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Debbie Flint

Less Clutter More Joy
22 February 2017

Apologies this blog was late being finished and did not get sent out as a newsletter! Here it is anyway....

Clutter clearing is 'modern day alchemy' apparently. And I can vouch for that after another long break in Devon - with - finally - a super new space to put all the exercise gear out, and a clear office too, there's a lot to be said for it. I got on to this subject after reading this post, including a free video apparently, about why making room for tidiness in your life is so effective - go here to read/listen to it. And if you do it too, let me know if it gives you joy also.

It's all about following the joy nowadays for me. I found a little rock on the beach when I took the dogs down for a second stint near Bude, on the most blustery day I've ever spent on the English coastline. And it had what looked like a kind of a heart pattern with a kind of an arrow through it - ahhhh bless ! See main pic.

And it made me feel good. Anything that lifts your spirits and gives your more energy afterwards is worth chasing - don't you think? And anything that lowers it, you should not feel guilty if you cut it right out of your life. Even people.......

Yes, another hot topic this week at the retreat was the subject of emotionally abusive relationships - I finally got the message from the universe about this topic having had it discussed several times at retreats, so it's time to own up to some awful secrets - as it might help someone. It's amazing what a difference it can make if you let others into your heartache, as long as by doing so you're not actually manipulating them! Anyway I've written a blog about it - it's here. Go read it and see what you think.

This week's QVC blog including latest early bird links to liz earle and skechers is here - and includes a ton of pics and videos of when the BBc came to Sheepwash, when we did our Medical Detection Dogs vintage teas weekend. it was super to see so many people come down to support us, and we raised a lot of money and more importantly awareness, for these clever canines. Plus Charlie Bears' Will and Charlie presented the £4000 cheque to the charity for the sale of little Bones bear/dog - so generous.

Lots going on - keep in touch with me via my Facebook page here for most updates, or twitter @debbieflint.

much love - more next week


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