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Cover reveal of Hawaiian Retreat – out June 29th on Amazon! Plus – courses to help you if you’d like to write.
19 June 2014

Hawaiian Retreat - cover reveal! Hawaiian Retreat - cover reveal! Angela Oltmann

Cover reveal!

Here it is at last! This is the grand cover reveal for Hawaiian Retreat – and the big launch is just a week away on Amazon. As promised – for, like, ever! - the main pic gives you a hint of what the story is about!  Plus read below for another extract – this time, the whole of chapter one - in the run up to 29th June - publication weekend of the third in the trilogy (again with a steamy or PG option!) - see bottom of page for links to the first two – ebook for kindle or paperback.

It’s been a long journey, (as the clichés say, but it has,) and I couldn’t have done it without my wonderful beta readers – a full list of all who’ve helped me by proof reading this latest title, next week.


Closing Work In Progress paragraphs

Now only one week away – in final edit stage, tidying up etc. The freebie updates continue on my QVC Author page – ‘like’ the page here  to see them each night from now on! And just to tempt you, see bottom of this blog for the whole of chapter one! If that doesn’t draw you in, nothing will! Next Friday I will post the links to the books – the steamy version is going to be out first, the PG will follow mid-summer.


Win a signed copy

Winner of signed copy is Linda Harris and it was of course hang glider or paraglider parachutes – easy! Watch out next week on main QVC blog for big comp to win my signed books! Yay!

Other news –

-          Screenwriting Festival – left his up – it’s on in October – fab for screenwriters! The ‘world’s biggest professional screenwriting event is booking up fast – 150 speakers over 3 days including Lynda La Plante (‘Prime Suspect’) click here for the info and book soon, two thirds gone!

-          Writers’ Workshop do some fabulous services to writers and have done for nearly five years – like this annual York Festival – something for everyone and the chance to get in front of an agent or publisher with the one to ones too! I went twice – highly recommended Click here for more info.

-          Or – How to Published blog – so informative – and added to my own basic beginners’ guide – see below!  Read more here.


On QVC BLOG/ RiWiSi – And do remember there’s even more RiWiSi section on my regular Friday QVC blog! Go here. Including a book of the week from none other than newly honoured Leighton Denny MBE!

Beginners’ Guide And if you’re a complete beginner and want to self-publish, remember my basic guide published two weeks ago – click here for beginner's tips for self-publishing -  a summary of info, sites and links to help you on your way.

Archives Don’t forget to check out my archives (to the left) for even more fabulous hints, tips, links and blogs. Plus - see below for my own list of books now available in paperback or eBook on Amazon! And below that, as promised, an extract of my WIP, work in progress!

Have an amazingly lovely week!

Best wishes





As usual, here’s the round up of my own titles! Do give me feedback by tweeting or facebooking or just email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Otherwise I’d appreciate a review on Amazon and Goodreads! Enjoy! x


Books  - all available on Amazon – paperback or eBook (kindle or kindle app or kindle on PC or Mac)

titles on Amazon

HAWAIIAN TRILOGY (2013/4) – romantic fiction in either steamy or PG options!

Book 1 Hawaiian Escape Steamy or Hawaiian Escape PG, the prequel to Hawaiian Affair - is now available on Amazon in eBook or paperback in both PG original and steamy (just released last week!).

Book 2 Hawaiian Affair Steamy or Hawaiian Affair PG versions are both available on Amazon in either eBook or paperback.

 (Book 3 ‘Hawaiian Retreat – Helen’s Story’ is coming in the Summer)

DIARY OF A WANNABE SHOPPING CHANNEL PRESENTER – see above – click here to buy Ebook on amazon, and click here to buy paperback.



‘When Dreams Return’ (2014) – spooky romantic short story – when Chelle’s pal Sara gets her to conjure up her ideal man with a full moon magic spell, she gets more than she bargained for…

The Valentine’s Surprise (2010) is a short story proving it’s never too late to find your Sir Galahad!



Till the Fat Lady Slims is my 2002 weight loss book all about eating like slim people do, following Food Freedom technique. As used and recommended on our Back to You QVC Facebook group! NB – Brand new revised version coming Autumn 2014!


OTHER WORK IN PROGRESS (see my new Work In Progress tab for updates!)

‘Hawaiian Retreat’ – Helen’s story - book three in the trilogy, see above.

‘TTFLS’ revised version – coming Autumn 2014

‘The How to Find a Husband Manual’ – hehe – more info in the summer. A spin off from the Hawaiian trilogy’s character Kate, Helen’s friend in New York.

‘Diary of a Rookie Shopping Channel Presenter’ – sequel - early 2015


Extract from Work In Progress – Hawaiian Retreat – first draft (due out on Amazon 29th June)
First chapter -

The coals weren’t just fiery, they were throbbing. Or perhaps Helen was. The fire-walk was getting closer - just a few rows of chanting people in front of her. It gave her palpitations. Smoking, glowing, smouldering – and very, very daunting. Oh and rather hot.

So much for this Try it For the First Time lark.

She could feel the vibration throughout her body - the rhythmic drum beating in time with the chanting crowd, urging them on, nearer and nearer, to the point of no return. Every now and then the embers flared, accompanied by a scream, and the tell-tale ‘tssssst!’ sound.

How the hell did I get myself into this? thought Helen, as she broke out in a sweat. She could feel the heat, smell the smouldering coals and the perspiring bodies either side of her. Pretty soon they would block her escape. It was now or never.

Focus, she said to herself, cool moss, cool moss, cool moss…

Only twenty four hours before, she’d been on a flight across the world to Hawaii, accompanied by her new man – the man now standing on a pedestal at the front, banging a drum, chanting.

If her sister Sadie could see her, she’d be proud. If her mother Grace could see her, she’d freak. She’d roll her eyes, and tut, as usual. Not that it mattered - Helen and her mum were currently ‘on a break.’ Giving each other space was part of their thing. And spurring each other on was part of her and Sadie’s thing. Thank god for sisters, thought Helen.  And thank god for… the guy on the stage… What was he to her, now, anyway, after everything that had happened in the last six months?

Cool moss, cool moss! Chanted the crowd at the front.

Shit, shit, she told herself frantically, realising that she was now just two rows away. She tried to hold back but an over-excited woman behind pushed forwards a little too hard and Helen whiplashed into the tall guy in front of her. She flung her hands into the middle of his back. He turned, eyes blazing, and Helen gasped. He was breathtakingly handsome… and she knew that face from somewhere.

‘Sorry!’ Helen shouted, above the pounding drums, jabbing a thumb over her shoulder. ‘Woman behind me!’

‘I can’t hear you,’ said the entrancing face, ‘but next time, give it a little rub whilst you’re there!’

‘I’m sorry?’ she cried.

He smiled and pointed over his shoulder at his back. ‘Joking,’ he added, ‘I meant give my shoulders a rub – they ache from karate chopping all those planks earlier on!’

If it hadn’t been a complete impossibility, Helen would have made herself scarce as fast as she could. ‘Cos that’s what she always did - well, nearly always – when a gorgeous stranger made a pass at her. She didn’t trust handsome men – not any more.

‘Run, run a mile, don’t get hurt again,’ the little voice inside her head would have said. But this beguiling man’s request was not out of place in this new community of happy-clappy people – with their frequent back-rubs, hugs and instant familiarity amongst strangers. So Helen just smiled and played along - she'd come too far to be found out now - so she reached up and rubbed his shoulders a little.

They were rock solid. And not in a good way.

‘Jesus, they’re hard as granite,’ she shouted, leaning into his ear from behind as she pushed into knots the size of golf balls. She felt him laugh.  Smelt his fresh male body scent. She rubbed harder and felt him relax into it – rolling his shoulders against her touch, almost in time to the all-engulfing pounding of the drums. And then she remembered where she knew him from. Oh god.

And then it was his turn at the front.

And she realised with a jolt that the outstretched arms of the Fire Crew and the maniacally grinning faces lining the fire-walk were all beckoning her, come on Helen - she was next. And every bone in her body was screaming ‘run’…

Her knees went weak and the air went thin. This was going to be interesting.


Chapter Two

Six months earlier…

Well you’ll do it if you want to keep your job.’ 

The boss was pacing. At least he wasn’t drumming his fingers, or that would have meant real trouble. And then he drummed his fingers. Uh oh…

‘But I’ve never been up in a dodgy old bi-plane, let alone wing-walked,’ protested Helen again, looking over at her friend Kate on the other side of the spacious executive office – but Kate just shrugged. ‘What if I die?’ Helen said.

Continued in Hawaiian Retreat – released June 29th Amazon

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  • Comment Link Jane Dunkley 22 June 2014 posted by Jane Dunkley

    I have been lucky enough to beta read this brilliant piece of work. A must have for your sunlounger !

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