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Freebie Steamy eBook, what's my new Italian character's name & more tips for self-publishing!
27 September 2013


The Italian  is Named!

Last week I told you I was writing a scene in my new book (the prequel to my first novel) which featured a Hot Italian guy and asked you what he should be called? Thanks to all of you who told me your thoughts - on here and on facebook and on twitter - and I have to say, against my initial judgements I’m going to go with the majority vote - Alessandro! Lady G, eat your heart out – in MY novel, he’s going to be an Italian God (or is it a Roman one?) (and does it matter which he is, he’ll be gorgeous! ). The scene is in a luxury hotel after he’s taken our heroine for a drive in his Ferrari, somewhere in the beautiful hillside of Tuscany… Maybe he’d look a bit like this…

Hot italian guy




Hawaiian Prize (working title) will be out end of November, with a facebook launch party on Thursday 28th – shared with my writing pals – more news soon!





Book of the Week – Resisting Nick

Well, I promised you a steamy freebie and there were a fair few volunteered to me when I asked for suggestions this week online.

I almost chose this one – 'Dating a Cougar' – but after comparing the reviews it was just beaten by Kris Pearson’s novel from October 2012, currently free on Amazon, (thurs 27th) AND - importantly  riding high in the charts.


Resisting Nick'Resisting Nick (Wicked in Wellington)'  is about a hot boss with a troubled past and his temporary PA who arrives at his fitness club. See what you think and let me know!




P.S. - I loved the ‘warning’ at the bottom of the write up for 'Resisting Nick' – must add one of those to my own steamy novel Hawaiian Affair! My equivalent would be – ‘warning, contains sex in luxury cruisers, hotel rooms and under waterfalls!’ hehe!

And thanks so much to the latest reviewers on Amazon – it’s reached 70 out of 79 five stars now!



 Interesting Interview in Bookseller with Top Agent Carole Blake

One of my favourite agents on social media, top tweeter @caroleagent is featured in the latest The Bookseller mag, discussing her strategies for looking after her clients, and how the new platforms are helping break new authors. When the link is available to the online edition, I'll repost it. Meanwhile, do see if you can read the whole article in the pages I've posted at the bottom! *


And Finally - reminder about the upcoming dates for my own titles.


**Countdown – Hawaiian Affair paperback – PG Version – 3 WEEKS (MID OCT)


**Countdown – Hawaiian Prize – paperback and eBook – one version – 7 WEEKS (end Nov)

Best wishes and pop by next week for more fab tips - including why Jackie Collins chose to self-publish!



* Carole Blake's '50 years in publishing' article in The Bookseller -

Carole Blake's article in The bookseller

 carole blake part two

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