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Debbie Flint

Happiness is a Choice - isn't it?
5 October 2017

Saw these smiling little chaps and thought that considering there are so many babies around at the moment, I would post this pic. What a lovely sentiment, don't you think? About 17 years ago I learned that happiness was a choice. It was just after I got divorced.  I wonder if your experiences are similar to mine… Do  let me know! I went through a kind of a metamorphosis, including having a carefully concealed tattoo (three chinese symbols, and no, they didn't stand for 'quality, value and convenience!' ) as well as extra piercings. The man on the abseiling event at Center Parcs made me take it out of my belly button two years later, though, or I couldn't participate, and I never got back round to putting it back in. Anyway... there came a period when I learned different ways of dealing with the things that made me unhappy, including family comments. the phrases 'you'll get over it' and 'when I chose this I didn't have you in mind' became part of my vocab and I began focussing more and more on good things, and having appreciation. An 'attitude of gratitude' is one of the best things to cultivate, I was told. So I did, and it's really helped. 

Nowadays, I'm not so much a glass half full person, I'm a glass never empty and if it is a magic genie comes and tops it back up again... 'What can we learn from this' and 'everything happens for a reason' are two great mottoes. 

If you'd like to see what self-help books I recommend, you can read more about them on a blog I did, here. Enjoy. Any you've liked? Let me know. And do remember that happiness is a habit, a choice, rather than always feeling that the world made you do it or feel this way... Easier said than done, but just like touching your toes, the more you do it the easier it becomes. 

This week's updates- 

Did some fun vlogs this week, on my Facebook page. Don't forget to 'like' the official Facebook page as that's where most of my news and updates go first - even if you're not on Facebook you can read them! I also do some live videos and 'vlogs' - video blogs - mostly from Devon - this week's included one particularly long one that took a stroll by the river with the dogs in the sunshine - it's on my new QVC blog will be here Friday afternoon ... The blog will also have early bird order links for the new Tarte cosmetics 6 part TSV set this Sunday.

Book of the Week - Clifton Chronicles' SIXTH - I'm romping through them now! it's 'Cometh the Hour' and is apt given this week's shenanigans at party conferences - more here. including the latest book and writing and retreat news.

Latest news about a super competition to win a four night stay down in Devon... in conjunction with the super Stroud Writing Festival - more here.

Have a great week!

much love



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