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Sleep, perchance to Dream... And health chat...
28 March 2018

Funny pic isn't it! Well the sun finally started coming out this week in Devon, and very nice it was too! Daisy dog obviously thought so! I've been not very well lately with a bad cough so apologies for delay in getting you the newsletters. To make up for it, you're the first to see some beautiful new pics of my bubba Blake, grandbaby number one, who is now two months old. Gosh how time flies! She's so bootiful. Obvs I'd say that! 

Been really busy at the retreat too - had a crazy week when Wendy and Linda my friends, neighbours and helpers were both away at the same time, looking after six people on my own! 

Decided I must get more sleep - and to that end, I've been reading a fab new book - Why We Sleep, by Matthew Walker. Did you know you're more likely to get cancer or alzheimers or put on weight if you cross a vital threshold of too few hours of sleep. Do read my book of the week blog all about it. Also on that blog, if you'd love to read a free chapter of my own book, I mention the nice review on a romance blog which posts a sizeable chunk of one of my chapters, so you can get a flavour of my writing before you buy - and by the way the book, Take a Chance on Me, is on offer on Kobo this Easter weekend too. More about all that here.

Another topic that's been a hot one in our debates online of late is statins. I know there are a small proportion of people for whom they are good, but all I'd say is do go and please do some research, especially if you are told you 'might as well' take them, or if you started taking them and haven't felt great since, or if you think you might need them in the future. I'm not saying DON'T, I'm saying do more research. One such study worth reading for that purpose is being discussed on my Facebook page (don't worry you can read it if you're not on Facebook) - do look at some of the comments and see which you agree with. We all have to work out what's right for us individually, don't we. Go here to see the Facebook post debating statins - it's scary.

I made a big boo boo again this week with my culinary skills - the first one for ages, admittedly ... but it ended up with a creation akin to the Easter Island Stones... yes, another bread boo boo! Hope it doesn't happen when I'm on the designer kitchen this weekend!

Retreat for Three nights just after Easter Just a last minute shout for anyone wanting to come along to Retreats for You in Devon -

- Tuesday to Friday (3 nights £90pppn full board inc wine at dinner) rest and relaxation in front of a roaring fire, nice walks, doggy therapy if required (if they're not out sunbathing!) And great beds! Tuesday 2nd , lunchtime till lunchtime, leave Friday (self catering option over weekend possible)

- Yoga Week 9th -13th - two sessions of stretching a day for writers wanting to get loads done but not feel stiff at the end of the week! £395 special offer, usually £420 - email soon.

- last places left on the Photography Weekend on April 20-22 - dinner Friday till after lunch Sunday - trip out to Dartmoor for picturesque sights, workshop on getting the best pics, plus help with photoshopping - bring a partner and they can stay at home to write or relax whilst you go out clicking!

email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - we deal with it all that way but do check out the events page on our website for more info about all the themed events coming up. 

Am back on QVC Thursday pm, early evening, plus Good Friday, the off for Easter! Relatives coming down to stay - hope you have a nice time too and hopefully get some good sleep!

I'll leave you with a couple of pics of my son Bradley's bubba - and don't forget to read the QVC blog coming out Friday - click thi link after about 10am Friday.

Have a fab week!





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