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Debbie Flint

16 June 2016

MDD open day - recognising all the volunteers, May 29th 2016

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This weekend (29th may) I caught up with lovely Lesley puppy and many of the official canine partners and talented dogs, helping their owners to remain more healthy. As usual there’s more about the charity on my website here.

Doggy day out in Stowe School, Bucks.

Nice pic of me and Lesley!

As an ambassador to the Medical Detection Dogs charity, I get involved in all sorts. This time it was the open day for all the volunteers, owners and doggies. I had to get up and do a little speech – regulars will know I’m not the best at that, so I was quite proud of myself once it was done. It’s been announced that MDD will now be doing some Malaria infection detection studies, where dogs may be useful yet again, over and above what they are bred for! The founder, Dr Claire Guest, did her usual wonderful chat about the latest finds and Rob Harris and Ozzie did their usual excellent sniffing demo. Turns out that 5% of humans are actually super-sniffers! Are you? My daughter Lauren, my sis Linda and my pal Jillly Halliday are definitely some – I’m not – unless I don’t eat dairy for weeks, then my sense of smell sharpens up! Anyway, at the MDD Vintage Tea and Fete on June 12th we will have a special ‘guess the sniff’ table so you can test yourself!

It was lovely to be amongst ‘my people’ once more – specially these two! Lesley puppy is 16 weeks old now and the darker of the two -

Then all the new ‘graduates’ got up and received their certificates – here are some of the amazing partnerships, including many who have diabetes type 1, where the dog detects too high or too low blood sugar on their owner’s breath, plus Addison’s and POTS detectors. More info here on the MDD website if you’d like to find out more.

 Vid of all the certificate winners

Here’s another one of the stories of someone whose life has been changed by this wonderful charity which I’m proud to be part of. Yasmine’s life has changed beyond recognition as her poggy Nano detects nuts, as she has a severe nut allergy. So bad, at the MDD lunch, she had to call out the paramedics. But mostly her dog will warn her not to even go into an office or a room if there are nuts in the air. Do read it. Your donations help make all this possible. It actually makes you really grateful for your lot – do you know what I mean? I think ‘I don’t feel to good.’ ‘Why?’ ‘Because I stayed up too late and ate rubbish.’ ‘Well you got no problems!’

And here are some of the doggy heroes changing people’s lives.

Wonderful Day. Congrats to all!



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