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Book of the Week - Past Tense (Jack Reacher 23) by Lee Child
7 November 2018

He's back with another stonker - Lee Child brings us another adventure with Jack Reacher - one of the most successful fiction characters of all time. Past Tense is out - Jack Reacher 23 - see below for an exciting free sample.

I bought it on pre-order earlier this year and can't believe how fast November has come around. Lee Child was an interviewee on QVC once upon a time and I had the pleasure of talking to him about 'The Affair' - the prequel novel which kicks off his series of anti-hero/hero books. I was most struck by Lee saying he never really plans a novel out and mostly does one version - unlike most other authors. Jeffrey Archer's new tome, for instance, took 14 drafts. (See next week)

I've absolutely loved each and every one of Lee's Reacher books - and devoured all 18 straight. Then have got every one since. So to me, this is a given that I will buy the next and the next and I thank goodness Lee Child is so consistent each year in bringing us the latest outing, plus short stories and flash back novellas in between.

From number one best seller Lee Child, the thrilling new blockbuster featuring hero Jack Reacher.

Reacher, the eternal drifter, happens by chance on the small New Hampshire town he remembers his father was supposed to have come from. But when he starts looking for his dad's old home, he finds there's no record of anyone named Reacher ever having lived there...

I'm very excited as my top Reacher narrator Jeff Harding is once more in the driving seat. Yay! that's another couple of journeys to and from Devon sorted out! It makes the 200 mile journey fly by as I whizz back home to our writing retreat in Sheepwash - see Retreats for You below.


Go here to get it on Amazon.

Go here to listen to a free sample of the audiobook - it's fabulous! Just sign in with your regular amazon account and set up an audible account, and there it will be! I get through about 30 credits a year and bulk buying them is best for me, with so many long journeys. Enjoy.

Reviews for Retreats for You Check out our Facebook page to see all the five star reviews for our place - go here to see it. And if you'd like to come too, email us for info and dates This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - and see more on our website here -

Almost all the reviews are five stars - good considering over five dozen have posted. We specialise in full board Monday to Friday retreats although next year there are some weekends - rare but more than this year.

Go here to see an outline of our upcoming 2019 events.

Then contact us soon! The 'pitch to a publisher' weekend has more or less sold out! Writers love our 1600s thatched, grade 2 listed house in deepest North Devon, along with home cooked meals, a dash of doggy therapy, or stint in the mini home gym, or a walk in the  beautiful countryside right on our doorstep. email us for more info!

best wishes




Beginners’ Guide And if you’re a complete beginner and want to self-publish, my basic guide can be found here - beginner's tips for self-publishing - a summary of info, sites and links to help you on your way. Including my guest blog on prestigious industry website,, which is also a fabulous resource for beginners. And advanced writers!  Go here to read more.

Also - launched  in 2018, Jericho press is the new name for Writers' Workshop - and their £30 a month subs will get you all sorts of free info about how to write a novel and how to self publish. MORE HERE.

Archives Don’t forget to check out the other archives (to the left) for even more fabulous hints, tips, links and blogs.

My books - For the full list of my fiction and non fiction novels, novellas, short stories - info and links to buy them just go here. or see below.

As usual, here’s the round up of my own titles! I’d appreciate a review on Amazon (go here) andGoodreads (go here)! Enjoy! x


eBooks - all available on Amazon – paperback or eBook (kindle or kindle app or kindle on PC or Mac)

paperbacks – five fiction titles all available in paperback – via Amazon – see below.




 HAWAIIAN TRILOGY (2013/4) – romantic fiction in either steamy or PG options!

 Book 1 Hawaiian Escape Steamy or Hawaiian Escape PG, the prequel to Hawaiian Affair - is now available on Amazon in eBook or paperback.

 Book 2 Hawaiian Affair Steamy - now called Take a Chance on Me, with Choc Lit publisher available on Amazon. Paperback can be ordered from almost all bookshops. Reached no 79 in WHSmithsTravel charts.

 Book 3 Hawaiian Retreat - Helen's Story - Just click this link to see steamy version. Paperback also available


DIARY OF A WANNABE SHOPPING CHANNEL PRESENTER – a stand alone story – Bridget Jones meets Alan Partridge meets Eddie Murphy in ‘Holy Man’ –click here to buy Ebook on amazon, and click here to buy paperback.



 ‘When Dreams Return’ (2014) – spooky romantic short story – when Chelle’s pal Sara gets her to conjure up her ideal man with a full moon magic spell, she gets more than she bargained for… also appears in Hocus Pocus anthology.

 The Valentine’s Surprise (2010) is a short story proving it’s never too late to find your Sir Galahad!

Also – for Hallowe’en – an anthology of short spooky stories by 13 authors including many new shorts and my When Dreams Return in paperback! Hocus Pocus ’14 – ebook or paperback.

 'Battle of the Exes', written for Valentine's Day 2015, features in 'Roses are Red' anthology of six short stories on Amazon ebook and paperback too.



 Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – the ‘When’ Diet - is my semi-autobiographical weight loss book – originally published in 2000. It was updated for 2014 to include the latest thinking about nutrition. Learn how to eat like slim people do and published on Amazon as TTFLS 2.0

It was followed a year later by Till the Fat Lady Slims 3.0 – Tips and Tale to Inspire on amazon which introduced new concepts and latest theories on gut bacteria and the inner chimp plus six guises of Freedom Eater.

 Go here to get its predecessor (read 2.0 first) Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – the When diet on amazon

Choc-Lit, UK independent publisher, gave it a revamp and put it on order in Bookshops early 2017 - published just as 'Till the Fat Lady Slims' and with a black silhouette cover, it pulls together elements of all the predecessors, and is a good place to begin if you haven't read any of it yet. Go here to get the Choc Lit 2017 Till the Fat lady Slims on Amazon or order in bookshops.

Amazon review - January 2018 - 

This is a great book and so easy to identify with the author. I have been there and reading this book was like a breath of fresh air. I took on board what was written and lost 3 pounds in the first week. I am still losing but I don't dwell on food or think about it all day which is brilliant. I feel I can get on with my life and food is in its proper place. I eat when I'm hungry and because I am hungry, I enjoy the food all the more. If you are struggling and have tried every diet known to woman - like I have - buy this book. You will not regret it. It is turning my life around and I feel so much more positive than I did.

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