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Best recipe yet at RFY! Early Bird order link for Tarte TSV; And gaslighting, no contact and moving on from an abusive relationship
20 April 2017

OMG my daughter gave me the recipe for this delicious butternut squash dish with deta and a wilted kale technique and it went down a storm! I was so bowled over by it I did it again soon afterwards! Info at bottom of page. Not hard, didn't take long, looked impressive, in fact, all you could want in a new dish to serve at a writing retreat where home cooked meals are one of the main attractions. I even got called a 'wonderful cook' remember? Proud of myself. The search for others like this continues - let me know if you have any!

Big news regarding all the retreats we are now planning for the summer - there's a full blog about it on my website - click here to read the April newsletter with full list of dates

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Read it Write it Sell it blog - including book of the week from lovely Lizzie Lamb - more here

And this week's QVC blog will have the new Early Bird order link for the Tarte TSV available now but on air Sunday, beauty day - some fab deals and all on EZ pay I believe so don't miss it, regulars!

Part Two - Gaslighting , No Contact and Moving on from an Abusive Relationship 

I'm pleased to report that the feedback I've had since last week'S BLOG ON ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIPS, CALLED 'NARCISSUS(READ IT HERE) has been outstanding - and so many people messaged me to thank me for highlighting this important silent menace in our lives - those who bully us in private and seem sweetness and light in public. Some horrendous stories of abuse came through which were painful to read, let alone to have gone through. And more on the topic of this thing called a 'narcissistic psychopath' , I also had yet more examples of people who never realised how it related to them till they read about other people's stories and saw they were indeed living with one. A good test is this one - 

click here to take the test to hear some of the things narcissists say - recognise any? especially 4, 6 and 8!

There are going to be more anecdotes, if it helps you to read others' stories, in the part two blog I'm writing over on my Back to You page on my website here. Check back if it's not up yet. But more importantly, some extra help links you can go watch or read, to enable you to maybe see how to deal with your situation - or more importantly - pass it on to someone else you know.

Please note that it is particularly important to remember when dealing with narcissists that they will convincingly tell a different tale when confronted. They will also often assume everything is personal to them, even if it's clearly not when someone else reads it. In fact, I had two people claiming my blog was 'all about them' and 'everything in it' was personal - sad to say they were wrong, and I put them straight in no uncertain terms. Very important to note that a public apology is not going to be necessary if they don't kick off in the first place. So think on that if you read certain things - often they are not to be believed.

Finally good luck to all the kids with their exams coming up - it's a very taxing time I know, from doing my fifteen GCSEs and five A'levels and degree back in the day. Even having a writing deadline feels like taking an exam doesn't it?! For me, mine is when I go away to France in early May for my birthday week - it's going to be amazingly relaxing for me and I can't wait - but lots of words will be written that's for sure. French or Dutch WILL be finished this year!...

Have a great weekend and speak soon. To reply just email me at this address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Best wishes




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