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Split Lives - the theme for my WI talk in Devon, the big Elemis deal available now, my knee op - and an eye opener...
8 November 2018

Last week I had a most wonderful welcome from the ladies at the Halwill W.I. near me in North Devon. Lovely Anne Goodspeed asked me in the Spring if I would come do a talk - and decided the theme would be - appropriately - split lives. It was a very interesting talk because as I began speaking, little snippets came out that I hadn't necessarily planned to reveal, but it felt right, in that intimate atmosphere to go into details eg about my short period of depression in 2006 when my importing business folded. It was very rewarding afterwards when one of the ladies came up to me to ask about that time, as she too was just beginning a period of treatment. We compared notes and I hope to be keeping in touch with her.

I told them stuff I'd never really discussed in any great detail - that citalopram - the drug I was on a tiny dose of - gave me the most amazing 'adventure' dreams, and how normally most of my dreams are about me battling conflict. I used to go to sleep and wonder what drama I'd be in tonight! I also found it adjusted my waking times - I became an earlier riser and got sleepy earlier at night. I was doing office hours at the time so it seemed appropriate. But whilst it helped me cope with bad things, it also muted any good feelings. I called it 'citalopram neutral' and it was a very weird time. Coming off it afterwards, gradually, led to a period of at least two years before I truly felt it was out of my system. But it helped me cope with redundancies, unfair dismissal, all sorts of accusations about my business that were untrue and finishing an abusive relationship. Hey looking back it was a bit of a crap time! But I told the ladies at the WI that I have a motto - 'what can I learn from this' - so everything became a lesson. I talk a little about this concept and its effect on my life, with its connection with food firmly in the frame, in my books 'Till the Fat Lady Slims' - including some of the toughest times in my life, and have had some super responses. (When I'm asked which one to get, as there are several, I say start with the latest one, from 2017, with a black silhouette. The others are numbered so are easier to understand which comes where. Go here to see them all. And the 2017 one is able to be ordered from bookshops as it was published by UK independent Choc Lit.) I actually thank goodness for Freedom Eating, the system of breaking free from food prison mentioned in the book, otherwise I'd be a very unhappy person at the moment having got stuck on the 'wayside' as we call it. Thankfully I recognise  a temporary sugar addiction and some sub-optimal choices that have become a habit in a retreat full of temptations, and I know normal service will be resumed, rather than losing my mind over it and beating myself up over and over again like I did in the old days when the weight wasn't what I wanted.

The overall topic of the talk however, was split lives and once I'd given them the background about being a geek on the one hand and 'laaaaaah!' on the other, I filled them in on the other stuff I do - singing for charity, being a Medical Detection Dogs ambassador, being an author, and of course my new 2018 role of grandmother (it's still weird!) - but I'm happier with ME now than I've ever been, so my London / Devon split lifestyle is truly making me content.

As is seeing how my children's children are growing before my eyes.

I babysat little Blakey on Monday and she was overjoyed to be standing up on her own, including in the bath, where she splashed and had a lovely time. Then Lauren brought beautiful Phoebe - now one month old - to Devon for a few days and we had some smashing times together including a trip to Ikea whilst Nick did some work in my house. Nanny, mother, daughter, sister, friend - I've got many roles and whilst my life's never been so split, I love them all.

And I still get time on all those journeys, to read...

Book of the Week  - I've been looking forward to this one for absolutely ages. Another Jack Reacher - number 23 in fact. Well done Lee Child, you never disappoint. Free sample info and full details and full blog - here.

Over on my QVC Blog  this week, click here,  lots more sneaky peeks of the next seven day's deals - AND the new Elemis massive Xmas #TSV  bundle which looks like being the biggest ever. Go here to see my latest blog and definitely click on the Elemis link which is here is you want to go straight to it! (My next blog will be out on Friday here.)

On Facebook on my main page there have been some fabulous little vlogs of late - and a funny behind the scenes with the lovely Laura Geller and gang here. As you know all you need to do is follow my social media - see below -  in order to be the first to see stuff including top deals that may sell out early, pics of upcoming deals not on my blog, limited offers, and updates on the doggies and life in Devon.

As I| write I'm sitting in a downpour - well, not technically IN the downpour but you know what I mean. The rain is blasting the window high up in the vaulted roof in my kitchen and sounds like a symphony serenading my creativity. And I have yet to finish my novel but I'm getting there. It is, after all, NaNoWriMo (national novel writing month) and it seem there's something in the air...

I may actually have time to do some writing when I'm laid up having a knee op. It's only a little one - an endoscopy (is that right?) - cleaning out the debris from a torn meniscus on my left knee. It's one of the reasons I've been less mobile for the last 18 months and that and lifestyle stresses have meant my food choices haven't been my usual ones, and it's showing. So I'll be glad to get back in shape afterwards. I'll have to get more help down here in Devon and face six weeks of rehab and physio but hopefully it'll be worth it.

anyway hope you are well and have a lovely week!

Best wishes



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