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Here she is! Meet little Blake Katherine Carter, my first granddaughter! Plus win £300 beauty products prize
22 January 2018

Well it’s happened, baby is finally here. And I am a nanny! Some nice photos below.

On Thursday night, my son Brad's lovely wife Kari went into labour, and after a long protracted period in the delivery room, ending in forceps and an epidural, baby was brought into the world by the sunroof! Via an emergency C section. All good - she just got stuck. Now they are in hospital as she’s recovering from jaundice and a little infection but they will be home on Wednesday hopefully. They wanted to have a week of bonding with the baby to get used to their strange new world as a trio rather than a duo, understandably, then others can see her. I will hopefully see her this weekend :-) Yayyy! Kari actually reminds me in several ways, of me at her age! 

So here she is. Meet little Blake Catherine Carter, 7lb 5oz, looks like both mum and dad I think. She is apparently a happy baby, and is learning to breastfeed and seems very content especially when she is being cuddled apparently.

I have already done a couple of posts on Twitter and Facebook. But she will not be a social media baby. The only place I will be posting updates on a regular basis is here, or on my QVC blog. Do stay subscribed and tell others to subscribe, if they wish to be kept up to date with the latest, soonest, after it happens. I know my social media followers will understand. Brad and Kari discussed this with me and I think it's the right decision. So occasional updates on social media but main updates on my blogs.

So stay tuned to find out more once I meet her - hopefully, assuming all goes ok in coming out of hospital next week :-) Meanwhile here are a few photos and thanks in advance for your kind comments!


Competition - WIN WIN WIN a big beauty bundle!

It's beauty bundle time! And it's to tie in with my brand new twitter and facebook pages , just for QVC Chat!

Would you like to win this little lot? It's a social media competition and all you have to do is go here to the Twitter post and go here to the Facebook post on my new QVC Chat page and follow the instructions - eg RT and follow or 'like' and if you want to, also share. Sorry it's only for social media participation but it's specifically to help to promote my new pages. There will be another one soon on my main Twitter and Facebook pages too, now that they are not promoted on QVC I will be able to do my own regular comps and promotions! 

Good luck!

Follow me on the new Twitter page @DebbieFlintQVC and 'like' the new Facebook page @DebbieFlintQVCChat

QVC post inc sneaky peeks The team did me proud - there were seven sneaky peeks of the next week's deals on my latest blog! And a funny from Catherine - go here to see it all, including how she made my face mask crack!


Book of the week and AJ's on the list of Guardian new faces of fiction 2018!

So happy for my talented author pal. Well done lovely AJ Pearce - a well deserved mention on the annual list of upcoming stars!
So proud. (AJ is in black n red dress.) Her new book Dear Mrs Bird, which I reviewed on my book of the week blog on my website last week, is out in 2018 , so she has been named as one of the new faces of fiction for 2018 - by the Guardian, no less! Last year or the year before, it was Joanna Cannon, another writer colleague of mine. We all dream of being on this list, don’t we!

Go here to read the write up about lovely AJ in the Guardian piece, listing the best new faces of fiction for 2018.

Dear Mrs Bird is brilliant - review coming in full when novel is officially published in April! 


And this week's Book of the Week is one that's helping me to get to grips with what the world was like just before my own novel is set. The Husband Hunters tells the tales of some of America's gentry in the late 1800s and how the heiresses came to England to find husbands to improve their social standing back home. And info about some interesting phrases! 'Keeping up with the Joneses' for instance! Am enjoying the tale even if it does occasionally read a bit like a list, and becomes a trifle soporific ! Very enlightening precis of the mood of the era though and enjoyed it very much. Gave me some good ideas on how to tweak my own book very slightly, set in the 1920s. More here.


Next week - some lovely pics (all being well schedule wise) of me and new grandbaby! I can still hardly believe it!

best wishes




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