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With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I've been posting some of my short stories with a romantic twist for your delight and delectation! Here are the links to them all so you can enjoy them - just scroll to the bottom of each blog to read them.

Or you can get a whole collection - in Roses are Red, here on amazon, featuring some of mine and some from others including award winning authors!

Telling Porkies

A Clever STunt

Follow The Joy

Valentine's Surprise

and one more to come next week!




ps scroll down to the bottom of each blog to read the short story.




for the rest of my books, go here.



Charlie Bears will be coming down to my Vintage Pop Up Tea Rooms in Devon Feb 17,18,19th! How exciting! We are doing a bit of a fundraiser for MDD too that weekend and a couple of the actual dogs themselves will be coming along – am so proud to be involved and it makes me smile knowing our help is contributing to irreplaceable canine companionship which changes lives. More here. Book it in your diary if you live nearby – and come try our homemade cakes and exquisite teas in bone china cups in a vintage setting – can’t wait! Sheepwash is EX215NE if you want to check out how far away you are from Retreats For You.

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another pic of my little boy ‘Derek’ the trainee Medical Detection Dogs partner dog I paid sponsor money to name (after my late dad Derek,) who will go to become a diabetes detection dog soon – am so proud of him. There will be a chance to go meet them all at Crufts this year, hall 3, stand 94, from March 9th to Sunday 12th inclusive. If you can go, do ask about their amazing work in cancer detection research too – it’s incredible.

Am going to also attend the Dogs Day Out near milton keynes in April - on 2nd. More soon, or check out their website here.


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Medical Detection Dogs on This Morning Again! And more shaggy dog stories – amazing ones – including a dog helping alert a little girl’s parents to her illness. So many stories like this out there – must start compiling a list! Anyway Dr Claire Guest, founder of my fave charity Medical Detection Dogs, was at hand to once more lend credibility to the way these clever canines do it. Nice ciip – watch here –

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Some super updates lately on Till the Fat Lady Slims Facebook group - the August Push is helping, it seems. Come join us if you haven't already, and get my books here, or read more info first here.

Jane d -

Another NSV (non scales victory)

I've just got off of a submarine and went through small circular hatches that you have to hold on to a bar above the hatch, swing your legs through in front of you followed by the rest of you. Cork out of a bottle came to mind but, no! I did it with plenty of room to spare!

Eileen -
. Pre ttfls my shadow said lumpy bumpy huge horrid, I hate me. Today my shadow says this body gets me out and about, and wow there's daylight between the thighs, slap on the back, I am doing OK.

Jacqueline H
Going into the shop 
Picking up the size 14
Trying it on
Zipping it up
Taking it to the till
Walking out smiling!

Terry L
I have been using slimming world in conjunction with freedom eating. The freedom eating has helped me when I have felt that I can't go on by giving me the confidence to listen to my body and not feel guilty if I fall off target every now and then. So therefore Debbie I think I am mostly in the Linda camp. 
Yay another 4lbs off in July, just another 3 to go too reach my personal target. Feeling confident now that I am going to get there .
Thank you for giving me the confidence to do it you are a star xx


 It was great fun to do a ‘virtual’ torch run, and make believe lighting of the cauldron, all cleverly commentated on by the Bodyblade Ohana – super stuff! Bruce was very proud too.

DO go join the fun on the Facebook Group to find out what the 'events' are which everyone's taking part in involving different aspects of the various bodyblade routines which have been posted online for you to work out along side. Great innovation, well done to Anne and the gang!

best wishes



ps if you missed it, check out last blog on here to find out more about the August Push for TTFLs and weight loss!

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