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Book of the Week - Make Me - by Lee Child - Jack Reacher 20
16 September 2015

Jack Reacher 20 Jack Reacher 20


I couldn’t resist it! A real Brit success story. And i've been looking forward to this for MONTHS ever since finding out about it from Lee himself at the Crime Fest in Bristol in May.






“A remote railroad stop on the prairie with the curious name of Mother's Rest seems perfect for an aimless one-day stopover. 
He expects to find a lonely pioneer tombstone in a sea of nearly-ripe wheat ... but instead there is a woman waiting for a missing colleague, a cryptic note about two hundred deaths, and a small town full of silent, watchful people.
Reacher’s one-day stopover becomes an open-ended quest...into the heart of darkness…”

As always, as Lee says on his website, Reacher’s rule is ‘if you want me to stop, you’re going to have to make me!’

OMG what a fantastic audiobook, I just love Jeff holding reading one of my favourite authors, and one of my favourite heroes, Jack reacher, in his latest outing – on top form, dealing with the baddies as only he can, I blimmin love his adventures :-) 10 out of 10 for me.

One day, when I’m a grown-up, I want to write books like Lee Child. For now, I’ll just get lost in Jack Reacher!

If you’ve never seen it, here is my interview with Lee on QVC in 2011. Click here for part one and here for part two.

And better than that, here’s Duncan Munro, the ‘aussie Jack Reacher’ ‘roasting’ him at none other than the ‘romantic times’ convention in 2014! Not sure Duncan is my idea of Reacher – my Reacher would be more brooding… You? Click here to watch it. And see how many book titles you can spot!

Get it here on Amazon click here.



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