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Debbie Flint

7 August 2015

Pulsaderm Demo - coming to QVC UK Monday Morning show, 9th August 2015

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pulsaderm pulsaderm

Amazing Foundation Application! So on Monday's morning show, (9th Aug) my sis Linda brings her newest discovery, Pulsaderm, to QVC - and her demo is mesmerising - she'll be doing it all on her own face, including showing how well the clever mini-sonic-device with unique action applies your liquid foundation! Dewy skin, AND smoother easier makeup - go here for more info meanwhile, and her own video demo to follow so come back again soon!

Back to Beauty blog is loving it too.

I think the key to this one being so different is the makeup sponge application - you know how foundation brushes are all the rage for liquid foundations at the moment? Well think how much your ideal brush costs on its own, then realise how much more versatile this Pulsaderm is, considering it exfoliates AND helps apply premium costly creams better too - I found I used less aromessence cos my skin was so smooth after cleansing with it first. 

Do search for pulsaderm coming monday.


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