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As promised here's a basic guide to using Twitter - it's easier than Facebook, many say, since it's just the 'status update' part, with the addition of Direct Messages (like Personal messages on Facebook).

Here's a brief guide to what is Twitter - by Open Sesame - Go here to watch a how to guide on setting yourself up in the first place - it's really easy and you just need to follow the step by step instructions: 

Once registered and after you have confirmed your email back to them, off you go. But they will offer you the chance to do a brief tutorial first - take it.

You can add your own profile info as with facebook, but it's simpler.

Follow some people Google anyone you want to follow in order to get their twitter address, then you can 'search' on Twitter (the magnifying glass icon) to find them, by putting @ i front of their name. Some are not just their name however, it's whatever they've chosen to call themselves, eg @jillyqvc is Jilly Halliday, @meCharlieBrook is Charlie another QVC presenter. I'm @debbieFliint - that's easy enough! Or just go to '@qvcuk' and look at who is listed under their 'following' heading. @QVCUK will be 'following' many QVC presenters and guests and companies - all you need to do is click on each one you want to follow. You will see your 'followers' mounting up. Many will follow you back because that's what a lot of people do on Twitter.

Terminology - 'Home' is where you will see the tweets of anyone you now follow. 

'Notifications' is where you will see any tweets to you, or that mention you. (this is where i spend much of my time on Twitter, especially during a live show.) Anyone on Twitter can see these tweets though if they follow those people mentioned within the tweet.


@qvcuk what dress is @debbieflint wearing? is it a @ReneeInControl?

will be seen in our notifications by QVC admins, by me and by Renee (Attitudes by Renee fashion range on QVC). We can all reply by just pressing 'reply.' It will also be seen by anyone searching our names.

If you like a post you can RETWEET it - that's like 'sharing' on Facebook. You can't add any more words though, over the 140 character limit, unless you delete some.

On some apps you can also opt to 'quote tweet' which allows you to include the tweet and add some words, if there is space.

'Messages' is where you can message someone in private - they call it 'direct message' or DM. BUT unless they follow you back, you wont be able to DM them.

'Discover' is where the 'hashtag' comes in. Anything you write in one long word, no spaces, with a HASHTAG in front will be searchable on Twitter


'@Maryjhallowell new novel out now #TheMistletoeRun #Amazon

this will show up if you search '#themisteltoerun' and '#amazon' or if you just click 'discover' you will see what most popular hashtags have been used of late.


Sending a TWEET

Click on the 'write message' icon, and begin a message with eg '@debbieflint' if you want to tweet me. Then add your message, up to the 140 characters. You can copy links to web pages, and add pictures from within twitter too, using the usual little photo icons.



#FF means 'follow friday', where tweeps (twitter people) recommend others to follow. If your contacts do a #FF you can just click on each of the people in the tweet and get to their profile, then click 'follow' to follow them too.

Your pics will be stored on twitter as will your tweets but they don't stay forever.

DM's disappear after a time, that's not like facebook where they remain.

Not everyone replies to you, but if you get a 'favourite' and an email telling you 'so and so favourited your tweet' that''s the equivalent of a 'like' on facebook.

It's not good protocol to stretch a long message out across several tweets, since if it's me, I follow over 2000 people, lots of authors and writing tweeps, so your message could be interrupted by many others and be difficult to read.

It's not good protocol to keep someone included in your tweet if the reply doesnt concern them, especially if that person is live on air and trying to wade through tweets to read them out live.

BLOCKING - if someone needs to be blocked, you can do that within ten seconds of a tweet appearing and they will not be able to follow you nor will their tweets with your name in appear in your notifications. In that way, it's similar to Facebook.

Click links in others' Tweets to view articles, images or videos they've linked to. Click hashtagged keywords (#) to view all Tweets about that topic.

Any other questions, or stuff you want me to add, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Good luck!

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debs x