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Debbie Flint

Gory pic of my hand op- and guess what happened in the middle of it ! Plus the big beauty deal
9 November 2017

 Well what a saga! Had my hand operation in the Nuffield in Exeter, and just as it was about to begin, when I was all cracked and the hand was numb and the surgeon was ready with the scalpel, the fire alarm sounded! Eek! Thankfully he did not make us get up and go out but sent someone to check what  was happening!  Then shortly after he began the operation to free up my carpal tunnel syndrome. And 10 minutes later it was over. Here is the 'after'  with the stitches,  along with the before...  and - look away now if you  are squeamish - the' during'! 

 Well now I have my arm in a sling and must not hang it down it for a week. No driving, for me, will be the hardest thing. My stitches come out in two weeks time. Then – a whole new hand! Fingers crossed… Watch this space… 

Elemis Early Bird

Elemis update –  it's here! And available now. Six products, save £95 - all for only £45 ish, four instalments and if you buy more, you save even more money. Two fragrance options - but one has more stock - much more than the other. On sale till Sunday, in advance of the big weekend. The biggest beauty tsv in the year. Launches tonight but might be wise to get it early, click this link for the early bird ordering and buy it now-
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Have you heard about this special event in Kingston, Surrey on 9th December? Can you come? More info here - come hear me sing a few vintage songs, amongst other things - should be fun.  go here to find out more!!

New QVC Blog - with lots of sneaky peeks! Go here to the latest one: read my new QVC blog which will be here 

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best wishes for a fab week!



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