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Debbie Flint

30 June 2016

Lesley dog update! How she loves a cat, and what happened in the pub!

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Lesley my little sponsor puppy is not so little! See archives for other updates on lovely little lesley.

The latest - i LOVE HERRRRR!!

Lesley is a delightful, affectionate, happy, confident little dog who has not yet met a person or creature she doesn’t like. She lives with hens, ducks, geese, sheep and a cat and has encountered all sorts of other animals from alpacas to frogs - all fascinating! (A visit from the sheep shearer was especially entertaining). Her best friend is probably the cat, who patiently tolerates her washing his ears but draws the line at games of roughand-tumble. Her very first public outing after her vaccinations was to the village pub while on holiday in Cornwall where she brought everything to a halt while everyone including the barman made a huge fuss of her. Nothing seems to bother her in terms of loud noises or strange-looking things, she takes it all in her stride. She is intelligent and quick to learn new commands and is eager to please. If anything, her enthusiasm to meet people and other dogs needs a little more control but she is gradually learning that not everyone is as keen as she is to jump about and play. Lesley has visited lots of different places including shops, railway stations, farms & pubs and has enjoyed a bus ride and a wonderful day on a canal boat. We plan to take her to a number of country shows over the summer. Her favourite toy is undoubtedly a tuggy and she greatly enjoys taking all her bedding and toys out of her sleeping crate and distributing them around the house for us to trip over. Thus far - touch wood - she hasn’t really done anything especially naughty or destructive aside from a little bit of unauthorised digging in the garden. Lesley is the second Medical Detection Dogs puppy we have had after a sprocker (Alan) last year who we grew very fond of and it will be a real wrench when Lesley eventually has to leave us but whoever is lucky enough to become her ‘client’ will be fortunate indeed.

jUNE 2016.




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