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A Birthday in Bordeaux!

What a lovely birthday I had whilst on hols in france! Go here to see a super montage set to music, of some of the best pics but see below for lots of video clips too including the cute cat and funny hound! Go here.

First a special offer to subscribers for my newsletter on  – if you are in need of an imminent get away – a full board (inc wine at dinner) break in Devon, then 2016 prices are on offer if you’re quick! For Mon-Fri weeks commencing JUNE 5th, 12th, 19th and a yoga retreat with healthy menus on 26th. Do email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for info but do it quickly to get the £80 per person per night pricing (£92 for yoga week.) QVC viewers very welcome, on any of those weeks, particularly 19th. Let me know asap! (Also if you are a writer and need help editing or finding an agent, book an optional extra session with a superb editor on 5th.)

Castillon Celebrations

Ok so as promised here are the other video clips I created whilst in Castillon this week – what a lovely holiday I had! Tons of great food, lots of sleep, walks along the river and fun with the furry animals there – Rory the dog and Charlie the cat!

Walk along the river video – how beautiful is this?

Charlie cat chasing Rory dog - funny video

Live from Castillon on Market Day

Castillon pomp and ceremony - celebrations for ve day

And some super montage pics from Facebook updates – go here to ‘like’ my page so you don’t miss the regular updates there!




Finally I have to play you this video of the funniest attempt by a kitten and breaking and entering! -

All in all a wonderful week, and one I will definitely repeat on a regular basis… If you’d like to go, visit


Book of the week is appropriate – Jane Wenham Jones was the tutor in Castillon this week, and if you’ve ever wanted to write yourself, check out her guide, written with Katie Fforde, my book of the week blog about it is here.

Plus check out my latest charity blog here including Molly the dog who rescues cats!

Latest QVC blog will appear on the site on Friday as usual, including lots of pics from my birthday celebrations and a sneaky peek of one of the best fake tan offers we’ve ever done from Michelle Mone’s stable and the first before and after pics of my new kitchen at Retreats for You! Go here Friday pm onwards.

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a short story to follow - pop back to my home page on my website in the week, here.

And don’t forget to put September 16th in the diary if you can come to our 40s and 50s evening in Torrington, Devon, and The Plough Arts Centre for MDD… more soon.

Best wishes



PS Are you bullied? I have to say how astounded I’ve been at the reactions to my series of blogs about emotional abusers on my website ’back to you’ blog. If you missed it, here are all the links – the first one has had nearly 3900 views now. Do forward them to someone who needs it, or who you think might need it – it’s amazing how a bit of knowledge and sharing makes someone feel not alone. It’s more common than you might think, and the one thing victims report is that ‘noone would believe me if I told them what he/she is like.’ Often they even are made to rewrite their own memories of their experiences afterwards, so it’s vital to let them into a world of info that might help. Final blog coming soon.

part one - narcissus -  emotional bullies  -introduction and some scary tales of abuse from my facebookers and newsletter gang. go here.

part two - getting the help you need or taking the first step and more tales from you guys

part three - why they will never change - it's in the brain and difficult to unlearn - ever. hard hitting truths about the narcissist. This blog.

 Other articles are online, are listed on parts one and two, and include this one -to help you understand if you have been subject to manipulation by a narcissistic personality at some level

Keep in touch with me, email me your story - especially if you too had your 'aha' moment, and broke free - it really can be done in most circumstances, especially with a pure narcissist. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Any story is a valuable story, even if you want to tell just me, just say, as getting it out can be very therapeutic, just as the below was for me. 



Pps ps a short story to follow - pop back to my home page on my website in the week, here.

Ps check out the new pic of all my paperbacks together! More about how to get your copy is here.


Ps my new Till the Fat Lady Slims book is now out on Amazon here, and there’s such an amazing support system on Facebook on theTTFLS group here - do come join us!

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TO BE CONTINUED - FULL UPDATE on my chez castillon holiday COMING WEDNESDAY 28TH ....

Plus extra pics and vids on my new QVC blog, being posted Friday afternoon - click on QVC tab above, when it's ready you'll see the link there!

BOOK OF THE WEEK - an amazingly eye opening self help book which was first published in August 1976. Wayne Dyer is a genius. End of. I you need help overcoming your limiting beliefs and others' outside influences then try this - as he says, 'escape negative thinking and take control of your life.' Ironic given teh 'take back control' meme flooding the media of late! lol. 

more here.

BACK TO YOU BLOG - on my regular well being blog, here's an insight into how i'm going to overcome my own blip in focus and control that's happened somewhat over the last year. Read about it here.

MDD UPDATE - KENT July 9th! Do join us - full info about the Rochester Castle bodybladers wobble and get together on Saturday July 9th around 11am, then the visit to the Kent County Show after, where Medical Detection Dogs will have a stand including tombola, lucky dip, 'guess the sniff' table etc - go here.

more to follow

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