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Debbie Flint

Fancy a tour round my place in Devon to see the Xmas decs?
13 December 2017

here you go! 

It's beginning to look a lot like Xmas - tour of hall way at Retreats for You in Devon! Is it where you are? Done your decs yet? Or waiting for a special date each year?

What a lovely week I've just had with the very very talented author Julie Cohen and my lovely writing pal Sue Bassett joining me and new guest Hazel for the week. It poured and it poured, see here on Facebook! But we were cosy inside - they were writing and I was looking after them, and wrapping presents - when the dogs let me! That's them in the pic getting in the way!

Here's Julie's post showing some of the christmassy scenes at our place - such a lovely time of year - in fact, the 'most wonderful time, of the yeeeeear'


PS YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS FUNNY VID of spaniel Loony Luna too - so funny bless her! On facebook here - and do 'like' the page. Watch out also for a new page coming soon with QVC Chat and me!



Seems a sensible one, given this weekend is the final of the Apprentice 2017 series. 'Apprentice' the Audible original audiobook however, is fictional - set in the 1300s and follows a rags to riches story of a self made Merchant way back when. 50 different voices across the three tales - this is the first.  Looking forward to reading it after I finish 'Column of Fire' by Ken Follett. Book of the Week here.




Had a lovely time at last weekend's Good Grief Trust winter gala dinner at Wimbledon FC clubhouse in Kingston, where I sang - again. Only karaoke this time but it was fine in the end! Was very nervous again about it - turns out it's much easier when I'm not petrified of forgetting the words! Go here to see me sing a bit! And well done to Linda Magistris for arranging it all! Superstar event organiser...!

this week's QVC blog includes a new format with links to all the upcoming deals I mention, which will go live once they are available! Plus a funny blooper with Nikki from Lola Rose! Go to this link to see it on Friday once it's posted!

Hope you have a great week!





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best wishes




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