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Debbie Flint

It's finally here - Easter is around the corner and we have another super vintage tea rooms event for you at Retreats For You in Sheepwash Devon - are you near? Can you come? We are open 11-4pm, with delicious sausage rolls (did they have them in the 50s?!) and pasties and clotted cream devon teas plus bone china crockery with refreshing tea and coffees... come to EX215NE and you'll find us in The Court opposite the pub in the village square - can't miss it! Here's the event on Facebook so you can click that you're coming and see more.

My cousin Christina is coming - haven't seen her for years, so am looking forward to it. But isn't Facebook wonderful for keeping in touch with friends and family even though you haven't been face to face for yonks? It's a bit like christmas cards used to be - only now it's all year round - every so often there's a message and it makes you feel like you've kept in touch at least a little, right? Well Christina is an excellent cook and is bringing some of her own homemade cakes - all in aid of my charity for which I''m an ambassador, Medical Detection Dogs. More about them here.

Last time we raised quite a bit of money so I''m hoping the presence of Claire and Pal will do the same job - come see them and have a chat - you may see Pal alert Claire, his owner, to her high or low blood sugars and thereby saving her life and saving call outs to the NHS if she gets dangerously low or high. Such a good cause. and the little dog in the pic is Bones, available on QVC (last of the stock, assuming some left!) from Charlie Bears, also in aid of MDD.

Come to a sing song in Devon on September 16th Yes, we're doing it again! If you are near Torrington or fancy making a weekend of it, we will have a charity evening sing song full of fabulous 40s and 50s type songs, in the super 'the Plough' arts centre theatre and cafe on Saturday 16th September - do put it in your diary. More soon. Tickets will go on sale via their new brochure too, and there will be local kids singing, a mums choir singing accapella and a super band that have appeared at the royal albert hall. hope you can come!

past two weeks newsletters - were delayed - sorry you didn't get one! I had a few issues with logging on, but if you'd like to read them, go here to see new horizons no more shadows and see the back garden of Retreats for you without the trees; and go here to read about the funny chicken video in belstone and see the lovely feature on me in Surrey Life magazine! click here to read it. 

Book of the Week is something different this week - Benefit's lovely Lisa Potter Dixon's 'Makeup Manual' - just out - go here to find out more.

Getting the Message... it's a funny thing, but you know how sometimes topics keep cropping up in your life and it's like someone's trying to give you a message? Well the same issue has kept appearing in my life for a while now. and then I saw the awful situation Mel B found herself in with her abusive controlling husband, only now the truth is out. But so many people suffer in silence don't they. Well here's my take on being with an emotional abuser and you won't believe some of the stories - and if you know anyone you think might be in that situation, or you are someone - go here to read it on my website.

QVC blog  will go live here on Friday afternoon, with a couple of early bird order links, sneaky peeks of the TSvs for the week ahead, and a really funny blooper involving my bust! lol! Click when it's live.

Have a lovely week



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