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Holiday Essentials and how the sun affects my EPP & FREE short story!
22 June 2017

A list of my holiday musts, and links to funny holiday vids...

First though, at last here is the link to the free short story I just posted on my website. You are the first to see it!

go here to read 'the Jolly Lodger' - based on a shaggy dog story. le...

oh and here's a heads up for Kipling fabs - the Early Bird Order Link - here's the link to Saturday's TSV bag - the Florizel medium bag from Kipling, so you can get in early! 

Fabulous holiday! You know how when you think about going away there's always that moment where you think 'shall we just go back to the same place again?' Well I'm quite adventurous in some ways, but tend to play it safe and revisit destinations sometimes. Do you? So it was nice to go to the Sunrise Beach hotel to see what the family have been raving about for years! Here's the link to last week's QVC blog with some pics and info, and stand by for the next QVC one which will appear on Friday afternoon, with tons more pics and links to videos.

One pic tho, is of me completely covered up in kaftan, with an alternative use for a cold beer! I don't drink beer, but the cold glass was really handy - literally - for putting my hot hands on the icy glass.

My skin condition had just begun to pain me a little, and I knew I'd used up all my sun minutes and had to stay out of it. It's affected me all my life, and means I can GO in, but not STAY in the sun. 

And here's the link to the Back to You blog about EPP I've just done, with the video explaining exactly what it is. And just what life has been like to not be able to be like other people all my life. In some ways it's helped me become who I am - weirdly. Just click on the link and watch the video to hear my story. Only 250 people in the country have it - told you I'm a weirdo! lol.


Holiday Essentials 

So here are my 'musts' for a fab hol - some of which are based on my own skin's needs, but would help others who are sensitive in the sunshine. Others I just cannot do without!

Avon Skin so Soft - anti mossy oil spray - can't believe how effective this is at deterring mossy bites. The one morning I came down without it I got bitten at breakfast. It isn't greasy and spreads amazingly well with no foul odour like deet. Do try it. more here.

Liz Earle Tonic Spray - OMG so good for cooling you down! Take little one away on plane too. more here.

ABC tea tree blemish stick - a little first aid box in a stick - especially good for stopping infection of scratched mossy bites, itching etc. I get mine from Amazon if QVC are out of stock.

 And of course, Ultrasun, loads of spfs on QVC. Plus Gatineau tan accelerator - one of the best - sinks straight in and moisturises too. It's fab for skins that have issues tanning - use each night for two weeks prior to going away. More on my QVC blog tomorrow afternoon (Friday 23rd - go here when it's up.)

The other thing I find invaluable is L-Tyrosine tablets, from eg Holland and Barrett. L-Tyrosine is the natural amino acid in our bodies that helps us make melanin. I use all year round really. 

Plus of course, long white sleeves, a long kaftan, long white skirt, spf gloves and a hat! Musts for my suitcase whenever I face a sun holiday...

Anyway the wedding was lovely, a good time was had by all, and it's back to business as usual! I'm looking forward to my few days off next week tho, as there's no one down at the guest house in Devon. It'll be great to relax - yeh, right! Hopefully I'll get lots of writing done of my own tho. email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you'd like to find out more about our lovely retreat in the heart of North Devon.

Book of the Week  a lovely dual romance set in the horsey world, a touch of Jilly Cooper with a hint of Dick Francis I'm told - by fellow Choc Lit author Lisa Hill.  Go here to read more.

have a lovely week! 

best wishes



ps the tickets are released for the September 16th concert in Torrington, Devon - go here to book yours. Come for the weekend if you can, as on the Sunday 17th we'll be opening the doors to Retreats for You for another vintage pop up tea rooms afternoon too. do come! more here.

Also - ps Fancy a Stay in Devon? Would you like to come down? I’ve got a new date for QVC viewers,  if you are one, and fancy a fab full board stay – you can inspect the new kitchen and decide if Daisy and Gracie have indeed got trimmer! More info here, or just email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  . It’s 21st August and can include yoga/walking and wholesome food – and wine! £90 pppn if you book soon – do come?

ps That blog on emotional bullying  is worth reading – click here – it’s now had over 6100 views and am very glad it’s helping so many people when they find out they’re not alone. Do have a read and share it.

pps  check out all my paperbacks together! Very proud. More about how to get your copy is here.


Ps my new Till the Fat Lady Slims book is now out on Amazon here, and there’s such an amazing support system on Facebook on theTTFLS group here - do come join us!

for info about my paperbacks and ebooks for sale now, go here 

for all my social media and to keep in touch go here

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