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QVC blog glitch - here's what it should have said! including big Elemis TSV link to buy early!
13 April 2018


GO HERE TO SEE IT ON QVC WEBSITE. and see all the photos!


An unusual one for this newsletter this week! 

My QVC blog has a technical glitch and could not post, so it will not go up till Monday. So I thought I'd post most of it here for you! Here you go - enjoy! And see below for the Elemis TSV deal launching tonight (Fri) and through the day Saturday (14th) - it's incredible!

(nb pics will be added later here on main blog on my website and will appear here on QVC when glitch is fixed!)



Lazy Devon Days for the Dogs

Daisy and Gracie have loved being out in the sunshine this week – wouldn’t you? It arrived, then disappeared, then arrived again, and I’m told the temperatures are going to be very promising over the next week so fingers crossed! I hope so as I’m down at my place all next week, back on Sunday! Nice to have a few days longer to enjoy the countryside and fresh air, don’t you agree? These two mutts certainly do!

Plus this week – attending a fabulous book launch party in London, and catching up with my descendants – all three of them! Also – the usual sneaky peeks of the week ahead on QVC…

This weekend’s deals on QVC
Elemis Alert!! Tonight at midnight (Fri 13th) it gets all exciting for me and Keeley – the massive Spring Elemis offer is launched! BUT here’s an Early Bird order link for anyone wanting to see it now, and more importantly, buy it now! Many already gone. It’s a fabulous launch of a new m=night cream too from the pro-collagen range – the overnight matrix – wow. Buy from QVC individually and it’ll cost £218, so for just £59.96 it’s a phenomenal saving of over £152!! Buy early by Clicking here to see it now

Plus on Sunday – a Set of 4 colour changing 2 in 1 solar firework lights, with a buy more save more offer. I must look out for those – it’s handy to have around the garden if it’s solar powered!

By the way if you can, go see my Facebook page, where I will put all the new links for Early Bird links as they happen including one at end of week for Molton Brown – click here to see it – it’s a public page so you don’t have to be on Facebook to read it – but if you are, ‘like’ the page (it’s not my main one, it’s specifically for all things QVC so it’s called Debbie Flint QVC Chat!)

At a brilliant Book Launch (AJ Pearce’s launch – as on last week’s blog

What do you do with a fluffy puppy or cat?
I don’t know about you but my two Labradors have a really fluffy undercoat! They love to splash in the water if I let them near the river down in the Sheepwash meadow, but afterwards for some reason it’s ten times worse. So I thought I’d try these fab gloves which have little nodules on them. They are good for catching all the loose fur, as you stroke the dog – genius! Good for cats too – do try them. Mine are loving the warmer weather and the gentle walks down the country lanes. To see one such walk, go here to my Facebook Vlog of the week – talking about the weather on Friday – isn’t it lovely? (you don’t have to be on Facebook to see it). Here’s our range of pet products – from food bowls to coats and clever brushes, anti-itch shampoos and fabulous food, there’s a lot to choose from.


Pic of My Descendants Caught up with my baby granddaughter Blake at the weekend, here she is with my kids Brad, her dad, and Lovely Lauren, who is four months preggers – so technically I have four progeny! Little Blake giggled properly for the first time this week – ahhhhh! And lovely Lauren keeps asking me questions about her pregnancy – it’s so nice to be involved. I only write about the baby on this blog and the one on my website, I don’t do tons of social media about them, so sign up for the newsletters (link top right). More soon. Didn’t really get enough time for cuddles this visit as my brother’s family all wanted a hold. Oh well, next time I hope! And Brad keeps me updated with lots of clips and pics. PS I do think we should have put glasses on the baby as a joke in this pic too though!

Pic of A gong time Had a yoga week this week – with two classes every day! Was so relaaaaaxed at the end of it! Jennie the local yoga lady has also trained to do ‘sound bath relaxation’ and OMG was it relaxing – with joss sticks, and resounding thronging gong chimes I drifted off to neverland. So.. ‘sleepwatch’ – as mentioned last week – I did get a full 8 hours twice this week. Can do better though… When Jennie does more of these for us later in the year, I must ask her to include this therapy again – it’s sooooooo good! Actually ‘tibetan bowls’ on youtube gives you an idea what it sounded like. There must be something scientific about the way it works on the body I’m sure – don’t you find?

Pic of Me and Linda in garden Mind you, nothing relaxed me more than getting a few rays this week in the back courtyard. It’s a bit of a sun trap for most of the first part of the day, so my lovely neighbour Linda and I had a cuppa and a chillax and I felt myself letting go of the tension in my body and closing my eyes – it was finally warm enough! Yay! Fingers crossed for more…

Book of the Week - I have found a new series! It’s set in Canada, nr Quebec, and the hero is an inspector who talks English with a Cambridge accent – very handy when it’s an audio book! It’s the first of 11, which is always handy – means you get used to the characters and don’t have to begin again each time. Book One, Still Life had lots of atmospheric descriptions of the lovely countryside, and some really good characterisation. Good narrator too, so I was glad to write about it on my Book review blog this week. Off to get Book two now! go here to read it on RiWiSi blog

Watch – The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society – it’s not in cinemas yet, but considering how much I love the war period and books, this had to make an early appearance – doesn’t it look great from the trailers ?! (I just searched the title on youtube to see it - we’re not allowed to link to outside sites now.) It seems intriguing, and has some amazing actors including Lily James and Penelope Wilton – always a sure bet. Can’t wait to see it in the cinema!

Next Week’s Highlights –
Monday – a lovely H by Halston satin trim t-shirt – looks nice! **
Tuesday – JPE Fitover sunglasses are here – showing it’s nearly summer – or at least some nice spring weather! Lol. This pair are a Vintage design though – nice!’
Wednesday – Tan Luxe are back – ditto about the sunshine! It’s a 3pc Essential Tanning Collection and great value as you add it in to other bodycreams! **
Thursday – Coco Bianco bring us a ring-detail short sleeve tunic – beginning to see a sunshine theme here? !
Friday – And on Friday a tasty Real Pie company 12pc best sellers and new spring pie collection – and even this has a 30 day money back guarantee! Lol.

** pics to come


Next week – lots of sightseeing and a trip to the beach – maybe even to famous Clovelly village with my fabulous mates Sara and Christina who are coming down to Devon for the week – can’t wait!

Have a lovely week!

Best wishes



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Am back on over the weekend - do click here to read my latest QVC blog and find out - where you'll also see info about how alcohol might be affecting your sleep. Plus sneaky peeks of some of the upcoming next week's deals.

Have a fab week!





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