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Debbie Flint

Had an interesting experience this week, when I got a wake up call. Not literally - I was already awake. Well, almost - see below for more on THAT one! But I was delighted to attend the book launch of a lovely writing pal of mine - AJ Pearce. Her first novel - Dear Mrs Bird - has just launched and you may well read about her or hear her on the radio over the next few weeks. 

Dear Mrs Bird is all about the friendships and danger during the Blitz when an aspiring war correspondent takes a job as a fake agony aunt in a woman's magazine publishers, and all sorts of mayhem ensues. Amidst the bombings and craters, loyalty and love win through. It's very funny, as is AJ and she thoroughly deserves all the success in the world.

It was my book of the week on RiWiSi here - and I'm delighted to say it'll be next week's as well! I'm about to listen to the audiobook version - click here to read a sample -  and I cannot wait!



So AJ has inspired me. So has lovely mentor, Julie Cohen, who was also there last night. Her book 'Together' - reivewed here - has just been announced as a Richard and Judy pick! And now having chatted to lots of other author pals of AJ's at the book launch last night, I'm all geared up to get cracking on my fifth novel - French or Dutch. It's in final stages now, and I'm heading towards finalising draft one. Wish me luck! It's been a packed three years or so since I first started it , however, and in that time there have been house moves, weddings, disastrous potential relationships (well I say plural, but really it's just one!) and a whole new life and business down in Devon, as well as being an ambassador for Medical Detection Dogs. Plus becoming a grandmother! whoohoo! All of which mean I only wrote prolifically when away on a ... writing retreat! lol. Last March I wrote 14,000 words in a single weekend (with Julie) in Bristol, and another twenty thousand when away in France in May. A few thousand in June when in Cyprus for a family wedding - it was more wedding stuff than writing, that one. But apart from that, I have found that running a writing retreat (see below) has not been conducive to... writing. So a kick up the proverbial was needed - and AJ's launch, and some sterling words from Julie, has done just that. I hand in version one next week, with more to follow. Watch this space...

Squiffy eye.

Meanwhile, my poor red eye was conjunctivitis. Blimey it's been a year of it, that's for sure! Not enough sleep, and over working, under relaxing - you know the usual. I got so tired recently I found myself able to close my eyes and just drift off to dreamland, mid afternoon! So enough is enough. I have booked a WellWoman 360 health check (basically every orifice plus bloods and all the usual health measurements) in June. The end of June. After my next summer hol, so by hook or by crook, I will be Freedom Eating and Bodyblading my way to a healthier place by then and I swear this year is going to be a well one...


Book of the Week - Let me Lie by Sunday Times bestseller Clare Macintosh. The ex-cop does it again, with another tense psychological thriller that will keep you guessing - go here to read my book of the week blog.



Retreat for Three nights on a rare weekend offer We don't have that many weekend openings, at our guest house down in Devon, but this month we have two! at Retreats for You in Sheepwash -

- Photography Weekend - £275 if you book soon, dinner Friday till Lunch Sunday with a trip out to Dartmoor on Saturday and fab instructional workshops with local expert Lee Orchard click here to read more and ask him more about it - book soon! Bring a partner, they can go photograph things, you can chill? How does that sound? Take pics like this one maybe -



- Writing Weekend - weekend, note! - (2 or 3 nights, final chance to get 2017 pricing at £90pppn full board inc wine at dinner) rest and relaxation in front of a roaring fire, nice walks, doggy therapy if required (if they're not out sunbathing!) And great beds! April - 27-29 - rare opportunity as I don't open for many weekends.

- Yoga Weeks 9th -13th April (next week) - one place left if you're quick - two sessions of stretching a day for writers wanting to get loads done but not feel stiff at the end of the week! £395 special offer, usually £420 - email soon. Other dates - July 2nd, August 13th (already taking bookings for these) and October 22nd.

To book - email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - we deal with it all that way but do check out the events page on our website for more info about all the themed events coming up. 

Am back on over the weekend - do click here to read my latest QVC blog and find out - where you'll also see info about how alcohol might be affecting your sleep. Plus sneaky peeks of some of the upcoming next week's deals.

Have a fab week!





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First - stop press! Tonight's #tsv sunday midnight on QVC if you love Babyliss - 

Earlybird order link to new tsv tonight midnight @qvcuk - brand new launch of Babyliss hair tool - the best yet - imo - 

Click here

And do join me and Craigy together in an unusual hour kicking off an unusual day 


I just love the fact that I live in Devon now - check out this beautiful sight I saw on one of this week's dog walks - click here to see the video - do you ever see these? Magical or what? click here to see video of a beautiful dragonfly...

and go here to see my facebook vlog with a walk around the local country market in Hatherleigh - bargains! (Like the Fbk page too  for future updates!) Silly Debbie bought a couple of items like hand made wooden planters for outside the front door, paid for them and asked to pick up from the stall-holders on the way back... then went home and forgot! It's a good excuse to go back next Tuesday morning tho. 

Talking of magical, I'm not far from Cornwall so I must go and see Tintagel at some stage - home, apparently, according to ancient mythology, of King Arthur. And a very good film it was too! Went to see it in Okehampton this week with Wendy and I must say it was very very good. More on my QVC blog but do go see it if you can. I loved Guy Ritchie's directing - yes it was a bit self-indulgent at times, but I really liked it and I have to say with some key shots being no longer than a second, blink and you'll miss it, it kept the pace rip-roaring along, so I didn't fall asleep one bit. Mixed reviews but I loved it - and Charlie Hunnam was hot and very watchable on screen - a bit Tom Hardy I must say. He should have been Christian Gray but backed out. Fifty Shades lost out there that's for sure...

A Book first - how exciting is this! A proper French translation in paperback of my very first novel! Was ever so chuffed! More here.

Also on my QVC blog - lots more pics of the week, plus enter my super #Philosophy bumper bundle competition - and some fabulous TSV sneaky peeks - it's here late Friday.

 Finally a very happy 11th birthday to my talented niece Lara. She has recently made me very proud because she won a drama scholarship at her school. And wants to be on the stage amongst other things… #ChipOffTheOldBlock:-) 

And that story... is coming honest... more soon, come back for full blog late Friday.



ps Fancy a Stay in Devon? Would you like to come down? I’ve got a new date for QVC viewers,  if you are one, and fancy a fab full board stay – you can inspect the new kitchen and decide if Daisy and Gracie have indeed got trimmer! More info here, or just email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . It’s 26th June and can include yoga/walking and wholesome food – and wine! £90 pppn if you book soon – do come?

And still time to decide on which songs I should sing in September, at the event happening in Devon – can you come? It’s in Torrington at the Plough, and will feature classics like ‘What a difference a Day Makes’ and ‘That Ole Devil Love’– more here if you’d like to choose from the list of songs – which is your favourite?


That blog on emotional bullying  is worth reading – click here – it’s now had nearly 5200 views and am very glad it’s helping so many people when they find out they’re not alone.


Ps check out the new pic of all my paperbacks together! More about how to get your copy is here.


Ps my new Till the Fat Lady Slims book is now out on Amazon here, and there’s such an amazing support system on Facebook on theTTFLS group here - do come join us!

New QVC - featuring sneaky peeks and pics of deals from the next seven days so do go look! NB any Early Bird order links will appear first on my blog page here - do go look on a regular basis!

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This summer we are proud to be hosting several writing retreats aimed at authors who wish to develop their writing. Do email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss -


go here to see more on Julie's site. You will book with her direct.

One of the best writing tutors is author Julie Cohen, a former Richard and Judy book of the month author. I've been on most of her previous one day workshops, weekly retreats and weekends over the last seven years and enjoyed every one of them.She's currently mentoring me through my 'big one' - French or Dutch - which will be finished this summer.

Julie is offering a four night stay at our guest house Retreats for You in Sheepwash, Devon, with one to one mentoring and in depth discussion about your own work. Plus daily workshops. Full board, including endless hot drinks and snacks is on offer - own room, shared bathroom, wine at dinner - in a thatched 1600s house in picturesque North Devon with rolling hills and a river for local walks and a mini gym in the studio. A walled garden is also there for a change of scene. Comfortable rooms with tea and coffee making facilities, quaint and olde worlde, but with great wifi. 

September 25th - 29th. Prices on Julie's website (scroll down) nb - three of the seven places already gone (as at 24th March)



Themed workshop – Perfecting Your First Chapter and submission with Sara Sarre.

Your first chapter is what will sell your novel time and time again: to your agent, your publisher, the marketing team and eventually to your reader. It needs to be good. The week will be dedicated to the opening line, the first paragraph and finally, the first chapter. We’ll look at how to hook your reader and to get your characters to leap off the page. Along with this, we’ll discuss the submission process and how to summarise your story. There will be three workshops and each participant will receive an hour long, one to one session with Sara.  For more details and availability email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 07956336044 . For facilities go to tel (ansafone) 01409 231252.

£430 per person including afternoon workshops and a one to one. Direct access to an agent for exceptional work.

Two places taken (as at 24th March)  (Nb overspill into pub opposite - for B&B/en-suite )

Go here to read more on Sara's website - bluepencilagency  - then email us to book - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are keen to go on waitlist. Probably one Mon to Fri in August 2017.


For prices of regular retreats, not including tutoring at £80 per person per night, go here to our website.

Full weeks can be blocked out for writing groups too.

If you are a tutor and want to use our venue please contact us also.

best wishes

Wendy and Deb