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Deb's Diary 8th Dec '17 - Secret Santa Surprise
6 December 2017

it's been another week off for me down in Devon. Next week it's back to welcoming lots of guests here again, but this week it was all about Christmasssss!

Bought lots of pressies and as usual, I laid them all out in my back room before wrapping them up ready to take back to London around 20th. It's a good job that a) I live alone and b) noone was here writing this week! 


 But it'll all be ok once they've all gone... and it's a good job I can close the door on that room next week once everyone arrives!! hehe!

Meanwhile, the decorations are up - here's an example - I'm sure it's going to feel very welcoming when you walk through the door. The tree is in the hallway - it's really the only place it can go, even though it's a big house. And I was very glad to discover a little place not far away that did a seven foot tree for just £36. I love having a real tree - do you?


Another thing I did was find enough batteries for the lights and hanging baskets, garlands, candles and so on. Happily, I stumbled across last year's box where I'd decanted all the old ones and some still worked! Oh the simple joys. Plus the alkaline battery re-charger - delight! But there are several pressies still to buy..

Secret Santa Surprises?

So we have a long list of lovely people who have helped this year, helped to make our lives more enjoyable and our jobs easier. Both at the retreat in Devon and at QVC, my 'proper job' (as they say in the South West!) Plus I'm having a little 'ladies' lunch' featuring a Secret Santa, on 19th in Sheepwash, then our annual presenters' lunch on the Thursday. So it's time to consider what to get for all these little treats - some secret santas and pressies - with a budget of between £5 and £10. From little yankee candles to the mini version of the super board game 'Articulate', there were lots of options. In the end we went with a bottle bag, and a little bottle of fizz, together with a surprise at the bottom of the bag - can you guess what it is? Answer at the bottom! total cost just a fiver! Fingers crossed they all like them - looking forward to seeing their faces!

Book of the Week

Ohhhhh I love my regular authors when they bring out the next book in a series! So it's time for me to dip into the Pillars of the Earth sequel, from Ken Follett - book 3, Columns of Fire. Set in the 1500s, at the time of the Spanish Inquisition, it's full of the usual pithy detail about life in those times and as normal, the narrator adds a touch of authenticity with his inflections even if it's a little affected sometimes. Enjoying it very much. More here.

Facebook Vlog of the Week

Well most of the days were rather dull, weather-wise, but happily it was ok enough to take the dogs for a nice walk. Gracie can't go too far nowadays cos of her hip dysplasia but they love to get out. Here's a vlog from one of my daily walks in Devon which so many facebookers seem to love so much! Do follow the Facebook page and 'like' it to get the regular updates automatically!

QVC BLOG - this week's on Friday will feature an early bird link for Sunday's big Amazon Echo Today's Special Value as well as lots of other sneaky peeks, and a reminder of one of the funniest bloopers EVER! Made me laugh for days on end... poor Mally didn't know what hit her! Go here to see it on Friday from around lunchtime...  Or visit my Twitter page where it is still the pinned post!

FINALLY - are you near Kingston this Saturday (9th)? Can you come to the Good Grief Trust gig? More info here - come hear me sing a few vintage songs, amongst other things - should be fun.  go here to find out more!!

Hope you have a lovely week!



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best wishes for a fab week!



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best wishes





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