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Debbie Flint

Latest from Devon... and the day I milked a cow...
7 March 2017

sorry all - had an outage of my website for a few days last week and missed doing the update!

Here's what I would have posted - will send it in the newsletter anyway!

thanks for your patience




Yes it’s been another busy week!

So busy I’ve skipped a week on this blog but hope that’s ok – therefore this one is a bit later than normal but I’m able to forewarn you about a super deal coming up on QVC if you’re interested namely a lovely Tignanello bag – launching with me on Wed night 22nd March at midnight.

 More from my next QVC blog will be here on the qvc web page as usual, but go here to read about last week’s shenanigans including milking a cow! Here’s an extract -

Blooper - Teat wont work – lol!

My last week's Book of the Week – is Anjana Chowdhury’s thought provoking novel  Under the Pipal tree – an unusual one, written by one of the lovely ladies who attended a retreat in Devon, it’s set in India and tells a fascinating tale.

have a great week! x

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