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Debbie Flint

5 May 2016

When Derek met Lesley and ... Lesley! May 2016 MDD catch up - plus upcoming events this summer.

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Derek meets Lesley and my mum Lesley! Derek meets Lesley and my mum Lesley!

Puppy Love – meeting trainee Derek with new trainee Lesley for the first time, with, er… human Lesley (my mum!)

Another lovely trip up to the MDD HQ near Milton Keynes this week, so here’s a round up of what’s coming up in the next couple of months if you’d like to contribute or take part at the events we’re planning!

First, how lovely it was to get up close with the furbabies again – lovely Derek who is now 7 months and doing really well with his training. He's getting a lot of new experiences with his socialiser foster home - Debra his temporary owner is helping to give him a taste of paddling in this warmer weather.

 And little Lesley, now 12 weeks and learning her name. Derek already knows his – it’s so amusing saying ‘Derek, derek,’ and a little Labrador pup responds! My late dad would have been so proud. Mum was too – Lesley is of course named after her too.

The pups are going through socialisation which means they’re taken to lots of different places to have tons of different experiences and to get used to animals, kids and noises. Then they go for training at MDD where they are introduced to different smells or sounds and using clicker training and rewards, whether food or games, to become attuned to the skills they’ll need for their new owners. They meet other trainee or alert dogs, or cancer detection dogs who play games (work) in the research area helping the research team. Here’s Judy, a black Labrador who’s being trained to help a young guy in his twenties who has problems during the night with low oxygen levels due to a heart condition – she will be trained to make sure he wakes up, or fetch someone if he doesn’t. Judy loves puppies and came sniffing out little Lesley for a quick game!

Click this link to watch Judy play with little 12 week old Lesley!

Matching takes place to ensure new owners are getting the best possible relationship with the companion who will come with them everywhere for many years. And further training and gradual introduction to their new home life are next, completing the procedure so they can receive their accreditation and earn the right to wear the famous jackets and accompany their ‘partners’ everywhere, like guide dogs do.

Pic of poster?

Little Lesley is settling in well and getting used to other creatures. Derek is learning the key basics – stay, leave, come, sit etc. They are not taught to beg or shake paws of course, and whilst independence is encouraged, they need to know their boundaries. Yes some dogs do occasionally drop out of the system and are found loving homes, but the vast majority are selected as pups for their suitability even at that early age. And what do they go on to do? Here’s a summary from when I went along recently…

Medical Detection Dogs - what they do and why. Debbie Flint goes along to the HQ near Milton Keynes to talk to the team and catch up with a very special pup.

Upcoming events

June 12th – Wotton Hall, RH56QQ 12-5pm – vintage teas, table top sale and craft, fun games including sniffing game, tombola, kids lucky dip and some fab QVC guests who can offer little mini-treatments to help fund-raising.

Same day – 6.30 – 9pm – tbc – Supper Quiz and surprise entertainment – Patrick Hoy from quacker fashions may be hosting an evening of food and fun, with one of his famous quizzes. To Be Confirmed. Tickets on sale mid May.

From June – till draw day on July 19th – online Megadraw! It’s back! Our fab summer online raffle via Just Giving where every prize is over £50! Take part online – to be drawn on July 19th. Donations already given include £100 Bare Minerals products!

July 8,9,10 – Kent County Show, Deitling, Kent. – MDD stand at Kent’s biggest summer county show. Sniffing table and tombola etc! Come meet some of the talented pooches.

Saturday July 9th – BODYBLADE sponsored wobble! Online and in person, weather-allowing, a new video of super6 variation around 10.45am at Rochester Castle followed by lunch and a trip to the Kent County show (tickets have to be purchased to go to Kent show) to support the MDD stall.

TBC – poss September 2016 / beg Oct – Cardiff get together with Julia Roberts and Jackie Kabler – an author’s tea party including a reading each and signed books on sale, plus a lunch quiz! Venue and date tbc. Deb’s profits to go to MDD.

Let us know if you can donate anything!

Or want to become a volunteer to help Medical Detection Dogs in your area. email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or you can give a kind donation right now if your mobile is handy – just text the amount eg

£10 MDDC14 to 70070.

thanks for helping





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