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Debbie Flint

And a lovely day was had by all! Thanks to everyone who made it possible. More info and pics and videos on my - 

newsletter here


and on my QVC blog here.

And thanks to Aimee, Lorri Vick's pal for making this amazing MDDD cake - with little 'derek' and 'lesley' (the pups I named) in marzipan, even the streaks in my hair were red and blonde marzipan! lol. It got divided up at another fundraiser the week after and brought in another £40! 

As reported on Facebook, the super Mega Draw- the online raffle - made a whopping £4,200, and the afternoon and evening events and auction etc took it up to over £7500!

Sara's Mega Draw page - £4273

Jan's auction and evening do page - £1418 (plus some separate cash)

plus cash at the afternoon fete.

A great time was had by all. Thanks again.


NEXT FUNDRAISER - we will be at the Kent County Show on 8,9,10 July - in Deitling. More here. Do come along! Preceded by a special Bodybladers get together at Rochester Castle - if you're a bodyblader and would love to go, make sure you also join the Bodyblade Ohana group and request info.



And yet more congratulations to the amazing founder of Medical Detection Dogs, Dr Claire Guest was invited to the First Women Awards last night (Tuesday) as she was nominated for the Science and Technology category and won!
Huge Congratulations Dr Claire!

Well done all



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This weekend (29th may) I caught up with lovely Lesley puppy and many of the official canine partners and talented dogs, helping their owners to remain more healthy. As usual there’s more about the charity on my website here.

Doggy day out in Stowe School, Bucks.

Nice pic of me and Lesley!

As an ambassador to the Medical Detection Dogs charity, I get involved in all sorts. This time it was the open day for all the volunteers, owners and doggies. I had to get up and do a little speech – regulars will know I’m not the best at that, so I was quite proud of myself once it was done. It’s been announced that MDD will now be doing some Malaria infection detection studies, where dogs may be useful yet again, over and above what they are bred for! The founder, Dr Claire Guest, did her usual wonderful chat about the latest finds and Rob Harris and Ozzie did their usual excellent sniffing demo. Turns out that 5% of humans are actually super-sniffers! Are you? My daughter Lauren, my sis Linda and my pal Jillly Halliday are definitely some – I’m not – unless I don’t eat dairy for weeks, then my sense of smell sharpens up! Anyway, at the MDD Vintage Tea and Fete on June 12th we will have a special ‘guess the sniff’ table so you can test yourself!

It was lovely to be amongst ‘my people’ once more – specially these two! Lesley puppy is 16 weeks old now and the darker of the two -

Then all the new ‘graduates’ got up and received their certificates – here are some of the amazing partnerships, including many who have diabetes type 1, where the dog detects too high or too low blood sugar on their owner’s breath, plus Addison’s and POTS detectors. More info here on the MDD website if you’d like to find out more.

 Vid of all the certificate winners

Here’s another one of the stories of someone whose life has been changed by this wonderful charity which I’m proud to be part of. Yasmine’s life has changed beyond recognition as her poggy Nano detects nuts, as she has a severe nut allergy. So bad, at the MDD lunch, she had to call out the paramedics. But mostly her dog will warn her not to even go into an office or a room if there are nuts in the air. Do read it. Your donations help make all this possible. It actually makes you really grateful for your lot – do you know what I mean? I think ‘I don’t feel to good.’ ‘Why?’ ‘Because I stayed up too late and ate rubbish.’ ‘Well you got no problems!’

And here are some of the doggy heroes changing people’s lives.

Wonderful Day. Congrats to all!



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Medical Detection Dogs Update

Malaria you won’t believe it but the latest research the clever canines will be helping with very soon is in fact, malaria detection. Apparently it can be done by dogs, and helps stop infecting since mosquitoes tend to go for people already infected, hence spreading it more. “Using medical detection dogs to identify people with malaria parasites.” Durham University will partner with Medical Detection Dogs, the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and the Medical Research Council Unit The Gambia on this project.” Loads more reasons to help me support them. Read about it here.

And if you missed what all the fuss is about – here’s the short video telling you all about the MDD’s amazing work, providing assistance alert dogs to smell human disease and prevent harm, plus their invaluable work in early cancer detection, and now malaria!

watch the video explaining about the work of Medical Detection Dogs, filmed in Milton Keynes - click here.


Deborah Meaden becomes an ambassador 

How lovely that such a high profile personality has joined forces with MDD to raise awareness. Here's the full announcement and I look forward to more news about the lovely lady and her activities - click here to find out more about the successful businesswoman from dragon's Den.

and what about the big summer Vintage Teas and fete I'm putting on in Wotton, Dorking? Well all the info is on my blog here. Do come find out more and do come join in!

Plus the big online Mega Draw where you can get a prize which you will be sent - and each one is over £50 value! Tickets via just giving, the page is here. raffle info here.

best wishes




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Did you see the superb article by Andrew Pierce in the Mail perfectly summing up the work the Medical Detection Dogs team do and posing the question ‘if I get near a sniffer dog will it sniff out prostate cancer on me? (the answer is no, by the way!) But fascinating nonetheless and a good explanation of what they do. Their noses are so good they can sniff the equivalent of one drop in an Olympic sized swimming pool by the way (one part per trillion!!!) more here.

And UPDATE - NEWSFLASH - STOP PRESS - and all such things - the total of my fundraising this year so far is nearly £19,000! Soooo proud of all of you! And of me!


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- more pics and vids from my trip up to see MDD

- the fundraiser

- the surprise donations

- bruce and leigh tarte links plus imedeen from last monday



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Hi all I just wanted to say thank you for this. (Anyone who buys a raffle ticket you don't have to say going because you clearly have already gone!smile emoticon X)

When I first found out about medical detection dogs I was blown away by how amazingly talented these gorgeous creatures are. The lovely canine companions alert their owners when they go below five and above 15 blood sugar measurements, for instance, in the case of serious T1 diabetes, meaning they can live a more normal life - with their routine at least, just taking the dog with them wherever they go.

Secondly this charity is doing research into detecting prostate cancer, early, and more accurately , considering how many false positives the standard PSa measurements give.

When they asked me to be an ambassador I was over the moon, because it encompasses so much. It helps children, it helps all sorts of people with all sorts of illnesses, it helps detection of prostate cancer and even down the line also breast cancer and ovarian cancer, and it won't stop there.

But there is a long 3 yr waiting list for owners to have puppies, it cost £11,000 to train a puppy from start to finish plus £750 a year upkeep, and the more we can do , the sooner someone like eg a little boy or girl under 10 with type 1 diabetes can live a more normal life.

Thank you so much if you could possibly share this page as well - the just giving page I mean, fingers crossed you will get some other people give to it too.

And after all you stand a chance of winning some amazing prizes! Thank you to everyone who is buying more than one it's wonderful to have your donations X

It's here everyone! time to buy your raffle tickets to win the amazing prizes listed in the pinned post! It's an incredible list -


And follow the new prizes as they go up on organiser Sara Brown's Fbk Event page here

thanks again - you're all wonderful



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What are you doing on Monday 26th at 8pm? Fancy taking part in an online 'virtual pub quiz' to raise funds for Medical Detection Dogs? It'll be a hoot - are you any good at trivia questions? Try the few below... or text £2 donation maybe?

Also - if you're a Back to You Facebook group member, see the announcement below - and thank you.

Gracie's doing well so far, by the way, after her op (see last week's newsletter) and whilst she's not dramatically different yet, the other day she was bounding around the dog pen chasing her sister Daisy in and out of the kennel. It's so lovely to see. They also adore little Maggie next door, who comes over regularly for her playtime. I'm using Pet Munchies to help encourage little Maggie Mag to 'come' - she's a bit of a liability when they're out apparently, John and Lucy next door told me, and when pheasants are about she can't be seen for dust! It seems to be helping... I use a call of 'chickennnnnn'! It's amazing what they'll do for some pet munchies! Look at the reviews, I hope they come back in stock soon! If I run out, it's carrots! STOP PRESS - just had a 'puppy party' today (sunday) - you wait till you see the pics in next week's newsletter - you'll be the first to see all of them!

Organic  Talking of grub, I started getting organic deliveries each week again. So far I've given away two lots of potatoes, corn on the cob and some long green things (?!!) as I didn't get round to eating them before the next lot arrived! Sure they taste good but has anyone actually noticed the dirt on organic veg box deliveries? It's almost like they've smeared the dirt onto them... as opposed to cleaning it off like with ordinary veg. Hmmm... They do taste good though. Am debating whether to continue or not. But I am still making super duper power juices with Jason Vale's juicer. Did you see another big celebrity account of losing weight with his system - Gemma Collins from Towie lost three stone at his Juicy Retreat abroad. more here. I'm actually keeping relatively in line with my healthy eating. Would like to be a bit lighter to fit into clothes more easily, even though what's underneath is quite toned thanks to Bodyblade, legmaster, pilates and yoga, dog-walking etc! Well, I am off to Champneys for a couple of nights with my pal, QVC model Goody, end of next week so that'll help and will be very relaxing. I was away a lot this year mainly for work and for writing holidays, so it'll be nice to unwind.

Round Up

QVC blogs - Last week's QVC blog featuring a sneaky peek of Sunday's Liz Earle Today's Special Value bargain  is here.

Actually 'cos of the timing of this newsletter I can also give you the link to the latest QVC blog just out - it's here - including imminent bargains and pics from next week incl Yankee Candles (Sat 31st) and Leighton Denny nails (thur 29th) TSV bargains! Plus some fab videos for gardening tips I got from Richard Jackson when he visited.

In fact, here's this week's exclusive for readers of this newsletter - you're the first to see this video with lovely Rich our QVC gardening expert when he came with Will Gowing to visit my garden last week and give me some advice. Just see what he found in one of the pots!

R-Jax tips for Deb's garden - part one - click here.

Book of the Week is none other than our Jackie Kabler, my QVC mate, whose debut cosy crime novel set in a TV newsroom is out this week! More here on my Read it Write it Sell it blog.

Monday quiz - here's the link  to the Just Giving page - it'd be great to reach £200, every little counts. You don't have to donate to take part this Monday in the webchat slot (which is usually 8-9pm on the Back to You QVC group) but if you want to that's great - just click here for more info and don't forget to leave your email address if you just want to be emailed the list of questions for fun. go here.

And it's now an 'event' which any of the public can see - so click here to read more before you join.

Or if you'd rather keep it short and sweet, if your mobile is handy and you can donate £2, just text now - 'MDDC53 £2' to 70070, it'll help buy the minus 80 degree freezer they need for the next stage in their prostate cancer research. Fab charity. Proud to be an ambassador. Thank you x


Back to You Group.

Thank you if you helped decide the future of the group by taking part in the little online survey, the results are out. and yes it's about to become closed again! The full info is below*. Basically it doesnt really change anything as far as members are concerned it just means that now it's closed it's not eligible to be mentioned on air or endorsed by QVC but considering how many people didn't want their comments to show up and considering how few Back to You shows there are now, it's best this way. Full info and announcement is at the bottom. QVC team are also letting people know, for me, on the QVC page too. 


Anyway have a great week and hope you can join us on Monday night's virtual pub quiz!



Update regarding the 'Back to You QVC', group changing back to closed status and once no longer open, moving away from QVC affiliation and becoming an independent group, as requested by 3 out of 4 members!


As many members of our fabulous back to you QVC group will know we ran a survey recently asking the 4000 members whether they would prefer their posts not to be seen by their friends and family. Especially in the run-up to Christmas where gifts may be discussed. The overwhelming response was yes please make it closed, but this posed a slight quandary for me as I had been asked a long time ago by QVC to keep it open in order to get an endorsement to mention it on air for my 'back to you' shows. When it was only a few hundred members talking about the shows straight afterwards, that was very sensible and Logical. But the group has grown to be more than about just me and my shows, and, whilst it is still mostly banter and news about Qvc topics, it has really taken off in another direction.


Therefore QVC and myself have agreed that it will no longer be subject to a QVC endorsement, which means it won't be mentioned on air by me- for instance in relation to my shows - or linked to directly from my QVC social media, blog etc. This is okay for me, it's better that the members get what they need at this time of year.


And behind-the-scenes, QVC pages worldwide are joining together, you may have noticed it's 2.2 million likes now - that is an impressive total from around the world! And there are movements behind the scenes to change what goes on in social media. I've been chuffed to run this separate group in association with Qvc's endorsement, and I must thank my bosses for allowing me to interact on air in this way for so long, it's been a real joy to do it as an open group.


But times change.


So the group will continue, Webchats will continue, of course, as brand marketing departments are very keen to post their news where ever it makes sense to do so, and they are totally independently able to do that where ever they wish - naturally. And as guests really love the group and the members there, The Monday 8 PM chats will continue, and anyone can join the group – almost anyone – but only members will now be able to see the content, as requested by the majority consensus. Who am I to argue!


Incidentally following my successful September web chats which I kindly ran over on the main QVC page, there are plans afoot to bring much more content like that, including a weekly chat on Facebook at 6pm and new features in my blog to include sneaky peak on some fantastic offers! So do you watch out for those – we will remind you of them via the Back to You group.


Nb From now on only 'Back to You QVC' group admin's will be responsible for running the group itself and any questions to do with its content, as it becomes a completely independent group. Please try again if you think you have been turned down as we had several Facebook glitches which lost requests to join, however several hundred have been added in the last two weeks so you are very welcome to give it a go. Any issues please email me via my website and I'll see if I can help. But Qvc social admin team are not the ones to ask.


Meanwhile, this Monday join us for the final 'visible to all' Webchats, and check out my website if you would like to see all the things that I mention on QVC if you can't find them, there is a QVc page for instance where you can find my QVC blogs if you're having a problem and don't know where to look! You can sign up for my regular Email updates too, about qvc stuff, exclusive clips and funnies plus news of my steamy novels! Incidentally check out Jackie Kabler's blog to read about our latest presenter author!


A massive thank you to my very good friend Sharon and other admins for helping run the group and making it what it is now, there has been an overwhelming majority of people commenting how well the group is run, I guess we wouldn't have so many people wanting to join if it wasn't the case!


There are a lot of other groups on Facebook too, if you're not aware, just search your favourite brand and you'll be able to find places to join in no doubt, plus please please please look at the brands' own Facebook pages as that is where many of them share their news first, about deals etc. Or just search online yourself and you will be able to find so much more about Qvc bargains than you thought!


On this fabulous QVC page for instance there are always upcoming bargains being shared and sneaky peeks for instance from Will Gowing who has his own wonderful Facebook page, so does Alison Young, and so do I. Do explore, do tailor-make your own social media involvement, and do enjoy QVC online in which ever way makes sense for you. But if there's something you need to know don't forget you can always go to my website

Thanks! Debs x"

ps - THIS DOES NOT MEAN QVC WILL ASK GUESTS NOT TO POST ON BACK TO YOU (obvious I know, but just in case) it merely means we change the wording on the group header, and in return for allowing the group to go independent and members'only/closed, I trade mentioning it on air as it's no longer open to public. But the members have spoken!


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STOP PRESS - IT WAS A SUCCESS! Go here to test yourself if you're reading this on catch-up.

Thanks to all - we raised £358, which is enough to cover two days' training for a puppy.



ps Patrick will be hosting another one in early December!


This Monday - 26th October - we will be releasing the questions for a super fun 'virtual pub quiz' which you are very welcome to join us for.

Us is myself and Marie Francoise (Kipling) , Patrick Hoy (Quacker) and Gill Gauntlett, fab QVC guests and my mates who came to the MDD HQ with me last month. 

In this week's Monday night 8-9pm webchat slot, on Back to You QVC Facebook group (here - ping to join) we will be having a big chat with Patrick, Gill and Marie-Francoise about what we saw at MDD HQ and how the medical detection dogs help save lives and detect cancer eg prostate cancer in hospital urine samples. THEN – how about this – if you love a pub quiz, we will be having a fun ‘virtual online version’ open to everyone but kind donations of £5 per person (not compulsory) will help raise some funds for the charity… 

So sign up now!

Just go go here to the new Just Giving page, donate, and remember to leave your email address and on Monday you will be emailed the info.

You can also take part by going to this event page which is a public event, and where the questions will be posted during the hour long virtual pub quiz -

 or to keep it short and sweet - you can now donate via text! yay!

Text 'MDDC53 £2' to 70070 to donate £2. Or the amount you would like to contribute. 




First of all a HUGE thank you to all of you who helped to raise funds back in August  

MDD were so pleased that Debbie has been made an Ambassador for them! On a visit to the centre she discovered they are in need of specialist freezers capable of -80 degrees which will store urine for further research.  These cost £5,000 each and whilst we aren't expecting to raise the full amount with this quiz every penny counts so please please take part and donate £5 or just donate you don't have to take part but will be fun if you do!!!!

This is just for fun so no prizes but maybe you could get a group of you together and organise your own prize between you? Would be great to see photos if you do! You could even do it in an actual pub!!!!! 

All this fun will be on the Back to You Facebook page in the usual web chat spot on Monday 26 October so please come along and join in what I am sure will be a whole lot of madness along with a VERY SPECIAL QUIZ MASTER!!! Patrick Hoy himself, chief Quacker King from QVC's fashion brand, will be setting the questions for those who want to play along side us. 

Thanks for taking the time to visit the quiz  JustGiving page.

Donating through JustGiving is simple, fast and totally secure. Your details are safe with JustGiving – they’ll never sell them on or send unwanted emails. Once you donate, they’ll send your money directly to the charity. So it’s the most efficient way to donate – saving time and cutting costs for the charity.

Come join us! and read more on my website, 'charity' tab.




ps MDD are also selling some super xmas cards for festive fundraising - go here to see more.

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Sooo proud this week. Again. See this week’s Back to You blog for an amazing tale of ten stone weight loss. That’s a whole person. Imagine what that feels like compared to walking around ten stone heavier. Or not, in Dawn’s case. It is astounding, isn’t it? What great before and after pics and what a fabulous example she is for so many people who think they face too big a task. She’s been on my Till the Fat Lady Slims group of Facebook for months and months, updating us and we’ve seen her weight keep going down and down. I love what she says about my book and how Freedom Eating has helped her. Go here to read her story, and see why she rates Till the Fat Lady Slims. I’m so proud.

And of course I was proud to see ‘my charity’ Medical Detection Dogs in the news again this week.

MDD on The One Show Do go here soon to see the fascinating explanation as to what my charity does – you’ll see why I want to keep raising funds for them, as Nick Kershaw explains on The One Show from Monday 24th August – it’s here.

National Dog Day Yesterday was a great excuse to post lots of doggy pics and vids on social media! So here’s another lovely little doggy video – crazy Maggie the little black spaniel next door, who is only a few weeks older than my daughter’s little Luna – having fun with my dogs last week – before the heavens opened! She’s so lovely and regularly is lifted over the fence for ‘play dates’!

Inside my Bedroom And a quick peek around my upstairs at home – what do you think of the new Northern Nights Todays Special Value on Sunday (30th Aug on QVC UK) – it’s 700 thread count – wow! Highest we’ve ever done, and superbly comfortable – like silk. The highest I’ve ever slept in at home that’s for sure. Love it. Click here for the video tour round my home - #2 – upstairs. Told you it was small!

Have a lovely week!



Ps am on air on QVC UK Friday (28th) and Saturday nights with a new Dyson cordless with a fab flat floor head, then the bedding above. And do read my new QVC blog on Friday for sneaky peeks of Bare Minerals, Lulu Guinness and Diamonique Day.

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