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New years eve -  Debbie’s newsletter

Hey there! Hope you had a lovely Xmas? Mine was crazy and full of family as usual – in the best possible way – and I know others were the same. Some people enjoyed the special event page we set up on Facebook for solo-surfers on Xmas Day and I’m sure yet more escaped the throng and found their own kind of sanctity. The turkey was stuffed, the halls were decked and Downton was well and truly over. Boo hoo.

And now the New Year is upon us!

My highlight of yuletide was Xmas Eve with my lovely kids and their partners at mine. As you may recall that’s when we had our own little family get-together and I was very pleased to say that Christmas at my cottage went down well with the offspring – Lauren in particular was chuffed at how I’d decorated, tidied and prepared the house for their visit. Including the Xmas dinner table complete with table decorations and crackers. It may sound purile but it’s never been my forte, this kind of thing. Not for years anyway. So this year I pulled out the stops and made it all nice and everyfink!


Here’s little look at the Dimplex OptiMyst fire which I treated myself to for Xmas – such an amazing impact and all from clever steam and lights! Click here to see the video of my lounge!

My best pressie was my new Fit Bit which is bringing me the determination to do enough steps every day and get the celebratory buzzing on my wrist when I pass the obligatory 10,000! More of that next week and in the New Year Change Your Lifestyle blog.

In the meantime, do you look back at the year and celebrate the big events – the big wins, the big moments and the best memories? I do – and my end of 2015 blog features all the highlights of the last twelve months, from China to Harrods bookshelf, from Derek the MDD puppy to my massive house move, and much more. Click here to read my End of 2015 Review QVC official blog.

I ended the year this week with a trip up London with daughter Lauren to see the incredible Jim Broadbent in a new version of A Christmas Carol at the Noel Coward Theatre. It's on till end of Jan and well worth going if you can get tickets. He is outstanding.

However, i was in such a rush to get up there that I committed a boo boo. Without thinking I grabbed a carrier bag of stuff I needed to give Lauren at the railway station to put in her car. Half an hour later on the train, I realised I still had a big heavy tin of blimmin coffee grounds with me, cos of course, every trip up London in rush hour needs to have one of those eh! lol. See the main pic!

Anyway it was fab. Do click on my end of year review above, for more highlights of my year - it's been a big one - with China, moving house, and becoming an ambassador for fab charity Medical Detection Dogs too. What a year. 

Then join me to see in the New Year as I’m on air on 31st from 10pm till the bells toll with the ‘QVC Best Bits’ two hour special including some funny videos!

Then stand by for the return of my well-being show Back to You on QVC at 3pm on New Year’s Day – plus Bodyblade is back at 4pm. It’ll be the start of a whole new year after what has been a tricky twelve months for many. Leg Master – one of my other main top devices – is also on, and I’ll be welcoming back Glynis Barber with her new book all about her clever In-Sync diet if you feel like trying something new if you like a guided diet plan. Plus I’m launching a new idea for those who want to join in – it’s called ‘20lb in 2016,’ via my Facebook page here (or via the Three Month Challenge starting in Feb page (3MCFeb here)) to start as you mean to go on if you fancy joining me from New Year’s Day onwards! And of course the long awaited book 3 in the Till the Fat Lady Slims series (see below).

As far as my writing is concerned, I have written a new short romance! Choc Lit wanted one for the new year – I will keep you informed how to get it – it will probably be a freebie. Go here meanwhile for a little hint and return to find out more, it’ll be where I post the news about how to get it first when the time comes.

The next big event in my writing diary this year will be my new Till the Fat Lady Slims 3.0 – Tips and Tales to Inspire, the third in the series of semi-autobiographical weight loss books about Freedom Eating and unlearning all the bad habits of a lifetime of being bad around food. Just a few weeks to go – it’ll be out at the end of January! Watch out soon for the big cover reveal. Plus as I’ve mentioned, in early February my publisher has pencilled in an official book launch party in a book shop for TACOM – just deciding exactly where!

Then it’ll be on with the follow up to Take a Chance on Me (TACOM) – the working title is ‘Try it for the First Time Club’ and if you’ve read my Hawaiian Trilogy you’ll know why… : - ) Will keep you informed!

Busy time for me, writing wise then, eh! Hope I get more new works finished than I did last year. But I suppose I got a million blogs done instead – haha!

And on the charity front am looking forward very much to several events I’ll be attending on behalf of my charity Medical Detection Dogs too. It’s going to be a massive year all round!

Some of my ladies on my Facebook groups are buying themselves a journal in which to write their hopes for 2016, why not think about doing it too if you fancy? It was a great year for me, social media-wise – here’s a run down of the groups and pages – click to join or find them: LINKS TO FOLLOW - WORK IN PROGRESS -

Till the Fat Lady Slims group – over 1000 members

TTFLs page – for Tips of the day and general reference – go here

Back to You QVC group – over 4200 members, went members-only/’closed’ in October after overwhelming members vote.

Back to You tips and deals page – for swaps or alerts or small items for sale

Bodyblade QVC group – nearly 3000 members. Bruce Hymanson’s UK group with fabulous daily motivation posts

I’m a QVC UK Queen – spin off of QVC lovers – nearly 2000 members – go here

My own Facebook page

My own Facebook personal account – 5000 ‘friends’ but am having a little cull of mainly redundant accounts at the moment.

My own website – subscribe if you haven’t already, to always receive the updates first!

It makes me very proud that so many people are now in contact because of my connection with Facebook. And a special mention to my lovely pal Sharon Harvay without whom I couldn’t do what I do. Or I’d do it badly… thank you.

Ps – in the interests of a caring spirit, having received the below email from a pal on Facebook I thought I’d pass it on – if you can do the same that’d be great – by copying and pasting the bit from ‘Worth a Mention’ onwards. Just a little something that might be a life changer. I certainly didn’t know that these were the symptoms of ovarian cancer and if you alert someone who needed to know, in time, isn’t it worth it?

Have a lovely New Year and do something kind for someone who least expects it, if you can. Forgive, forget, Let Go, and Focus on the best things currently going on in your life. Even if it’s just reruns of your fave TV show and best cup and saucer. There’s always someone out there who would dearly love to be you.

Big hugs






Erin Barrett

23 December at 05:49 · 

I’ve debated long and hard about posting anything here about my health. This feels like a very personal journey, yet, at the same time, one I want to make sure as many women as possible can avoid. So, with raising awareness in mind, I’ve decided to share what’s going on with me and my ovaries. Actually, ovary. Singular.

I happily gave birth to a wonderful baby girl, Edie, on September 24th. Less joyfully, at the same time I also had my left ovary, fallopian tube, and a nearly 6lb tumour we jokingly named Ozzy removed. Shortly thereafter I was diagnosed with stage 1c, grade 1 ovarian cancer. The stage and grade are important because it means they caught it early.

I am currently going through chemo and will start radiation at the end of January.

I feel nothing but positive in regards to my outcome and future plans. Plans that include never facing this again. And growing my hair back.

People have asked me what they can do to help. This is something I have struggled with as I have been so well looked after. My decision is to ask you all to help me raise awareness.

They call ovarian cancer the silent killer. This is because the symptoms are so subtle that it is often caught too late. Currently, the odds of getting ovarian cancer are 1 in 58 (compared to 1 in 7 for breast cancer).

I want the next ten women who are diagnosed with ovarian cancer to be diagnosed early. This means I need your help in telling 580 women about the symptoms.

This is where you come in. Take 15 seconds – that’s all it takes – to tell two or three women in your life about the symptoms. This could be your wife, your mother, your sister, your daughter – any woman you care about. I want to keep a tally below of how many women have been told. Add your women to the list and move the count up (this is mainly so I don’t have to count them all by hand – I’m going through chemo, cut me a break on being lazy.) ((FROM DEBS - NB Erin did this on facebook so if you are going to forward it on by email, please just copy me in so I can add ‘my women’ to her list.))

Here we go:
• Persistent stomach pain
• Persistent bloating
• Finding it difficult to eat or feeling full quickly
• Needing to pee more often
• Back pain
• Changes to bowel habits (constipation or diarrhoea)
• Feeling tired all the time

If any or all of these are present, especially in women 40+, please PLEASE go see your doctor. You’re not wasting anyone’s time, you’re being smart and ensuring you’ll be around for the long haul for the people you love.

So, if you want to help me, get on the phone, send an email (or six), grab a coffee with a woman you love and spend 15 seconds talking about this. It could save her life. And, it’ll make me happy (guilt, guilt).

If you have any questions about my health, my treatment, or about ovarian cancer, send me a message. I realise that opening myself up this way means a lot of you will have questions and I’m happy to answer as best I can.

Don’t worry, I’ve decided that I’ll be fine, and that’s just the way it is.

With love,
Erin xx

Ps: Here’s the link to the ovarian cancer charity that used to be one of my clients – ya, I know, the coincidence blows:…/what-are-the-symptoms-of-ovarian-c…/



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