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What a year - and have a good NYE - guess where I'll be!
30 December 2018

Had a fab Xmas - did you? Just to say a very happy new year to you! I will be seeing out the final hours alongside my lovely mate Miceal, on QVC. Join us between 10 & midnight, with two smashing hours of cuddly Charlie Bears, which I of course have a fair old collection of! 

Meanwhile, I wanted to just point you to my latest QVC blog - it's my annual Review of the Year.

When you look back over the last year, what are the highlights? Mine are listed in this blog - including quite a few which will make you smile, including what has to be one of the best bloopers ever! And a funny vlog link, and some lovely memories of another momentous year. Two grandbabies, making it extra special, and there's a pic of Lauren my daughter her hubby and her bubba (turning the other way of course, not allowed baby's face on social media!) Do go and look - the QVC Review of the year blog is here. Loved being with my own two kids as well, even though they've now got kids of their own - so much changes in a year, eh!

Plus we had some lovely times at my brother Glenn's for an elongated stay over Xmas - Lolly and bubba and hubby also stayed and we took several trips out including to Ikea in Croydon where I was allowed to carry Phoebe around a bit whilst the kids looked at kitchens. They are building a lodge down in Wales and are very excited about it being finished for February. Chips off the old block!


So I'm looking forward to the festivities over New year with yet more family get togethers and meals - then it's full steam ahead preparing for my cruise holiday to the caribbean in Feb and unless I want a new wardrobe, a determined steam!

Book recommendations - inc John Grisham's the Reckoning. Had a bit of a lull in doing my book reviews, mainly cos of knee op and then xmas break so didn't drive around as much! Also got wrapped up in listening to podcasts more, incl political ones, since I'm a politics geek! Anyway I've got stuck into the new John Grisham and it's a good one! Go here to see it, and also to find out about some of the top books to watch out for in 2019 - including from my mentor Julie Cohen! 

Lots to do over the coming weeks, including getting all the new dates up online for my retreat down in Devon. If you're a writer or know one, do ge them to sign up for our newsletter via our website, as the next one is about to go out with some new dates and exciting info about upcoming events. 

Have a fabulous New year and look forward to some more regular posts in 2019!

best wishes



ps My guest house in North Devon has spaces for non-writers too. We are mainly a writing retreat but that doesn't mean we don't occasionally have non-writers.i (£95pppn inc full board and wine at dinner!) Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to enquire about non-writing dates for 2019, and have a little look here -

- stay in touch with me via my social media - go here to see it all

- find out about all my novels and my own books, some in bookshops, some on amazon - check out all my paperbacks together! Very proud. More about my writing is here



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