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Debbie Flint

Time travelling and another year goes by
8 January 2021

on the balcony of my flat in Surrey Dec 2020 on the balcony of my flat in Surrey Dec 2020

How weird. 

I've just been sitting looking through old cards as I take down another year's Christmas decs (well some of them!) and I realised how time has flown. It's almost as tho this little blog has been on hold waiting for the moment I pick up the mantle once more and get my fingers working to type out some prose so you can read it and find out what's been going on in my life. (Apologies to those who said they miss my weekly newsletter emails!)

You'll have realised my focus has been on my QVC blogs and most readers have located them but if not, they are always now here - , cataloguing the shenanigans I've been getting up to over the past few years since this blog took a hiatus. Anyhoo...

Another year gone by means another look back and I'm not about to start banging on about highlights or a review as once again, I've already covered that! (If you'd like to read my Review of the Year blog its' here.) Nonetheless given what a tumultuous year 2020 was, I thought I'd take to the keyboard and, scrolling through the blogs for the last 52 weeks or so, I've realised how much has changed. 

So the new flat, for one. Regular followers of my social media (see my home page, all listed there) will know I've moved into a little flat next to my mum in the same complex back in Banstead, as my sis and my niece. 'Flint Towers' someone called it, but there's another 99 flats apart from ours so not really! But I've loved the forays into the woods nearby and being able to continue my live posts which so many Facebookers have come to know and love. 

QVC has been amazing, not just the job itself but how they've looked after us all - kudos to the bosses - and I feel very lucky indeed.

Less fabulous has been the situation in Devon, where my poor little (well, big) guest house has languished since early March last year. Little did my pal Alison May and I know that her workshop week around March 9th would be the last one for what will probably be almost a year! But what a success becoming a holiday let was, in July and August! And parts of September, and little in October then nothing again, once the rule of six kicked in - people don't want a house that can sleep up to 14! Then Christmas and New Year bookings were obviously cancelled once the next lot of restrictions kicked in. And now I'm debating whether to offer it as a furnished residential letting to at least cover some costs. 

Hopefully things will pick up in the Spring. Or Summer. Or Autumn... hopefully sooner rather than later but having looked around at some very appealing places for an alternative venue for my retreats, I'm not crestfallen - far from it! From the five floor Georgian townhouse in Bristol with a basement hot tub and sauna, to the farmhouse just over the Welsh border with acres to explore, to the Old School House in Gloucestershire, there are many choices. So the writing retreats will carry on. And with at least six postponed workshops all awaiting the go ahead, it'll be fun choosing where to take them, if things end up changing in Devon. 

My politics have gone online, and it's been wonderful having access to some key speakers and online quizzes and fundraisers (Balloon Debate anyone?), as the ups and downs of the pandemic have brought many different emotions to us supporters. We've set about raising funds and getting laptop donations which once refurbished have helped local needy students and their mums in parts of our constituency in Devon. And I've done Facebook sessions for would-be councillors on how to best use social media (Ok I know a bit about that, right! Go here to see a summary of it in an article I was asked to write.) However, with the vaccinations full steam ahead, a resounding success and a return to normality could be on the cards before almost any other country in the world. Won't that be wonderful?

So I sat down to write a short hello, and as usual it's turned out a bit longer than I thought. I just wanted to say I hope you're all ok - please reach out to one of the many many numbers out there that can help you , if you're not. And here's to a much much better 2021 than 2020 - for all of us , and the world!

best wishes





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