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On August 1st, I went to see a play in Devon called ‘Gaslight,’ and it invoked a whole lot of memories about the series of blogs I wrote last year about emotional bullying. Here’s the summary and further resources – it turns out many people suffer in silence but they’re not alone - there’s a lot of help out there.

 Gaslighting is a form of emotional bullying – I wrote extensively about it on my website Back to You blog about Narcissists, when I encountered a guy being controlled by one last year. It’s a shocking way to live and one of the main things they do to control people is to make them question their own presence of mind, memory and course of events. It’s named after the above play so it was good to see the source. I can see why it’s so-named – the bully in the play hides pictures and keys and photos and makes the wife think she’s moved them but doesn’t recall, amongst other things.

It’s fascinating why people act like this, alienating people from their own friends and family, and criticising them for the most innocuous reasons, making them live their lives on eggshells. Just get out, that’s the main message that came loud and clear from the many Facebookers and contacts who gave me their stories to add to my blogs about Narcissistic Psychopaths, as they are known. As I told a lady who visited my retreat down in Devon (Retreats for You) recently, there are tons of helpful videos on youtube and articles online, just look up the terms ‘gaslighting’ ‘narcissist’ ‘love-bombing’ and ‘zero-contact.’

But first read the four blogs below – and let me know if you have a story, by contacting me privately on my social media or via info @debbieflint .com – it’s about time I did another update like this, considering what the universe is throwing my way at the moment. And if you are currently putting up with one of these bullies, big hugs from me. It’s never too late to break free and start your new life.


Part one – Narcissus

Part two -  getting help and taking the first step

Part three – handling a narcissist – is this you?

Part four – catching a killer – when emotional abusers kill

And finally – here on youtube is the 1940 film version of ‘Gaslight’






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