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Debbie Flint

Hi all - hope you're having a great weekend! 

For the benefit of those not on social media and who didn't see my announcement on air on Friday night, the news is finally out - I'm off to China for three weeks in April! To train QVC presenters there - so I'm very honoured to have been chosen. A mixture of relatives will move in to look after the dogs, water the plants, and allow me to fly away for the longest break I've ever taken from the uk! More than one 'TiFFT' methinks! More news in my latest QVC blog, where you'll also see -

- epicModelFail blooper (funny!)

- talking of flying - videos of me indoor skydiving

- pics from the busiest week ever! inc Debbie Does Dinner once again...

- and sneaky peeks of QVC bargains incl apple, Antler luggage set and Kipling.

go here to read it on qvc website.

What's the longest you've ever been away from home for? My longest previously was a mere two week hol in Crete in '97. I'm lagging behind a bit, really, 'cos my son Brad went to the Far East for two whole months following his finals after uni, and came back a different person, he had such a great time. So it's on my list to do longer trips. BUT nice, comfortable ones, I think - haha! Maybe a lengthy round the world cruise would be my top trip. What would be yours? 

Also wanted to just quickly say - if you like reading inspirtional weight loss stories, or love Mally and yankee candles, go here to read this week's back to you blog, where you'll see the transcripts from their Q&A sessions on last Monday's live webchat, plus news of hitting 3000 members in the Back to You Facebook group (here), and more info about sugar again as it hits the news once more. 

And the book blog, if you llike finding new authors, is here, where you'll see a lovely Book of the Week from a winner of the Romantic Novelists' Assoc Award for best contemporary romance, Lucy Dillon. Find out her QVC secret by clicking on the link! hehe! 

Have a lovely weekend! The countdown is on till I go away - three weeks today! whoo hoo! (Back on air early May.)




ps Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 book on QVC got another fab review - go here to see a mum of 7's solution to her eternal weight loss issues!

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