect size at all times don't weigh myself -banished the scales but lost 3.5 4 inches off my waist up to now so steady away toning up with body blade cos easy and quick xx

26 January at 17:01 ·


Tracy McCann Hi Debs I've been dipping in and out of your book whilst keeping a food diary and doing exercise whilst controlling my calories and now the weight is starting to come off. Today I had a break through because of your book. I'm a comfort eater and always turn to chocolate/crisps/cakes and I can never resist when going round the supermarket - not today, my mind was clear and the old feelings that used to make me put all the junk in my trolley just weren't there. Thank you Debbie even though it's early days and I get the occasional craving; I no longer feel like a slave to food and am learning that the cravings pass and I'm in control of me and what goes in my body  xx

26 January at 17:46 ·


Chloe Hillier - update Debbie's book has enabled me to have a positive attitude towards food! It's great not feeling restricted or deprived of certain foods - which I always felt when using other diets! Freedom eating has helped me to overcome my emotional eating habits and really listen to my body's cues of hunger, satisfaction and dehydration. Plus I've managed to lose 5 stone in a year by embracing freedom eating and exercising! Xxx

26 January at 18:40 ·


Emily Curtis Ttfls has given me back my body and energy and I've made loads of new friends on facebook I have given up the devil in disguise SUGAR and I feel fabulous its all happened since I watched the btu shows in January 2014 and listened to Debbie Flint and freedom eating I haven't looked back since then and feel so much better Debbie is a marvellous genius of a woman and deserves some medals for all she has done for me and all the other group members going to miss the shows but will keep in touch online forever plus ive told Debbie we need more steamy novels lol!!! Love to everyone watching tonight Emily xx

26 January at 21:33 ·


Debbie Flint Thanks everyone! Fab input, you do me proud!! X

26 January at 22:41 · Like · 7




19th January 2015 - tons of new ones:

Lorri Vick I definitely dont feel deprived following TTFLS - I do make sure I have all the right food at home and plan what I will eat etc - one day at work last week, I actually forgot to eat all day which is a first for me lol - used to have hunger, or what i thought was hunger, all the time . I reckon it was dehydration that gave me those evil hunger thoughts! I am making sure i am drinking way more water than I ever did without TTFLS and beginning to listen to my body - yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so happy you wrote this book Debbie PS stopping at satisfied has helped me as i always used to eat everything on my plate and then felt bloated for rest of day - my uniform always felt tight and uncomfortable in the afternoon but none of that at the moment - infact, its beginning to loosen - yay!! 

Amy Wall Not been on Freedom Eating that long before I noticed a difference in how I felt regarding my food intake. Like Lorri Vick I always thought I was hungry when in fact I was just being a little piggie. If it was there I ate it but NO MORE thanks to Debbie Flints amazing book and support. I plan my weeks food needs and am cooking from scratch rather than those ready meals which I had most days ( not being a lover of cooking) and finding out how much sugar is in them. In the past I had to have a sweet after meals but even that has stopped. Just been out for lunch(regular thing) with a friend and Mum. They had roast and sticky toffee pudding, me I had a bowl of soup as I have my lovely fish and veg tea to enjoy very soon and didn't think I COULDNT have it I just didn't NEED it. Must say though I have all the support from friends and family now I have explained how TTFLS works and they can see how I am benefitting from it. Wish I had found this years ago. Support from group is amazing. Thank you all. PS - I hate diets with a vengeance. I stick to them and then when I reach my target and start eating what I think is properly on the weight goes again but twice as much. It was my brain that needed educating as far as food was concerned not my stomach and that is what you and TTFLS has done for me so can't thank you enough xx

Lorraine Simpson It doesn't feel like a diet - I don't do diets, the thought of one makes me hungry and crave foods usually high in sugar. When I started reading TTFLS it made so much sense - there are no banned foods, no calorie counting or starving yourself or clearing your plate (now that's a novelty in itself) we were brought up to eat everything put in front of us. It's total common sense. Eat when you're hungry not when the clock says it's time, and stop when you're satisfied even if there's food left on your plate. Also, if your body really wants something then allow it to have it, yep even a dessert. Everything in moderation and cut out the sugar. Since reading the book in October on my kindle, it's made me think more about the foods I used to really crave: chocolate, cake and buns and pies - any type, meat or fruit. I had 2 chocolates at Christmas, the christmas cake is still uneaten and I don't have a muffin when we go out for coffee. This is not because the foods are forbidden, it's because I can now recognise if it's my sugar gremlin or my body that's wanting these things as I have a drink and then decide. Combine this book with a little more exercise - even just an extra walk - and you really can't fail to see results. Slow and sure - forever.

Jean Tallon for me the thought of going on a "diet" makes me feel depressed so I like to think that I have genuine choices about what I eat and when, not relying on some outside rules or time frame to accomplish my goal of being fit and healthy. I focus on a plan that fits into my life , not me trying to fit into the plan (and getting frustrated and trapped by rules ) I can live with TTFLS for the rest of my life as it allows for error, and it makes sense to me that im in charge of my own body and its needs.  I have a FAT head from all my calorie, carbs , exercise and points knowledge ,and a black belt in dieting ---- so , no more diets for me personally as ive failed miserably in spite of all my efforts and regimes xxx

Mary-Rose Harris Just can't do diets, too regimented and don't take into account what I feel like eating, like you Debs, as soon as I know I can't have something, I'm desperate to have some. I now realise that I've been eating too much when I'm not even hungry, just out of habit like watching telly and eating chocolate because it's part of my chillaxing ritual. TTFLS makes sense, I get it, I've never been able to diet and I won't be combining TTFLS with any diet.



Anne Keatingabout the same time as buying Debbie Flint's book, I started at Slimming World. I've been combining this with the Bodyblade and with swimming and walking and I've lost another eleven and a half pounds giving me a much fitter, healthier and lighter health style with everyone's support. So, as I said, having read some of the articles on sugar suggested by Debbie, I've been cutting down this week especially fruit sugar - just two pieces of fruit instead of snacking on it all day. Not a hardship as I'm not cutting it out completely. And this morning my blood sugar level was 5.8. I've never had a reading like this before. Maybe, just maybe, if I can continue like this, it might be possible to reverse the medication I was put on in September. Fingers crossed! xx

Lynne Sneddon - 13th January - Hi Everyone, I rejoined slimming world last week and decided to put the principles of TTFLS into practice alongside it as well as using my bodyblade, I went to class this morning and I have lost 3.5lb in a week - fabulous. Have a great day as I know I am. x

Maureen Green - 8th January -  I'm less now than before Xmas. Previous years I would gain half a stone not go back to meeting keep eating and gain a couple stone by Easter then start again!!!


Sept 11th 2014

Adele, TTFLS Facebook group

Not finished Debbie Flint s book yet but its sinking in. just had dinner didn't want all of it. Hubby says ‘don't you want that sausage?’ I said ‘no I'm satisfied.’ So he ate it.

Pudding, very naughty – I’d made choc cake (practising for my macmillian coffee morning) left some, hubby said ‘you have left some,’ so i said ‘dont need to finish it.’ guess what? Yes! He finished it. He looked at me with a funny look on his face. I told him to read the book it’s good. I feel so proud of myself. He said ‘very commendable.’ wow im happy.

 And this one from old hand Debbie Sinclair Bunn in response –

Well done Adele , it’s so liberating to NOT be on a diet , all I can say is one day at a time, listen to your body. Knowing when you need water rather than food is an amazing breakthrough, it took me a few weeks. Throwing out my scales was also a fantastic feeling ... the hardest bit I think is being honest with yourself.

I have been a yo-yo dieter for years - been to clubs, had diet pills the lot, but TTFLS has finally worked for me ... if you ever need a buddy please just give me a shout ... Good Luck xxx


Marcella's Story - "Before reading Debbie's TTFLS...I'd always had a guilty relationship with food ever since I can remember - shouldn't eat this...shouldn't eat that...I won't have dinner because I feel fat and don't deserve it - then I'd binge on crisps and olives when the kids had gone to bed because I was ravenous!...and then I felt like a bloated failure! ..I had tried lots of so called healthy eating plans but found them to be extremely boring...and so I would fall into my bad habits again. ..I never weigh myself but go by how certain items of clothing fit instead...and since 'listening' to the book, I have found that I can eat when I'm hungry...and not just for the sake of can be done, will power is needed of course but I just keep thinking about what's in the book....I'm eating healthier too - cooking veg instead of having chips for dinner every day - I also don't beat myself up any more, about having a take away meal every Wednesday after the kids have their swimming's our little treat. It's funny because the book has helped me see that I can have freedom with other things I feel about myself, how I dress...and how I deal with my children!! - Freedom - not to conform to how others think I should be - I just needed to be 'me'....and I'm starting to like myself again - it's been a very long time since I have been able to say that!"

Others posted on Facebook group Till the Fat Lady Slims, summer 2014 - come join us! 


25 July,

Bev F, TTFLS Facebook group

All my adult life I was caught up in a cycle of dieting and overeating. Each year was divided up into the months when I was dieting (and feeling positive & confident) and the months when I was overeating (and feeling guilty & depressed). At the end of last year I was into the overeating phase, my clothes were getting too tight and I was really unhappy. Something had to change, time for yet another diet. Then I discovered the 'Back to You QVC’ group on Facebook and sister ‘Break the Habit' group and through that heard about Debbie Flint's book 'Till the Fat Lady Slims'. I downloaded a copy and reading it has truly changed my life! 
Freedom eating helped me to gain control of my appetite for the first time, no more dieting just healthy eating. I learnt how to recognise the signals my body sends me, to recognise the difference between true hunger and thirst. Now I only eat when I'm hungry and stop eating when I begin to feel satisfied. I no longer eat for emotional reasons or to change my mood. 
Seven months later I've never felt better or healthier. Those clothes still don't fit me though....they're too big!
'Till the Fat Lady Slims' changed my life. Thank you Debbie!

 Bev9th September update -

Hello everyone! I haven't done an update for ages so here goes: it’s just my way of life now! I'm now in my 9th month of Freedom Eating and still avoiding all added sugar & processed foods. I've added nuts and seeds to my diet and take a high dose vitamin B complex along with my Omega 3 capsules. I can't believe how easy it's been and really wish I'd read TTFLS years ago!
Most people notice I've lost weight and are very complimentary. Mind you a 'friend' did have this to say "have you lost weight, you're too thin", I was fuming but then thought it was sour grapes! 
I'm very happy with my body now and the added bonus of less aches and pains (thanks to the tip on Omega 3). 
Thank you Debbie from the bottom of my heart, you are such an inspiration.  Xx

Ps My pre-freedom eating clothes no longer fit. I used to be size 12 bottoms and 14 tops, now I'm size 8/10. Obviously I'm thrilled with my new shape but more importantly I feel more confident and balanced. Because I now control my food, not vice versa, and my eating is guilt free. Freedom eating is a way of life for me now, no more dieting or calorie counting. Just wholesome food and only when I'm truly hungry. I've lost at least 2 stone and gone down two dress sizes, effortlessly!



8th September,

Dianne, TTFLS group

Half way through the fat lady and having watched one of Robert Lustig's youtube videos I decided I would try to put some of it into practice last night. 
My 32nd wedding anniversary meal. An occasion where I would normally take the opportunity to eat and drink to my heart’s content (or rather until I was stuffed, unable to move and probably inebriated). I managed (reasonably well, I think!!) to listen to my body. I declined a starter and ate my main course slowly, taking my time, allowing my stomach and brain to communicate. I then declined a pudding and even said no to a liquor coffee. I did have more champagne that I needed and as the bottle was open I had to finish it. LOL.
Obviously I've still got a long long way to go but a goodish start nevertheless. 
Will finish Debbie Flint's fantastic book today and do more research of Dr Lustig's work. 
As a lifelong yo-yo dieter I'm determined (again) not to let my recent three stone weight loss go back on.
Will watch my intake today to compensate for champagne over indulgence!!


 21 Aug, Emily, Facebook TTFLS group.

Emily Curtis - I find ttfls helped me understand that i was eating because i was bored and just reached for easy to eat rubbish. Now I've gone back to basics eating fresh fruit and vegetables lean protein nuts seeds beans sprouts and dairy and non dairy unprocessed natural foods that i would never had even tried like alpro coconut milk in my coffee or porridge in sprouting my own seeds … I eat when I’m hungry and always drink water first to make sure it’s hunger and not thirst. My weight is now stable at around 68 kg and my GP, dietician, etc are all very pleased … the ‘Back to You QVC’ Facebook group and other related groups really help too … support for each other even though most of us have never met.

TTFLS really made me stop and think about not just my diet but my reason for doing things, my attitude towards new tasks. Am trying to increase exercise whilst disabled and putting my body first. It also made me think about my emotional behavior and I've taught myself about cognitive psychology … all these things together have helped me get from my highest weight of 144kg down to the 68kg that i am now

 I recommend everyone to read your book and to try something new each day no matter how small the idea or task, they all add up and could make a big difference to your life. Thanks for writing the book and I look forward to the new updated version which i shall buy thanks Debbie xx

13th September Update

Right here goes Debbie has asked me to tell you all about my story of freedom eating and ditching the sugar I read many books including Debbie's ttfls and was having cognitive psychology sessions with a dietician at the hospital after long time illness what I learnt was this freedom eating has helped me to reclaim my control over food. No more counting calories eating for comfort or because I'm bored or sad. I find to freedom eat is to quit dieting and know what to eat without any external controls such as society saying diets are necessary this food is good this one is bad.

I have gone back to having the ability to let go of emotional eating restricting foods, bingeing and obssessing etc... I now rely on my brain’s ability to eat when hungry and stop when I've had enough, working with my hunger and not just eating because someone says it's lunchtime. With regard to exercise I do what my body allows me to - most of it is seated but since buying my vionics orthotic footwear, I have been walking more often as they have helped with the pains and alignment in my left foot and leg.


With freedom eating comes sugar detox. For help with this I looked up an American doctor called Dr Mark Hyman. His opening statement is - sugar is 8 times more addictive than cocaine. This blew my mind. Working in pharmacy I've met many addicts and would never had included myself as one – but I am – a sugar and bad carb addict. Following Dr hyman's rules it takes approximately 10days to go cold turkey. My key benefits learnt from his book are eating in a way that reconnects my internal signals of hunger and satiety feeling more comfortable in my body, beginning to eat more healthily… finding my natural and healthy weight for me and – vital – overcoming exercise resistance and finally decoding eating behaviours and body image.

With regards to sugars and sweeteners you have to keep in mind that when you eat or drink them they give you a temporary boost then you feel crap for the next 6 hours, so stop eating it – go cold turkey – you will bloat get bad brain fog, reflux, memory and mood problems, but by day 10 or beforehand if you are lucky, these will all disappear. You will feel like you want to start eating good proteins and good fats such as coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil omegas 3 6 & 9. If I need to sweeten something I use agave syrup – it’s from a cactus like plant and 20 times sweeter than sugar, so a little goes a long way. Look out for hidden sugars in ketchups and tinned foods. Eat good carbs especially green vegetables courgettes spinach greens peppers squash and beets.

Also make sure you sleep well try to get 8 hours a night - whilst you sleep, your appetite suppression hormones will build up for the day ahead. If you don't get enough sleep, your cravings for sugar will increase.

I hope this helps at least one person, it’s a very good book to go along side Debbie’s. So when trying freedom eating and sugar detox, get The Blood Sugar Solution 10 day detox diet by Dr Mark Hyman. Thank you for reading this post. 


7th September, Marcella – TTFL Facebook group

Before reading Debbie's TTFLS...I'd always had a guilty relationship with food ever since I can remember - shouldn't eat this...shouldn't eat that...I won't have dinner because I feel fat and don't deserve it - then I'd binge on crisps and olives when the kids had gone to bed because I was ravenous!...and then I felt like a bloated failure!
I had tried lots of so called healthy eating plans but found them to be extremely boring...and so I would fall into my bad habits again.
I never weigh myself but go by how certain items of clothing fit instead...and since 'listening' to the book, I have found that I can eat when I'm hungry...and not just for the sake of can be done, will power is needed of course but I just keep thinking about what's in the book....I'm eating healthier too - cooking veg and eating salads instead of having chips for dinner every day - I also don't beat myself up any more, about having a take away meal every Wednesday after the kids have their swimming lessons... it's our little treat.
It was also great to find out that I wasn't the only one having a battle with food...and even better to find that there was someone willing and able to put it down in writing for those of us who need some guidance! 
Last year I was disappointed in myself because I couldn't fit into the dress I wanted to wear...then this August - a REAL smile because I could finally wear the dress!... Yayy! 
It's funny because the book has helped me see that I can have freedom with other things too... how I feel about myself, how I dress... and how I deal with my children!! - Freedom - not to conform to how others think I should be - I just needed to be 'me'... and I'm starting to like myself again - it's been a very long time since I have been able to say that!... I even took the kids swimming on Wednesday after their lesson ended... I just put my tankini in the bag and off we went - I didn't worry about whether or not I had hair products, make-up, jewellery or anything!... and I survived!... haha... thanks for this great little book, Debbie, it's helped me to be me again!... xxxx



7th sept Sandra, TTFLS Facebook group.

Morning all!  I just wanted to share with you. I bought the TTFLS book yesterday lunchtime. I have read the first chapter so far. I have well and truly started on my journey. 
For dinner last night I had prawn cocktail for starters then steak, new potatoes and veg for main course. I ate the prawn cocktail and had the feeling I was satisfied! Thinking oh no I still have the main course.
I went into the kitchen and when my husband was dishing up I said that’s enough potatoes. So I halved what I would have got. Normally I would say the only bad thing for me was the sauce on the prawn cocktail and the sauce on the steak. Instead I thought I thoroughly enjoyed that and felt really satisfied. A feeling I never get.
I felt wonderful so much so I had no cravings at all that evening. This morning I would normally have cereal and a cuppa for breakfast. This morning was different I didn’t feel I needed to eat so just had a cuppa. I can fall asleep after eating my breakfast sometimes, but instead I have been up and about, done lots more than normal. I feel great and my body still feels satisfied. 
I am looking forward to reading more of the book today. I picked flowers from the garden this morning. They are beautiful which is just how I feel 
Have a great day everyone xx

 12th September update

Almost a week since I bought the TTFLS book. Changes for me are: I am eating when hungry and not because it's time. I look at myself including my body in the mirror (which I didn't do before)! This week has gone so quick. My husband has noticed I have been more active and brighter in myself. All in all I am a lot happier x



6th September -

Jill Dowding Walker – testimonial.

My thoughts about Till The Fat Lady Slims

I am a middle-aged woman, married with one teenager. I also happen to be disabled with an illness that has impacted my mobility for many years, finally diagnosed in 2008. Being less and less able to move in the whirlwind fashion I previously enjoyed, now often confined to bed or wheelchair, my weight increased and my exercise lessened because it was too painful and exhausting. Inevitably I gained more and more weight.

In combination with a few other motivational tools, (and near starvation, feeling hungry all the time) I did manage to reduce my weight by three and a half stones within a year. Unfortunately as I lost interest for a period, I regained five stones over the next two years! Then I found TTFLS and the simple, clear advice resonated with me.

Reading TTFLS was an eye-opener! Written in a friendly tone and supportive manner, it helped me realise I was far from alone in my struggles with food. That emotional connection felt good and the information piqued my interest. Enough evidence was presented to satisfy my inner geek, while the really doable advice given could be tried out and followed if it suited me.

The best ideas for me to follow are to recognise when I am hungry and when I am not. You would think that was simple, but it takes building habits and recognising signals from your body to ascertain this. TTFLS explains why and how to learn strategies to overcome this disconnection, or misunderstanding the language of your body.

My top tips were learning to recognise what I wanted and when I really wanted it, whatever time of day, or situation I was in. I learned to question myself. What was I feeling? What did my body need? Was I sufficiently hydrated? So, was I thirsty or really hungry?

Also, when I am eating, no matter what, or how hungry I am, as soon as I notice myself taking a breath and sighing, I know it is a signal to stop eating now. Why do we sigh? Usually and unconsciously it is because our body is satisfied.

There are many more tips in Debbie’s book, but those above are especially the ones that have positively impacted my eating habits. I cannot diet. It feels like deprivation. But healthier choices are always possible. I am still obese, but gradually making better choices to reduce my weight and improve my peace of mind, whilst feeling nourished.




30th August -

Lynne Sneddon – TTFLS Facebook group


My family and my Mum went to the Harvester last night to celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary (today) and my Mum's birthday on Monday and I have to say I am rather impressed with myself. I visited the salad bar and didn't have any dressing or anything like croutons or crispy onions on my salad bowl. For my main course I chose the gammon steak with peas and jacket potato with no butter. For sweet, I had fruit salad with vanilla ice cream The ice cream was served in a tiny cup similar to an expresso cup. Drink wise I went for diet cola as I didn't fancy any alcohol. We had a fab time and I thoroughly enjoyed my meal. I could have chosen a huge rhubarb & custard sundae or a honeycomb one like my mom but I didn't feel hungry enough to know that I would have enjoyed it but I wanted something sweet to finish my meal off. The fruit and ice cream did the trick without feeling full to bursting. ‪#‎TTFLSisKickingIn - hopefully 

I will get slim in time to renew our wedding vows in the Canary Islands in 2 years time 




31st July -

Chloe Hillier -  TTFLS testimonial  

I have been overweight ever since I can remember. An emotional comfort eater! My weight was negatively impacting my emotional, social and physical well being. 
I felt overwhelmed with how much weight I had to lose but with the use of Debbie's book 'Till the Fat Lady Slims' I was able to build up the courage to start my weight loss journey. Slowly but surely I have now lost 3 stone in 7 months, still got a way to go but I've made it this far which at the beginning I thought would be impossible! 
I'm now aware of my body's signals of hunger and being satisfied! 
When I have cravings for certain foods I now ask myself whether I'm actually hungry. Do I really want this particular food? Am I thirsty? I enjoy my food even more so now as I eat slower and take the time to actually taste it! 
This book has helped me to create a positive relationship with food. I do over indulge a bit too much sometimes but I'm learning not to 'punish' myself! And not turn a 'bad' meal into an entire week of bingeing! 
With freedom eating I don't feel restricted from any foods. I'm now making healthier choices and living a healthier lifestyle. No more silly diets!

 Update –

24th September

I started my weightloss journey in January this year. I started using the freedom eating principles combined with exercise after reading Debbie's book TTFLS. The main thing that I am pleased about is how it's enabled me to have a healthy, positive relationship with food. If I overindulge I just start again the next day. I'm not 'punishing' myself like I used to or experiencing the awful guilt that I used to put myself through. I was shocked to find out that I had lost a pound whilst on holiday in Thailand for two weeks and I really did treat myself to lovely food! 
I have now lost four stone and recently treated myself to a size 14 dress :) previously I was wearing size 18-20! I've still got more weight to lose but I will continue to use the freedom eating principles even when I reach my goal weight!



24th September –

Chris Jopp

The main thing I learned was that I don't need to think of myself as being on a diet! I am making better choices (most days LOL!) and although my weightloss is slow (by choice) I'm happy to go slowly. If I want to have something naughty, I have it but in a smaller portion and then I leave out something later in the day. If we eat out then hubby and I share a starter and/or a dessert (if we feel we want to have them) and if I want a starter or dessert to myself (I don't have both!) then I will cut out something from the main, like carbs. It’s a process of substitution and portion control. And listening to your body.

When I first started reading Debbie Flint's book I didn't think it would have an impact on me but it did, I may not always stick to it but it did leave an impression that makes me think about what I'm eating and that's so important to me. Thank you Debbie, I'm re-reading it and look forward to the updated version. Xxxxx




27th July -

Linda Bignell – TTFLS Facebook group

When my sis gave me her book in 2002 I read it and felt liberated! Always a member of weight watchers I would count and weigh and often over ride my body in judging the obvious! ........ So although I still weigh once a week! (Just can't let go!!!) I now listen to myself! What does my body WANT to eat? Stopping when I'm satisfied ...... Being more active..... Smaller plates and portions!......I’m 50 now and I'm not trapped in diet prison any more! I take the best of freedom eating skills and combine it with healthy choices! Life is sunny and I'm so happy! Here's to our happiness for us all ladies x



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