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Debbie Flint

11 August 2016

Puppy Party and Kids' Training Day!

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Puppy Party!

What an amazing time we had up at the Medical Detection Dogs HQ this week, including a lovely catch up with Little Derek and Lesley who are not so little any more! They are the fabulous clever canines which I sponsored and named (after my late dad and my mum) – aren’t they growing! Here’s the summary of what happened –

There’s a full round up of what we did on the day of the puppy party on my charity page blog update here. It was a thank you to all the girls who came to help at the recent fund raising events. We had a nice tour, lunch, and a look round the cancer detection research lab, where the little dogs are taught how to sniff out urine samples with cancer in. Hence the need for industrial freezers at minus 80! They cost £5000 each and we’ve managed to raise enough for two so far. They need 8, so if you fancy donating, just let the team know here! Anyway thanks to all my lovely ladies who came to help and also to lovely Arianne Poole who was interested enough to drop by too, and she and the other girls enjoyed watching a live demo of the cancer detection research training, as did Andie (who runs Get Geller Gorgeous group) who is holding one of my favourites, little rescue spaniel Martha. Lovely little Marlow is the new puppy who just arrived – he’s so cuddly and adorable – just like Derek and Lesley were when they were little! Here’s a montage of the day –


The kids who need Medical Alert Dogs were also there – mainly they need the canine companions to help with diabetes, as their own dogs detect when they have high or low blood sugar, since they can’t do it themselves. It is a blessing for the parents of these children to have peace of mind that their child is being monitored by such a clever animal, changing their lives by detecting changes in their breath. Here’s the outdoor ‘musical chairs/detection dogs’ game we played – can you spot who is the big kid with Derek the dog?

Hehe! I gave up half way through though, to allow the kids to win! Had to curtail my competitive instinct tho’ – lol. We also heard from mum Serena and her two boys, Charlie and Steven. Steven’s MDD dog is Molly, who stays by him day and night and prevents him going into a coma and has transformed their lives, especially Serena’s, as she used to be up each night testing him every ninety minutes. Here she talks about how Molly can even detect Steven’s blood sugar levels from the sidelines when he is playing a football match!

Seriously, a lovely day was had by all, and an amazing insight into the charity for which all the hard work is paying off. I love going there – it makes me feel grounded and I’m so proud of my team, and that MDD asked me to be an ambassador for them.

NEWS – we are going to arrange some sort of Open Day and Table Top Sale in November – more news later in the year, watch out for it if you live near or can get to Milton Keynes.

Here’s a reminder of why Medical Detection Dogs’ work is so vital and how it all began, including the story of Daisy and how she told founder Dr Claire Guest that she had cancer and got it treated early.

Do get Claire's book if you can, it's a super buy and a wonderful present for anyone what loves dogs or is interested in success stories around cancer detection and the amazing research they are doing that can change the way the NHS deals with certain screening in the future.

Love this work!





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