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half price Liz Earle; Hallowe'en freebie; and inside my wrist during my op!
19 October 2017

Ok it's heeeeeere!!!! The superb 'Liz Earle Today's Special Value from QVC, launches this Sunday, but - big but - if you want to guarantee yours, order earlier - using my 'early bird order link!' You will find it here - 

click here to order the half price bumper bundle of skincare and bodycare 6 pc botanical set from Liz Earle...

 I LOVE this brand - my daughter Lauren started using the Liz Earle bodywash years ago,* containing no SLS or sulphates, and it really helped her itchy problem skin. Turns out she was allergic to that ingredient (which I'm fine with and I have sensitive skin) but noone ever thought to tell us it may be what she was washing in that was aggravating her condition. This set has a new fragrance and I can't wait for you to see it and smell it!

The matching body cream comes with it and in the accompanying pretty bag, may be a perfect present for someone - it's certainly a huge saving - over half price - so don't miss out!


Hallowe'en Freebie! 

Another thing to tell you about that's quite a good offer if you love freebies is that on this week's RiWiSi blog, there's news of a Hallowe'en short story anthology that'll be free on ebook over Hallowe'en! Not long to wait - download it around 28th onwards for a short time! Info here - along with a short book of the week (as I'm still reading it) - the latest blockbuster from Dan Brown.

go here to read all about it!


The Operation - part one!

I say part one because the actual carpel tunnel op to stop my numb fingertips on my right hand, is early November. But this week I went to Exeter Nuffield to have a ganglion treated. Now it was straighforward - a 45 min outpatients visit - but involved needles - big ones... thick enough to withdraw fluid out of the fatty tissue that was on my wrist and at time of writing, a week later, it's worked! First the Doctor anaesthetised my hand, then he stuck the needle in and using ultrasound, guided it into the middle of the ganglion. Then he did the same to the one on my front right foot just below the ankle. They both showed up horribly when I was doing bracelets or shoes and I had to work really hard to get the angle right so you didn't see them at home. Awkward! And they were getting bigger, so I got them done.

You can see the black gaps on this pic, a cross section of my foot - well that's the ganglion containing fluid that's leaked from the joint - then this one shows the needle inside the ganglion - eouw!

 and this is the foot afterwards! yuk!

This is my wrist now - thank goodness! 

A tiny bump where there used to be a big one! yay! Hope it stays away. Do you have any experience of this op? Did yours stay away?

Also whilst I was there, he showed me a cross section of my carpel tunnel on both my hands - this is the left , where the big oval shape at top centre is how it should be, and below it, is the cross section of the right hand, where the oval is not oval , it's squashed and you can see above it the raised carpel tendon. This is what will be snipped in the op in early November... watch this space - if you like gory stuff! lol. After that I hope I will not be woken in the night with pains and dead fingers...

right - 


Also - watch out on Friday (20th) for the new QVC blog here - which will have the early bird order link for the Amazon Fire tablet duo TSV deal on QVC Saturday, but buy early if you want two for around £90!

Best wishes


ps * (as well as taking high dose EPA fish oils)

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