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Meet the Ancestors, Seeing my Gorgeous Granddaughter and Writing for Therapy
17 July 2018

It's that season again here in Devon! And they do this 'scarecrow' competition type thing, creating characters to sit out the front of houses and hopefully win a competition. This one's got to stand a chance hasn't it?! Talk about Yabba-dabba-doooo!! Very well made and still there weeks later, even after heavy rain!

And what rain we had, didn't we?! As usual I was in the 'other place' when the worst of the weather and storms and lightening was taking place - Devon got it when I was in London etc. But during one particular hour on air at QVC in Chiswick the rain was so hard it could be heard through the studio mikes. Still the hot weather's returned with a vengeance and I'm loving being in Devon when it's super hot in London! lol.

Had a great trip to the cinema recently, loved the Devon posse coming with me to see Mamma Mia!

Then went to the quirky Everyman Theatre in Oxted with sis in law Boki to see Mission Impossible and had a nice meal too. You can even get served drinks at your seat - it's one of those. THink I'll be going there again soon!

All this and more has been on my Facebook page, where I regularly do Vlogs of my day - a post with a video to show you what I'm up to. So do go there and follow me! click here.

Finally here's an interesting blog about how writing can help your mental health - it's certainly been therapeutic for me over the years, that's for sure!





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