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Funny Gracie dog and fab food in Devon
31 May 2017

Frankenstein Food – according to Wendy

We were talking about food combining of a different kind this week during the latest writing retreat.

Wendy, who is my co-host at my writing retreat in Devon, thinks mustard is evil. Whereas I will not only have mustard with most meals, I’ll also add sauerkraut and the odd gherkin. And sometimes they are VERY odd indeed…! One of the reasons is to do with gut bacteria of course – which I’ve been raving about since 2015, glad it’s getting ‘out there’ nowadays including on Michael Mosley’s BBC show. Anyway, so we were discussing my unusual preferences for what I put on my plate and then in my mouth at the same time. Then our own experiences of unusual food habits… If mine’s mashed potato sandwiches, (inspired by my old dad who would also always have bread and jam after nearly every meal, god rest him,) what’s yours? We chatted with QVC fans and facebook pals who were at Retreats for You this week, during a delicious dinner Wendy cooked.

Wendy said she will only do traditional combinations – lamb and mint, beef and horseradish etc. But that farmers round here have been known to be partial to sugar sarnies. Then Cheese n jam sarnies came up. Rosa who is Italian said she can’t understand lasagne with chips as it’s like having jacket spuds with rice. Anne's hubby cant do hot food with cold, eg hot quiche with cold salad. And Sarahs dad was a war child n used to add vinegar to his mash. But Tartare sauce and mashed potato sounded lovely! Think I’m just having a mash thing atm!

Finally we hit upon a typical debate down here in the West Country – which way round to do your scones - jam on cream is devonshire way: Cornish is jam first, cream second - without or with butter!! Which is yours?

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Vlog by the river Here’s one of this week’s most watched video blogs – vlogs – from my week in Devon. Anne, Elaine and Rosa joined me, along with writer Wendy Ashley. It was a lovely walk and we had some banter along the way. By the time you read this I will have done the thing I’m dreading which is mentioned at the end!... (and if you saw it, hope it was intelligible!) click here to watch it! (and don’t forget to ‘like’ the Facebook page here, to see the updates in future – NB you don’t have to be on Facebook to watch these vlogs.)

Book of the Week is by the excellent author Jane Lovering – Choc Lit pal and a very original writer – go here to read ‘Star Struck’ as my book of the week – about a girl recovering from an accident and the mysterious memories triggered by meeting her TV hero and a smouldering writer…

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