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BACK TO YOU LIVE WEBCHAT TONIGHT ( Monday 10th) with Debbie Flint  Please post questions here for Debbie's live web-chat 8-9pm! Debbie will be chatting about her recent amazing Charity event for Medical detection dogs as well as usual Qvc banter. She also has a very important question for you with regards to fundraising! Post questions here!!

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Anne Keating I'll be there while bathing the grandchildren. xx

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Shirley Paule Aww

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Adelle Howatson Awww! What a beautiful little pup! So sweet x

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Lynne Birch Debbie has such a lovely face and smile ,apart from Craig and dale my fave xxx

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Dawn Hart So glad your charity event went well xx

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Dawn Hart Thank you for all the support you & Sharon give us xx

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Jacqueline Jackson Hi Debbie congratulations on the fund raising event you all raised an amazing amount of money. I'd love to ask how you got into TV. I remember you in the broom cupboard! x

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Dawn Robinson Hello Debbie, Well done on your Charity event ! You must be extremely proud of yourself & well done to all the helpers too ! Is this something you would like to do again in the future ? xx

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Jules Fay Lovely to meet you on Sat - had a fab day lots of laughs & great charity - well done you x

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Dawn Robinson Also your new house looks adorable ! Like something off of fudge box, if you ever need a house maid call me question is where on earth do you get all your energy from ? You have more bounce than most 20 year olds. Hope you have a lovely evening im meeting up with my daughter tonight for a meal xoxoxoxo

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Alison J Lowe What a cute little pup, glad the charity event went well and look forward to finding out about the fundraising questions. I will be here later x

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Christine Grochowina That's a lovely pup Debbie. Congratulations to you and everyone else who joined in for raising so much money towards such a worthy cause. And a big pat on the back to all the beautiful dogs

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Zoe Robins Well done on Saturday Debbie, what are your favorite TV shows and music xx

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Sheila Lewis Hi Debbie - congrats on your event. Is there one book that gave you the inspiration to start writing and if so what is it and why

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Sandra Jane Hiokin Yvonne Simpson here you go

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Yvonne Simpson How do I get onto the live web chat

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Sandra Jane Hiokin You are on it Yvonne

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Jacqueline Jackson Stay on here Yvonne x

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Dawn Hart How are you settling in to your new home? Xx

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Anne Keating You are talking to me on it now just like on your post just now. Debbie will join in shortly! xx

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Selin Taylor Hi Debbie and lovely members! Hope you've recovered Debbie from the wknd! The day was so fantastic! So wonderful and blessed to meet such lovely caring Ladies and gents there x x

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Yvonne Simpson Thank you Sandra and everybody for helping me.

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Debbie Flint hello everyone!!!

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Helen Flook Hi Debbie, lovely to see you, Sharon, Abi and those wonderful woofers on Saturday. Well done to everyone on a great result. Nice to have a chat albeit short (you were soon busy!) shame we couldn't swap stories about the BBC Broom cupboard!!

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Debbie Flint can i welcome Chris Gardner and Sam to the group? Chris, I'm hoping you will tell your story about how the Medical Detection Dogs charity has changed your life? In a nutshell?

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Debbie Flint ~Also i will work my way thru the comments above - but prompt me if i miss one! x

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Yvonne Simpson Debbie did you see the medical dog in training on bbc breakfast show yesterday he was lovely and great publicity

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Chris Jopp Did you manage to move all the stuff outside the hall on Saturday evening?

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Wendy Lawrence Hi Debbie, congratulations on Saturday's event, all the hard work paid off beautifully, lots of money to help this wonderful charity keep growing and working to help others, brilliant! My question is can I have the adorable puppy, if not can I have your skin please, ooh that sounds much creepier than I meant ha ha! xx

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Debbie Flint haha wendy! fuunny!

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Debbie Flint ok so on my facebook PAGE (please all tick ''like' on the page itself so you see my regular updates there about life, qvc, books and everything!) i put tons of pics = i will go get the link so you can see the pics from the event on Saturday then I have a really important question i need your help with, everyone...

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Chris Gardner Yes sure Debbie. In a nutshell I was diagnosed as type 1 Diabetic in 2005 when I collapsed at work at the age of 22. I awoke to be told I was type 1 Diabetic and given insulin pens and very little advice. I struggled for 10 years with multiple A n E admissions and ambulance call outs. And virtually house bound with my wife as my full time carer as I was unable to be left alone for any period of time. For the last 6 years until I helped by Medical Detection Dogs who have changed my life with Jade my diabetic alert dog and since having her nearly 4 months she has told me 456 times to high and low blood sugar levels which has saved not only my life but the NHS a huge bill.

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Jacqueline Jackson Intrigued! x

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Debbie Flint hmmm how do i get the link to the actual post with the pic of me outside the hall - anyway, the post with all the pics is on this page - this is my Facebook PAGE -

Debbie flint

Writer · 3,625 Likes

Debbie flint's photo.

Debbie flint


Kate Diaz

Sam Percy

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Debbie Flint do click like¬!

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Debbie Flint And go to the page to see al the pics pls girls!¬ Anyuone else got any to add on here? pls post the pics you took on the day here x

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Chris Jopp Sounds interesting,!

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Anne Keating Do you mean you want the pics on here - this actual post Debbie? xx

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Debbie Flint oh and so i don't forget, here's the link for whoever was asking about Till hte Fat Lady Slims 2.0 - the 'When Diet' - FREE right now on ebook on amazon for kindle or kindle app - click here and get yours - and Freedom Eating gang, pls add your review on this link, the other is the US one!


Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 - the 'When' Diet: Break Free from Food Prison...


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Pauline Houghton Thank you for sharing your story Chris, glad Jade has changed your life x

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Jacqueline Jackson How amazing is that Chris Gardner. She must be a real comfort to you x

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Debbie Flint so happy it's now number one in the diet chart for freebies in the UK!¬ x

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Sharon Harvay Yay x

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Dawn Hart Whoop whoop Debbie Flint xx

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Yvonne Simpson Chris thank you so pleased life is better for you now.

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Dawn Hart Chris thank you for sharing your story xx

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Debbie Flint OK JJ - I trained to be a radio presenter, and whilst working at Screen sport in cheshire then piccadilly radio in manchester I found out about auditions for live Childrens BBC links - went for an interview and got chosen! I took over from PHillip Schofield for three months in 1986 then got pregnant and my mate Andy Crane from Picc took over!x

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Chris Gardner Thank you Pauline and Jacqueline she has truly changed my life. And my family's life. She has given me a whole new lease of life that I though was over. But now I can live my life to its full potential with my amazing best friend Jade. I couldn't imagine life before her now worrying if I was going to wake in the morning now I get woken to a lovely lick and paw to let me know to check my sugar as she keeps me alive every day. She is just truly amazing thanks everyone and especially Debbie for all her hard work this weekend to help MDD.

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Debbie Flint Dawn - YES i definitely want to do something like this again. We raised £1200 on the day, plus £1300 via the online Mega Draw, plus more from the bodyblade sponsored event, totalling about £3k! So thank you everyone so much! BUT I have a question!! So it costs about £11k to train a puppy - we can now name one for £2k, but I'd like to reach £11k in the next year. SO my questions are...

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Chris Gardner Thank you Yvonne and Dawn.

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Debbie Flint Q1. What shall we call the puppy?

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Debbie Flint Q2. Any ideas for regular fundraising that is EASY TO DO VIA FACEBOOK - eg the online raffle or somethign similar.

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Yvonne Simpson If it's a girl - then it should be Debbie if it's a boy how about Chris

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Debbie Flint I have an idea about doing an online virtual pub quiz. More of that later. I will answer some more of your questions now - i have until 9pm, then i have to go prepare for lovely Andrea McClean at 10pm and gardening at 11pm - both have an OTO bargain I think!

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Wendy Lawrence Thank you Chris for sharing your story with us, what a wonderful girl Jade is, such a comfort and relief to you and your family that you have her watching out for you, wish you the very best for the future, and well done Jade xx

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Sharon Harvay Debbie Flint you are fabulous  #justsaying

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Dawn Hart Totaly agree Sharon Harvay xx

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Debbie Flint Sheila - the Narnia books if [email protected] honest, going way back - they were my inspiration for being totally imaginative - I have always loved them! Otherwise Jilly Cooper! x

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Jacqueline Jackson How about BB for a name? Or could spell it Beebee? x

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Debbie Flint ANd Clive Cussler, since I was 16 I read the Dirk Pitt books. More recently , diana Gabaldon's Outlander! x

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Chris Gardner Thank you Wendy.

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Chris Jopp How about calling the puppy Blade? After the body blade.

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Jacqueline Jackson Or Blade? There's a theme here lol x

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Debbie Flint Helen Flook remind us of your connection to the brrom cupboard! x

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Dawn Hart Oooo yes like the name Blade for Puppy or Flint xx

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Dawn Hart Online raffle again would be good xx

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Chris Jopp Great minds Jacqueline Jackson! wink emoticon

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Jacqueline Jackson Great minds Chris! Lol x

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Anne Keating Q1. Connie says Freya and James!

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Jacqueline Jackson Lol x

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Debbie Flint Yvonne Simpson not yet - I'm hoping to get some links for all the MDD news and videos over the weekend - can anyone help me and find some and post them on this strand? The fact that the MDD dogs were soooo high profile on the very weekend we held our fundraiser has to be fortuitous don't you think? THe news for those who missed it was that the MDD gang have got the go ahead to use the dogs to help sniff out prostate cancer from hospital samples of urine as they are so accurate

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Pauline Houghton Like Blade & Bebe for a girl

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Helen Flook Debbie - for a while I was Gordon the

Gophers PA! And I also have my blue Peter badge for services to sticky backed plastic!

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Anne Keating Q2. Connie says a sponsored Triathlon! I'll rethink that one.

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Sharon Harvay Hahaha! I like Flint for a boy!

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Yvonne Simpson Yes it was very interesting it was the BBC Breakfast Show and they were on and off from 6am till they went of air.

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Jacqueline Jackson Was Gordon a diva Helen? Lol x

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Helen Flook Defo Flint for a boy

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Debbie Flint ... and Dr Claire Guest, CEO, says that their accuracy is like detecting a drop of blood in two olympic sized swimming pools - it's incredible.


Dr Claire Guest


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Anne Keating Q2. Some sort of eBay type site where we sell our QVC items and the money goes to MDD?

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Debbie Flint When i went to the HQ in July I witnessed some of the talented canines doing just that - go here to see a couple of clips




I've just read The Amazing Detector Dogs... on @QVC UK's blog - go here



Yvonne Simpson The lovely thing is we who love dogs have always known they weren't dumb.xx

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Helen Flook Jacqueline - his demands were awful, he wanted brushing just before the camera went on and mineral water to gargle on so his squeak was perfect!

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Jacqueline Jackson Lol Helen x

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Pauline Houghton Lol Helen x

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Debbie Flint by the way - why did i choose MDD? And more about my house move? Do read lovely Janice Rosser's fab OAPschat interview with me put up on Monday last week - it reveals all! here




Do Support Debbie Flint's Table Top Sale At Wotton Village Hall On Saturday...


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Debbie Flint Chris Jopp - so nice to meet you at last on Saturday!

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Helen Flook Oh and if anyone remembers the conker incident - he had intended it to hit Philip so he could take over!!!!

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Debbie Flint yes i only had two runs in the end - everyone was so great at taking stuff away and helping me at hte end of the night. Two people took some of the best to eBay it to raise even more money so that's amazing! x

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Sharon Harvay Xx 30 minutes left xx

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Debbie Flint by the way here was the mega raffle page and a massive thank you to Sara Brown for running it so well and to you all for donating!


Help Sara raise more money for charity

Help Sara raise money for this great cause.


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Helen Flook Debbie - you say the chronicles of narnia inspired you, would you ever think of writing a children's book?

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Debbie Flint And if you missed it and would like to still donate - every little helps, seriously - Helen did me a fundraising page on Just Giving for the bodyblade group - who did our sponsored wobble brilliantly - on site and virtual! go here to add some more valued funds - please feel free, we're still adding it up! Its now at over £600 from the bladers and donators!


Helen Murphy is fundraising on JustGiving for Medical Detection Dogs


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Pauline Houghton Congratulations to everyone who won a prize, enjoy them x

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Debbie Flint ok i 've nearly done all the links, gang! will catch up with your posts in a sec! hungry too - got to eat sumfink! x

10 August at 20:36 · Like · 3


Debbie Flint anyone love the carrot cake on Saturday?!! xmy dauighter Lauren Flint-Carter talented boyfriend nick made them! x

10 August at 20:36 · Like · 7


Debbie Flint Wendy - haha! Not creepy at all! lol x

10 August at 20:37 · Like · 4


Debbie Flint i stayed out of the sun all my life and used great skincare! lol x

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Anne Keating Debbie - do we post photos and links on here? xx

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Dawn Hart Oooo sounds yummy xxx

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Debbie Flint also seriously, eating lots of leafy greens and veg made a big diff went i went strictly macrobiotic about three years ago for six months - worth a try - and lots of water - but you know that already! lol x

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Wendy Lawrence Has anybody suggested 'Bebe' if a girl for BB (Bodyblade) xx

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Debbie Flint Chris - what an amazing story yours was, thank you so much. Tell everyone how Jade alerts you and what she has to look out for? i will post a pic of her helping to stop you getting too high blood sugar on saturday x

10 August at 20:39 · Like · 5


Anne Keating It was delicious - I only had a tiny bit - honest. xx

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Yvonne Simpson Just want to say thank you to you all for helping me do my first live web chat.

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Jacqueline Jackson Snap Wendy although I spelt it differently x

10 August at 20:40 · Unlike · 3


Pauline Houghton Wendy I had suggested this spelling, sorry Jacqueline I missed your post, scrawled back & found it x

10 August at 20:42 · Unlike · 4


Dawn Allen-Homer Hi Debbie glad it went so well, can I still donate when we finally get paid later, I have my own mini helper dog, he picks things up for me when I drop them, including my walking sticks which r so much bigger than him, he's a little yorkie cross, so I already no just how much better dogs make ur life, xxxs

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Jacqueline Jackson I think we're all on the same wavelength Pauline lol x

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Debbie Flint Chris Gardner and jade showing his blood sugar level after her alert! Chris what would have happened if you didn't get alerted to add more insulin? X




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Debbie Flint




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Debbie Flint




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Debbie Flint




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Debbie Flint




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Debbie Flint Patrick Hoy tries blading! X




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Debbie Flint Abi gives advice on UVA analysis




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Debbie Flint Selin from NoNo meets the MDD gang




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Debbie Flint Justine, Ginetta Craigy also came! And imedden's Polly did scans - who had a great collagen analysis? X

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Debbie Flint All that was left!




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Dawn Hart Great fun had by the looks of it i'll say bye for now as phone going to run out of juice thanks Debbie Flint & Sharon Harvay xxx

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Debbie Flint

Debbie Flint's photo.

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Debbie Flint Or an I kea chair?

Debbie Flint's photo.

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Debbie Flint Oh and I have to say a massive thank u to my partner in crime Sharon Harvay for being my wingman!




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Debbie Flint And to Anne keating and her whole family for amazing support! X

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Wendy Lawrence Sorry Pauline and Jacqueline didn't see your suggestions x

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Chris Gardner She alerts to the imbalances in my blood sugar levels with her amazing sense of smell. If I'm at home She loves to paw me to alert to high and low blood sugar levels. And if I ignore her she will then start to whine which will then turn into a bark and then she will jump on me and start licking my face and pin me down till I check. If I'm out she like to back off on the lead, paw and jump at me. Which is amazing to see as I have had people stop me and ask what she's doing as they have never seen a dog do this before. She's just amazing and words can't describe how grateful I am to have her. She is trained to alert me when my sugar go below 5 and above 12 so I have enough warning to help myself.

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Pauline Houghton Great to put a face to the name Sharon x

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Debbie Flint Anne Keating yes pics on this post pls all! I wil use some in my blog on friday! x

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Jacqueline Jackson Wendy I think we're all thinking the same. We're Bodyblade mad lol x

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Debbie Flint some great pouppy names gang! liking Blade, Bibi, there is a puppy called Flint already! dont know if they'd accept Flinty instead! lol ! my mum said i should suiggest names after my late dad Derek Flint - his middle name was Charlie but I don't know if there is already a charlie - do you know, Chris gardner? x

10 August at 20:56 · Like · 3


Debbie Flint or mum said Della if a girl, after Del my dad! lol x

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Chris Jopp Loving the pics, here's the one of me and Craig that Sara Browntook for me. x




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Debbie Flint Dawn Hart if we did a massive christmas online raffle would that work? have already had Kala Kilshaw-Laing from Ego offer to donate some mega prize for the next one! We raised £1259 i think so how fab was that! x

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Debbie Flint Anne Keating little Connie and Finn were AMAZING on Saturday - anne's grandchildren helkped run the tombola and got over £100!

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Debbie Flint Helen Flook funny! Gordon was a legend! x

10 August at 20:58 · Like · 3


Chris Gardner Yes the POTS dog is called Charlie Debbie. X

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Christine Grochowina Nice picture

10 August at 20:59 · Unlike · 2


Dawn Hart Oh wow yes i think a massive cheistmas raffle would be great count me in luving the names after your dad too xxx

10 August at 20:59 · Unlike · 3


Debbie Flint how lucky phillip wasn't staff - tim Robinson who worked for BBC as staff didn't get a bean, but Phillip got a tidy sum for inventing Gordon! x

10 August at 20:59 · Like · 4


Pauline Houghton Well done Connie & Finn x

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Debbie Flint Yvonne Simpson has anyone got the link to the download on BBC radio? x

10 August at 20:59 · Like · 1


Jacqueline Jackson Chris Jopp you look beautiful x

10 August at 20:59 · Unlike · 2


Sharon Harvay Thank you Debbie - was my pleasure x

10 August at 21:00 · Unlike · 4


Jacqueline Jackson Well done Connie and Finn x

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Tracie Wright so spooky we have all thought of similar names along the theme of Bodyblade , i was just chatting on a post yesterday with Lesley Yong and said Blade or Bruce would be a good name great minds think alike lol xx , Debbie Anne Mention something about some unsold Tagged Items from the sale going on Ebay site for Medical Detector Dogs charity is that right wink emoticon as i know some people where asking for the link if there is one as they though they may want to bid on them to help boost the Charity Funds wink emoticon

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Jacqueline Jackson I think it's a lovely idea to name a puppy after your Dad Debbie x

10 August at 21:00 · Unlike · 2


Debbie Flint Anne Keating - good idea ref an EBay type site - if someone would like to take ownership of it - we'd need trust to ensure the person donating actualy sent it off to the winner afterwards! lol And then we coudl do it with just a pic. However, there ar...See More

10 August at 21:01 · Like · 5


Debbie Flint lol Helen re Gordon Gopher's demands - funnyh! x

10 August at 21:01 · Like · 3


Anne Keating I had a great skin analysis - Polly of Imedeen looked at me and said 'you've got great skin' (one of my few assets!) and after the test on my skin, it was well into the green. I have the skin of a 30 year old apparently! I love you Polly! xx

10 August at 21:02 · Unlike · 3


Pauline Houghton Jacqueline people will think we are sat next to each other xx

10 August at 21:02 · Unlike · 3


Debbie Flint Helen - yes i would - not sure what or when! x

10 August at 21:02 · Like · 1


Anne Keating




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Anne Keating




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Anne Keating




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Debbie Flint haha - craigy funnily enough calls people 'bebe' including me so that would be funny as a name! x

10 August at 21:06 · Like · 4

Anne Keating




10 August at 21:06 · Unlike · 4


Jacqueline Jackson Anne you have lots of assets you're amazing x

10 August at 21:06 · Unlike · 2


Debbie Flint Craigy says hi! X




10 August at 21:06 · Like · 12


Lindsey Sweet Names for the puppy, Flint, Debbie, Blade, Beebee, Banjo xx

10 August at 21:06 · Unlike · 3


Debbie Flint Dawn Allen-Homer of course! i guess we will keep the bodyblade donation line open on Just giving until all the funds are in - do feel free! Glad you also have your own super canine helper! x

10 August at 21:07 · Like · 3


Lindsey Sweet Fundraising ideas: loved the online raffle x

10 August at 21:07 · Unlike · 3


Jacqueline Jackson Hi Craig x

10 August at 21:07 · Unlike · 3


Dawn Hart Waving hi craig xx

10 August at 21:08 · Unlike · 4


Anne Keating




Dogs sniff out prostate cancer and detect tumours with 93% accuracy 


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Jacqueline Jackson Christmas raffle sounds brilliant x

10 August at 21:08 · Like · 2


Dawn Allen-Homer Great xx

10 August at 21:09 · Like


Sharon Harvay Keep me posted xx

10 August at 21:09 · Like · 1


Debbie Flint Chris Gardner tha's so great at how accurate she is - and all from her sense of smell and your breath! amazing x

10 August at 21:09 · Like · 5


Christine Grochowina Hi Craig

10 August at 21:09 · Like · 4


Wendy Lawrence Hi Craig x

10 August at 21:10 · Unlike · 5


Debbie Flint Chris Jopp lovely pic! Craig says hi and hi to wendy too! x

10 August at 21:11 · Like · 5


Chris Gardner Absolutely her latest statistics are 99% correct on low blood sugars and 97% correct on high blood sugars which is brill as from having no awareness and collapsing all the time to have Jade as my early warning system is just unbelievable. And how accurate she is too makes it even more amazing.

10 August at 21:11 · Unlike · 6


Debbie Flint Bruce! THat's a great name for a puppy too! Bruce Hymanson x

10 August at 21:11 · Like · 4


Debbie Flint Tracie Wright it's the lovely Christina Bowdon from MDD who has items to eBay (that right Pam Merrifield?) - i will put a link on this group when i find out where she's posted them! x

10 August at 21:12 · Like · 2


Chris Jopp Hi Craig, was really good to meet you on Saturday. xx

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Jacqueline Jackson Thanks for sharing your story Chris Gardner x

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Debbie Flint Jacqueline Jackson thank you sweetie x

10 August at 21:13 · Like · 2


Chris Gardner Your welcome Jacqueline.

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Glenys Phillips Already put these on but will do it again in case you want them!




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Debbie Flint Anne Keating - i'm not surprised you have skin of a thirty year old! it's lovely! x

10 August at 21:14 · Like · 2

Debbie Flint tel you a secret - mine was rubbish! Polly said it's cos i've been so stressed and lack of sleep! Will be back on it soon! x

10 August at 21:15 · Like · 2

Glenys Phillips




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Anne Keating




The dogs that can help to detect prostate cancer - BBC News


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Debbie Flint Pauline Houghton that's funny - like at school! haha x

10 August at 21:15 · Like · 2

Glenys Phillips




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Debbie Flint Lindsey Sweet nice suggestions x

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Glenys Phillips That is the last one! xx




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Chris Jopp That's a lovely pic Glenys Phillips, it was lovely to meet you on Saturday. x

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Glenys Phillips And you Chris Jopp x

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Debbie Flint ok i have to go ladies! Thank you for a fabulous webchat tonight and hope you got all your answers! if not just remind me! i will check in again later when i'm home (around 2! haha! ) but hope you have a fab night and do join me for DQ with the lovely Andrea McClean at 10pm and garden with richard jackson at 11! OTO's?!!...

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Jacqueline Jackson Fantastic photos makes me feel like I was there with you all. I did do my wobble at 2pm with everyone thanks to the lovely Wendy Lawrence rounding us up and cheering us on x

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Debbie Flint ps next week's webchjat is with.,.... er... Sharon Harvay? x

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Debbie Flint pps later in week i will post my back to you blog with the transcript of this and also of Bruce's bodyblade chat over on the Bodyblade QVC facebook group - do go join it! x

Bodyblade QVC

2,078 Members

Debbie Flint's photo.


Lidia Pirroni

Catherine Huntley

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Wendy Lawrence Night Debbie, enjoy your shows and well done again to you and all concerned xx

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Sharon Harvay Lisa from A'Kin x

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Tracie Wright night Debbie xx this is the link for those who enquired about still being able to make a donation wink emoticon




Helen Murphy is fundraising on JustGiving for Medical Detection Dogs


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Sharon Harvay Thank you debbie for such a wonderful Chat this evening! How fabulous! Thank you for always being so generous with your time! Hi Craig!!! Thank you everyone! Wonderful evening

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Christine Grochowina Night Debbie. See you at 10

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Jacqueline Jackson Thanks Debbie night Hun. By the way I got three Tsv's last night ready for winter. I do like to tuck my vest in lol x

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Jacqueline Jackson Thanks Sharon x

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Sharon Harvay Thanks everyone xx

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Sara Brown Thanks for the thanks Debbie Flint - sorry I missed the chat I've been packing up the last few parcels - just a couple to left to be finalised. I've just updated the justgiving page and I'm about to update on facebook.

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Sara Brown Dog name:

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Anne Keating I thought the Webchat was with you Sharon lol! xx.

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Sharon Harvay No I'm not that interesting x

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Sara Brown Queen Victoria Carer - or Queenie or Vicky for short

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Sharon Harvay Hi Chris x

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Anne Keating That is definitely not true.

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Tracie Wright so did I Anne Lol xx a Chat with Sharon would be lovely sometime. xx

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Chris Gardner Hi Sharon hope your well and recovering from Saturday x

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Sharon Harvay I am Chris! Was lovely to meet you! Such an inspiration x love to you and your family

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Chris Gardner And you Sharon. I was just glad to help as much as possible. Thanks.

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Sara Brown Can I go to bed now wink emoticon

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Wendy Lawrence YES!

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Anne Keating Please do Sara - you are a star! . xx

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Tracie Wright Night Sara , sleep well xx

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Alison J Lowe I've been catching up on some of the posts and like the puppy names x

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Jill Dowding-Walker Hi everyone! Missed the chat so catching up now. Been getting culture at the Tate Britain with my daughter today! In answer to Debbie's questions... Blade for a boy, or Bebe for a girl, would be excellent! I was pleased with lovely Polly's verdict on m...See More

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Chris Jopp Jill Dowding-Walker did you remember about the name of the Vionics you were wearing? LOL! Cath Purple - I haven't forgotten that you want the recipe for the cranberry & blueberry cinnmon bran muffins I made for Saturday. I'll get it typed up and post it this week. x

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Anne Keating What cranberry and blueberry cinnamon bran muffins?

Published in Back to You

Just to let u know,  I've set up a Facebook Event  with all the info! But email me if you don't do FBk, for more info!

(if you’re on Facebook do click and tick ‘going’. Basically 11am-5pm, Wotton hall RH56QQ – email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info.)

 see below for video clips of these amazing animals and the work they do, including an incredible video of how sensitive their noses are.


August 8th, near Dorking RH56QQ, late morning onwards -

- afternoon teas

- table top sale of Nearly New fashions, household, some beauty

- chat to Patrick Quacker and Abi Ultrasun and more

- Abi is bringing her UVA skin analysis machine and will be doing charity donations in return for testing, as will Imedeen, doing collagen scans!

- Polly from Imedeen will be bringing their collagen ultrasound scanner to check for your collagen levels too - ditto the donations

- Selin from NoNo will be popping by

- Craig Rowe fellow presenter, and Ginetta from Veronese jewellery are joining us later in the afternoon

- tbc Lee Hohbein my telly hubby - if he's not on air!

- 1pm - how will this money help? A chat from visiting from Detector Dogs team!

- 2pm - A special sponsored Bodyblade session - and remote participation - donations using a JustGiving donation line

- 3pm ish ad hoc 'fashion show' with some of the nearly new fashions on offer!

- 4pm ish - big raffle including for those taking part online who can't come - more info nearer the time - prizes include giant Elemis balm and capsules; Lori Grenier White table top jewellery mirror chest, more tbc.


do come join us - 11am-5pm near Dorking RH56QQ in the Wotton village Hall behind the Wotton hatch pub on the A25 between Westcott and Abinger Hammer. Email me for more info This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Here are a couple of videos I took when at the HQ this week (July 14th 2015.) 

Go here to see the mixture of adorable pooches and hear what some of them do.

go here to see Rob explain how they do the training in the research lab 

and prepare yourself for some super fast detecting in this video of one of the dogs reaching an astonishing parts per million detecting rate - click here (video)

plus - watch and listen to Simba giving his owner Carolyn an alert when he detects her blood sugar is not right - he will keep doing this till she checks her bloods. When I was there she had an alert - I'd never heard a noise like this from a labrador, and I've had them for 16 years. He is supposed to alert her if her blood sugar goes below 5 or over 15. When she checked it it was 14.9. Amazing.

Medical Detection Dogs support people with serious health conditions such as diabetes and Addisons by alerting them prior to a medical emergency. Our first study showed that dogs can detect bladder cancer volatiles and are carrying out a study into whether dogs can detect prostate cancer from urine samples and breast cancer from breath samples (samples taken from hospital patients.)

That's why I decided to support this charity. Who knows, if we raise £2000 we may even be able to name one of the detector dogs! Come back here for regular updates in the run up to the event.





See Jade the labrador/Chris Gardner's story here. More soon.

More to come...