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Derek the MDD dog - ‘pup-date!’; book of the week Jill Mansell & spaniel fun in Devon!
14 February 2018

 Just a quickie, to let you know, firstly, some fabulous news about Derek the dog.

Derek the dog is one of the puppies I sponsored at Medical Detection Dogs, and was able to name him. (After my late father, Derek. I also was able to name a second yellow labrador called Lesley, after my mum! See the posts to find out more, on my charity page.

 Hope you can read it okay from the picture here!

Basically he is making good progress having been partnered with a new client/owner, alerting up to 10 times a day! Saving the NHS lots of money, and providing a much better standard of life for these partners, many of whom are severely diabetic and have problems detecting blood sugar highs and lows. (If you remember, The dogs alert them so that they will check their own blood sugar which no machine can do.) I am very proud to be involved, and very proud of little Derek who is now two years old :-)

Busy Repairing and Fixing...

My lovely daughter Lauren stayed this week and last, with her smashing hubby Nick the superb handyman, who got through most of my list of 24 things! OMG there was so much to do! Anyway, it was fab to be spending so much time with them both, and their crazy spaniels! 

Lots more on my Facebook page as usual. Remember there are two now, but the QVC chat one is mostly for updates on the latest deals! (links at bottom)

book of the week

if you fancy a good read, lovely Jill Mansell’s ‘This Could Change Everything’ is out – and it’s another super family relationship drama with a touch of romance thrown in, as Essie struggles to deal with the fall out after the letter she didn’t intend the whole world to see is sent out by mistake… Full review on my RiWiSi book blog here. Always worth reading, Jill Mansell’s books and she’s a lovely lady as well.

By the way I'm still loving every minute of Sarah Pinborough's 'A Matter of Blood' - I just hope the ending is as surprising as the rest has been so far! Really well narrated too. She's fast becoming one of my top authors...


This week on QVC - I'm Queen of the TSV Launches this weekend! I'll be not only launching the Laura Geller kit tonight (Thursday) but also the wonderful Lakeland Airer with cover Friday night (16th) midnight, then on sunday night the Skechers slip ons! Goodness me! See all the latest on QVC blog here, and remember it goes live by Friday afternoons.

big hugs and have a great weekend! I'm going to - my first stint at babysitting little granddaughter Blake Katherine on Saturday afternoon - wish me luck! And come back soon for my next blog on my website with pics!

best wishes




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