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Debbie Flint

11 March 2016

Alice and Holly's Story

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Alice's story. This is why i support this charity x

"Almost 10 years ago I was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes, a condition that not only changed my life but that of my whole family...forever! Hospital became home, no home comforts, no socialising with family and friends, my peers lives unfolding and a family both geographically and emotionally torn! A condition that required invasive treatment to stabilise, requires regularly finger pricks to test my blood sugar levels, insulin being a way of keeping alive and a three and a half year continuous stay in hospital! A condition that is notoriously difficult, sometimes demoralising and carries a relentless burden of responsibility that is thrown upon Type One Diabetics through no fault of their own; attempting to be 'normal,' carrying on with life and telling people you are 'fine' even though fine is far from fine.

Then along came Holly in October 2011 and completely transformed my life with her life saving nose and has enabled me to manage my condition better than ever before! Medical Detection Dogs have given me the greatest gift of all and something no one else could ever give me! Holly is a dream come true; she has given me confidence, independence, companionship, friendship and a purpose in life.

Since getting Holly, I am no longer known as the girl that lives in hospital. We are a very special partnership that grows stronger every day! She has taught me so much and has given me a better quality of life both in my health and well being! She has made me realise that life is for living and that is what we are going to do, even if we don't do things the conventional way!! We are different and always will be but I'm proud of who I have become by being diagnosed, the different opportunities we have had and of course the difference Holly has made to my life! Anything is possible with the courage and inspiration to pursue it and actually...together we CAN do lots of things!!

Happy 6th Birthday Holly"

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