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Back to Basics - meeting the lady who changed my life!
9 August 2017

You know one of those moments when you meet up again with someone you’ve not seen for over a decade, and you just pick up where you left off? I have a couple of old boyfriends in that category who are dear to me. And also several female friends who have been pivotal in my life.

One of them is Shawn Goodman and she met me last week after a gap of 15 years or so. The last time I met up with her, I believe I was in LA with the kids on one of our adventure hols I used to take them on, and she met us for a meal in Santa Monica. I think. Well all these years later, Shawn was over in the UK with her other half who is in the medical profession, and asked me to meet up for afternoon tea. So we did!

It was amazing to catch up with her, and it reminded me of those early days when Freedom Eating was an alien concept. Basically it’s all about listening to your body instead of over ruling it with your brain.

Basics of Freedom Eating

If you can listen to your body it will tell you when to eat, WHEN being really important, plus how to eat and what food to choose. Usually it's based on what we now know is messages from your gut, associated with your microbiome. In the old days, like with The Seven Secrets, they said listen to your body, they just didn't know why. When I wrote my version, the original Til the Fat Lady Slims book in 2002 and it's updated version 2.0 in 2014, I refined the guidelines into six principles, and explained all about the 'When' diet - and how it could work alongside any traditional diet plan - any. Also how to do it, but not really why it's so successful where so many other pure diet plans fail. The facebook group kicked off, and the online support really made a difference to everyone in it, as we encouraged each other to remember things like 'the wayside is part of the journey, just don't set up camp there.' And much discussion about NSV's - non-scales victories - which help us avoid relying on the dreaded scales too much.

Then came a revolution in understanding the signalling from the body and the connection between that and the food we eat. So since the new technology allowed scientists to examine the gut in more detail, and its links to the whole of the rest of the body and the mind, I made the connection and put it in the book 3.0. - the companion to my original TTFLS book about Freedom Eating. It became a fascination to me also, to observe other people and their own diet habits - or non diet habits, as the case maybe. And from those observations, I created several 'guises' or types of Freedom Eater - gave them all a name, and described them in book 3.0. These six guises help you understand yourself and your own particular type of food prison, and how to get out of it using TTFLs principles. 

All of this was then incorporated into a newly updated version published by Choc Lit my publisher, in January 2017 - the end product is this one, and is available to order in good bookshops and of course online, eg on amazon here.

 It made me very proud this week to bring Shawn right up to speed and has reminded me how much this system helps people who could never manage their behaviour around food before. So hats off to you, Shawn Goodman and Vicky Hansen the original Freedom Eating founders, and thank you for giving me my life back!

More about the system and testimonials on my webpage here.

Who knows, maybe come join our Facebook group (here) having read the books and found out more from the big TTFLS QVC blog i did when it sold there, perhaps you too will have an experience a bit like Penni Rowe -

Talking of books - had a superb audiobook to keep me company on my long journeys last week ...

Book of the week  - Matt Haig’s ‘How to Stop Time’ – very enthralling book! And very well narrated on audiobook too – enjoyed it very much. More here.

New dates for Retreats for You Our little guest house is getting very busy this time of year! Am chuffed at how writers are booking and loving it. THere's a yoga writers' retreat next week, with two sessions a day, so I should be extra flexible when I get back to QVC next Thursday night for the Coco bianco launch! 

RFY news - incl new courses - inc retreats west one next year - click here- and two new yoga retreats this September and October. Plus Sara Sarre, the brilliant editor with agent connections, is back next year too - more here if you'd like to come! Don't forget the QVC viewers week on October 2nd! Still only £90 pppn incl full board and wine at dinner. Or just email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. x

Jazz Event and Bookings I was delighted this week to get bookings not only for December but also four weeks next year are now block booked! It makes it all worthwhile doesn’t it. And of course the other thing people are booking is this jazz event at The Plough Arts Centre in Torrington – was chuffed to be featured in the Sheepwash Chronicle too – our local rag! A news page and an ad will help – the new programme is out next week though so hopefully that’ll help even more!

Facebook Vlog Had a huge response to this vlog I posted on FAcebook this week – talking about the big development in our little village of Sheepwash that’s causing a bit of a furore locally. (Check out some of the objections in documents to find out more.) What would you think? Some interesting reactions on Facebook! Go here to watch it – and don’t forget to click ‘like’ on the page to get all the updates in the future.

Early Bird order links - superb Decleor deal with huge value for only £66 (3xEZ) is Sunday's TSV on QVC - go here to buy it now though and get in early and get in before it launches - before so many other people do! click here for more Early Bird links when they happen on my web page. 



best wishes



ps - RFY gets featured on Queen of Retreats site. Ella from QoR came along in April and gave us the most glowing review! more here.

And we've also made the top ten for writing retreats! A new review blog has listed my lovely guest house in Devon in the Top Ten in an international summary of the best places to go to write. Thing is, you can also come to just chill! Or bodyblade or craft or whatever! Very chuffed I was! Go here to read all the info about it - and do come! 21st Aug is full now, but we've got another special QVC viewers week, 2nd October ! 

- here is the link to the free short story I posted on my website. go here to read 'the Jolly Lodger' - based on a shaggy dog story....

 -  Tickets are Released for my Concert in Devon on September 16thTalking of updates,Go here to read more about the night, and if you can, come down for the weekend. The Plough in Torrington is lovely, and a proper little arts venue with lots of concerts etc. Then the next day, we’ll be opening Retreats for You, my guest house in Sheepwash, for the Sunday afternoon too, for a vintage tea rooms event, so come down and meet us all!

Also -  Fancy a Stay in Devon? Would you like to come down? I’ve got a new date for QVC viewers,  if you are one, and fancy a fab full board stay – you can inspect the new kitchen and decide if Daisy and Gracie have indeed got trimmer! Go to or just email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  . It’s 2nd October can include wholesome food – and wine! £90 pppn if you book soon – do come?

- That blog on emotional bullying  is worth reading – click here – it’s now had nearly 6700 views and am very glad it’s helping so many people when they find out they’re not alone. Do have a read and share it.

 -  check out all my paperbacks together! Very proud. More about how to get your copy is here



Ps my new Till the Fat Lady Slims book is now out on Amazon here, and there’s such an amazing support system on Facebook on theTTFLS group here - do come join us!


for info about my paperbacks and ebooks for sale now, go here 

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