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Here is the latest book of the week, I chose it because at the Crimefest this week (see below) I was most impressed with the way author J S Law spoke about Tenacity, a novel set on a submarine, and an exciting new hero. J S Law was sooo funny too - the craic between him and ex-copper Matt Johnson had me laughing with tears in my eyes at one point. And moreover, the plot sounds intriguing.

It is definitely a fabulous sounding story. At crime fest this week, I went to lots of debates about different topics of crime writing, many of the panels were authors. Therefore I have a little list of great new books for me to read on audiobook.

James S Law works in the military, and was on a submarine. Hence this story. Matt Johnson's Wicked Game is also a brilliant sounding book which I will also get when it appears in audiobook which I gather is soon.

Tenacity – book of the week

The first in a naval series from debut author J. S. Law. 

When a man commits suicide on a submarine, Lieutenant Danielle Lewis is sent to investigate; she couldn't be more out of place. 

Suicide must be investigated. Especially when a Royal Navy sailor kills himself on a nuclear submarine only days after his wife's brutal murder. Now Lieutenant Danielle Lewis, the navy's finest special branch investigator, must interrogate the tight-knit, male crew of HMS Tenacity to determine if there's a link. Isolated, and standing alone in the face of extreme hostility, Dan soon realises that she may have to choose between the truth and her own survival. 

Justice must be served, but with a possible killer onboard the pressure is rising, and her time is running out....

Go here to get it on audiobook on Amazon.



This is the annal festival of crime writers, crime readers, and crime writing tips. 

Held in the Marriot hotel in Bristol, it spans three nights, dozens of panels on different aspects of crime writing, and a couple of big events like a gala dinner. It's rather nice being amongst a different dynamic other than romance. And having just gone to my romantic novelist Association summer party on the Thursday night, it was nice to immerse myself in something completely different for the next few days.

I go with my friend Litty, who is a writing pal from my very first workshop in Tuscany in 2009. She is doing an MA in crime writing at city University, so there were lots of her colleagues there too. I had a lovely time and enjoyed it. There were lots of her colleagues there too and some great Meet the Author talks.

Ian Rankin, author of the Inspector Rebus stories detective series was very entertaining Saturday lunchtime. I will definitely look at his novels having had a good response on Facebook when I mentioned it.


Apart from that I will be looking out for many of the authors and getting some of their work.

More about Crimefest next year, here.

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