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Nothing's Open! How Jennie and I ended up in Cornwall... And the most people ever staying at my guest house - guess how many?
4 August 2018

Have you ever found yourself in a place where in the middle of the afternoon, you need to go eat, but nothing is open? NOTHING?!! That's what happened to my Yoga pal Jennie and me one Saturday afternoon in the middle of North Devon.

Went to yoga - nearly fell asleep as usual - so relaxing. Especially after the huge number of guests I was looking after - see below. Then it was about 2.45pm so we went off for some 'lunch'. Except in the area I live, there is NO FOOD served for a couple of hours mid afternoon. None. We went to Shebbear, pub stops at 3pm. Then to Black Torrington - ditto. Then to Holsworthy , to my fave Filter Through, and guess what - it closed at 2pm. Pubs the same. Apart from a sarnie from the coop or the coffee shop in Waitrose, we were stuffed. And hungry. Why don't you go to Bude, says a lady in the pub. Turns out it's only 15 mins from where we were. I forget how near we are to the amazing Cornish coast! So off we did go. Eventually found a parking place and had a bite to eat which was blimming lovely! 

Look at those plates - yum!!

So eventually a good time was had by all. And Bude was heaving with people - obviously the ghost town that was Holsworthy on a Saturday is due to everyone going elsewhere - like Bude. Must go again and do it properly. At least I got to go be a tourist with one of my besties in Devon, during my heavy workload week in Devon.

go here to see the post on Facebook about it - videoed outside the fab hotel/cafe we finally managed to get served at, with the Bude surf in the background.

The video also tells the story of how I got a full house. This week I had the most guests I've had yet at my lovely guest house in Devon. Retreats for You had four writers in the week, who were lovely, and two stayed over the weekend as it was my Devon week (to be followed by a London week - on air seven days out of the next eight! New schedule.) Then the others were spill over wedding guests from the pub opposite, plus a lone extra. Listen to the video to find out more!

We are busy again week commencing 13th Aug and 20th Aug, just one or two places left each week (four nights at £95pppn full board inc drinks), and then I'm easing off for September just in case my daughter Lolly has her baby early. Or late. Watch this space.

This week I also went to see an old colleague and good pal, in a play in Sidmouth. Again I did a vlog about it, click here to see it - plus it also showed what the poggies got up to down at the river - bless them, well it was hot - and also mentioned a teaser for the Laura Geller #TSV deal happening Sunday on QVC (go here to see it now and buy it if you're quick!) Loved seeing the play - very good day out this time with Sheena - one of my other 'Louises' (I'm Thelma!)

Very bracing. I do love my excursions. Just wish there were more hours in the day!

This week's QVC blog has a funny from Katie Pullinger, which I saw when I was in last weekend doing my early weekend stint - go here to read the blog, see lots of sneaky peeks and updates from my garden, and watch the funny - click here. I'm back on QVC tomorrow, Sunday (5th) late pm. Looking forward to Monday too, when I'm off to Margaret Dabbs clinic for a medical pedicure - she has the most superb TSV on Monday - amazing value, don't miss it. 

Lastly this week I'm happy to announce there'll be another concert for you to come along to if you're near Sheepwash on Wednesday 22nd August - after our concert last September at The Plough in Torrington, Barry Parsons the 'singing councillor' and I have been asked to perform to raise funds for the church roof - yes literally! So do come and see us - tickets from Sheepwash shop or from Rod Bridges on

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

If you come along in the afternoon, we can offer you tea as that's the day our tearooms is open and if you're lucky there might be a room for an overnight in the pub opposite! (Half Moon Inn). Make a day of it! We are singing mostly songs from the shows and I'm really looking forward to it. It's in the St Lawrence's church just up the road so join us if you can!


Anyway have a fab week! Don't forget to follow my social media and you'll see the updates first!

best wishes



ps My guest house in North Devon has spaces for non-writers (and writers in July. We are mainly a writing retreat but that doesn't mean we don't occasionally have non-writers. I have two full weeks booked of non writers, actually, including some spaces for July 23rd Mon-Fri (£95pppn inc full board and wine at dinner!) Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to enquire about dates, and have a little look here - by the way - we have spaces currently on our yoga week on August 13th if you fancy doing one or two classes each day!

- stay in touch with me via my social media - go here to see it all

- find out about all my novels and my own books, some in bookshops, some on amazon - check out all my paperbacks together! Very proud. More about my writing is here



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