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Debbie Flint

Hi all I just wanted to say thank you for this. (Anyone who buys a raffle ticket you don't have to say going because you clearly have already gone!smile emoticon X)

When I first found out about medical detection dogs I was blown away by how amazingly talented these gorgeous creatures are. The lovely canine companions alert their owners when they go below five and above 15 blood sugar measurements, for instance, in the case of serious T1 diabetes, meaning they can live a more normal life - with their routine at least, just taking the dog with them wherever they go.

Secondly this charity is doing research into detecting prostate cancer, early, and more accurately , considering how many false positives the standard PSa measurements give.

When they asked me to be an ambassador I was over the moon, because it encompasses so much. It helps children, it helps all sorts of people with all sorts of illnesses, it helps detection of prostate cancer and even down the line also breast cancer and ovarian cancer, and it won't stop there.

But there is a long 3 yr waiting list for owners to have puppies, it cost £11,000 to train a puppy from start to finish plus £750 a year upkeep, and the more we can do , the sooner someone like eg a little boy or girl under 10 with type 1 diabetes can live a more normal life.

Thank you so much if you could possibly share this page as well - the just giving page I mean, fingers crossed you will get some other people give to it too.

And after all you stand a chance of winning some amazing prizes! Thank you to everyone who is buying more than one it's wonderful to have your donations X

It's here everyone! time to buy your raffle tickets to win the amazing prizes listed in the pinned post! It's an incredible list -


And follow the new prizes as they go up on organiser Sara Brown's Fbk Event page here

thanks again - you're all wonderful



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