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Molly the dog who finds cats. And A single person's dilemma...solved?
11 October 2017

Hi! Hope you're having a great weekend so far. Here's what I promised for those of you who love vintage as much as I do, a little look at a 1940s cookery book my pal Alix found - what weird ingredients! AND news about Molly the detective dog who finds cats... Plus - below - a sneaky peek at the new Liz Earle Today's Special Value bumper pack for a fraction of the usual cost, and it's available right now - even though it only officially launches on Sunday on QVC.

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Get it now and also do see on my QVC blog, live Friday pm here, for an early bird order link for several other products too - including TWO Amazon Fire tablets for around £90!

1940s Farmhouse Fare

Back in 1940, British 'countrywomen' were cooking up frugal meals and making the best of their sparse ingredients, and telling 'Farmers' Weekly' about their recipes. As well as 'make do and mend', British housewives were maximising their options with ingredients we would now call quirky or unappetising - but other meals such as 'jugged pigeons' and 'somerset rook pie with figgy pastry' seem inventive albeit unusual. In those days there were no fridges only cold pantries or larders, don't forget, and most people bought fresh for each day's meals.

The introduction to this book said they were recipes that had been tried and tested by genuine 'countrywomen' up and down the length of Britain and as such came highly recommended. Not sure if I'd have liked to eat some of them, whilst  others I'm almost tempted to try down at the Retreat in devon! 


Not sure which supermarket would be selling rooks by the kilo nowadays, but an interesting glimpse at the past, isn't it! Fortunately the recipes I've been trying when it's my turn to cook down in Devon are quite straightforward ones. Mind you - the housewives or countrywomen of wartime Britain might have raised an eyebrow at my quinoa or courgetti dishes! What's your favourite one from a bygone era?


Molly the Detective Dog that Finds Cats.

Met up with Colin Butcher the owner of Molly, the detective dog who finds cats, last Friday lunchtime. She hits the news regularly and has been on the telly too. He has been offered a book deal and wanted my advice so we went to lunch. Molly is an amazing little canine who has been trained to find lost cats. I think it would make a great kids book don't you? Colin is rushed off his feet with requests for help to find pets at the moment so it was nice to catch up with him. He wasn't always a pet detective. He used to be a private investigator. Like Cormoran Strike from J. K. Rowling's Robert Galbraith novels. He once asked for my help to help one of his cases – an author who had disappeared. Colin thought her husband had done away with her and her little dog. Colin set up a scenario where I would go along with him posing as a fellow author interested in the lady's work and he would go and look out in the garden whilst I distracted the husband. But for one reason and another it never happened. A few months later the author was found dead in their sess pit along with her poor dog. I sometimes wonder what would have happened if I had gone along following up on Colin's gut instinct that the husband wasn't innocent. Now that would've been a story all on its own :-)


This week's updates- 

Did some more diary vlogs this week, on my Facebook page. Don't forget to 'like' the official Facebook page as that's where most of my news and updates go first - even if you're not on Facebook you can read them! I also do some live videos and 'vlogs' - video blogs - mostly from Devon -

This week's included a particular lament about being single - and dinnertime!- it's on my new QVC blog which will be here Friday afternoon ... The blog will also have info about the super new Liz Earle annual Xmas bumper bargain on next weekend. (Early bird order link will be here on this blog when it comes out around Thursday 19th ish)

Book of the Week - Clifton Chronicles' seventh and final instalment - This was a Man - more here. including the latest book and writing and retreat news.

Latest news about a super competition to win a four night stay down in Devon... in conjunction with the super Stroud Writing Festival - more here.

Have a great week!

much love



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