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Debbie Flint

Taste testing for our tea rooms and another free short romance!
26 January 2017

Had another super week even though I was ill and had to do something unheard of and call in sick over the weekend! Boo! Here's one of my posts about it all on Facebook (don't forget to 'like' this page on Fbk to see my updates as they happen.) But Wendy and I (my partner in crime at the guest house/writing retreat where I am now helping out half the week) went to do 'mystery shopping' to gen up on how to run a vintage tea rooms in the summer, and came across The old Forge in Chagford - it was fab.Lovely place, and Richard, or should I say Doctor Richard, was delightful. And a good cook. I did ask if he had an older brother! hehe! By the way another short romance at the bottom of this blog - specially for you in the run up to Valentine's Day!

also this week - 

My sis takes the mick out of me - in the Alps! just had to show you this video too - my sis Linda doing her version of my vlogs, whilst on her ski hol in the Alps. Well it's one reason to buy Wintertracks! Check out her intonation too - cheeky moo! lolol. Watch it here!

Daisy has designs on dinner - well, she wishes! Just watch this - what a naughty dog! Good job I made it out in time! It was a plate of dinner put out there by Deborah at Retreats for You, but we didn't know why Daisy was trying to get it till the end - just look what's under the lid, at the end of this video!

Book of the week is from my lovely Choc Lit colleague Victoria Cornwall - her book The Thief's Daughter is all about smugglers in the 1800s - coool! more here

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'Follow the Joy'

A short story by Debbie Flint


‘No Henrietta I told you before not to do that,’ Simone said, weary of yet more three year old’s fingerprints on her cut-glass vase. ‘Andrea when I asked you to pop by with the girls, I did kind of expect you to let me know in advance, darling, I’m a bit at sixes and sevens at the moment with everything up in the air – settling in a new place and all, you know how it is.’

‘Sorry Am-mah,’ Andrea said, reaching up and kissing her grandma’s cheek, whilst simultaneously removing a cut glass squirrel ornament from inquisitive butter- smeared hands. ‘I just ended up missing the appointment with the hairdresser due to the snow storm so we thought we’d swing by here instead.’ She cleaned the glass ornament with a baby-wipe and replaced it higher up on the shelving. ‘Here, let’s move these other things as well, madam was trying to open them. Up higher, that’ll sort little legs out, she won’t be able to reach past…’ Andrea scanned her finger across the spines of all the books … ‘Stephen King. Horror? I’ve never had you down for a horror fan?’

‘Thank you, yes, well, eclectic tastes me and your grandpa – but he was mostly the Stephen King fan, not me. That and sci-fi.’

‘Yes I knew about the Sci-fi – he made us watch all the box sets of Star Wars and Star Trek, remember?’ Andrea continued, picking up an ancient gilt-framed photograph which had fallen to the floor and handing it to Simone. ‘My first love was R2D2 because of him.’

‘My first love was him,’ said Simone, wistfully.

Andrea put her hand over the old lady’s bony fingers as she closed them around the frame. ‘That’s a lovely photograph of you and grandpa, why don’t you come through and tell me about it over tea?’

Simone would have replied but was caught by a sudden coughing fit. Andrea patted her hand affectionately and changed the subject.

‘Now what about this new teapot I bought you?’ Then turning to her little one, she added, ‘Shall we help get some sandwiches prepared, Henny? We can all have a bit of cake … yes, sweetheart, cake! … then maybe little madam here will have a tiny weeny sleepy byes and me and my grandma can have a proper catch up. I can tell you all about the new job her dad’s starting on Monday. It really looks like a permanent one this time,’ she trailed off, as she walked away into the kitchen pulling the little girl reluctantly behind her.

Simone followed slowly after them and hesitated as she gazed at the picture of her much younger self beaming ear to ear next to an amazingly broad shouldered sheep farmer in the scorching Australian outback holding the sheep SHE had just sheared. So long ago. So many memories. She sighed and put it awkwardly up on the top shelf out of the way. As she did so, the back moved, still slightly open, and a little piece of paper came drifting out from the back of it, and she felt her heart skip a beat. She hadn’t seen that for … it had to be, fifty years? Tentatively she picked it up and delicately unfolded it, almost tissue paper thin but still the note was legible. It was a series of dots and dashes and she felt a tiny tear prickle at the corner of her eye. Their code. It was how they’d communicated back in the day when she’d gone to be the cook on the sheep farm and relationships between staff were banned – specially with the only woman in the ten strong team, the bosses were particularly sensitive about risking someone as important as the cook. Ranch hands could come and go, but cooks were few and far between … the memories came flooding back. And the joy……….

Simone was just twenty four. She’d worked her way around Australia for three years already and this was her last stop before the long journey home, a journey which would take her back to her planned life as an accountant. This sojourn had been suggested by her mother, who saw the longing in her only daughter’s eyes every time the new fangled television they’d just bought showed programmes about distant lands. Her university friends had all gone travelling, so why couldn’t Simone? It simply wasn’t fair. But she was too precious, apparently, so it had taken a good deal of bargaining power to bypass the objections and end up with the compromise of following her cousin Sean around a couple of Uncle Mitch’s farms, closely guarded by Sean and his brothers, whilst she hopefully got the wanderlust out of her system. It had nearly worked. This farm was by far the biggest, the most problematic and it turned out that it held her greatest challenge of all – not just catering for hungry ranch hand gangs, but a challenge of the heart – not to fall in love with Brady - the most hunky worker she’d ever laid eyes on. One who clearly thought the same about her as she did about him, if his first reaction was anything to go by.

 ‘I know you,’ he’d said. ‘I used to watch you years ago when I was fourteen, playing rough and tumble with Sean and his brothers in the yard. Still looking just like you did back then – specially the hair.’

Self-consciously Simone had reached up to her now blonde locks, tied up in a messy bun on top of her head, hurriedly scraping the escaped bits back into place.

‘Well I’m flattered. So, you’re plumber as well as sheep shearer and general mucker-inner then are you?’

He laughed. A deep throaty laugh and her heart skipped a beat as his eyes crinkled in amusement. God he was handsome when he smiled. But he often looked so grumpy. She wondered why. ‘Whatever needs doing, I’m your man,’ he said, wiping his face on his shirt sleeve, but there was a moment – a definite moment. Hopefully uncle Mitch wasn’t watching.

‘Jack of all trades master of none then?’ Simone had teased. She couldn’t help herself – she was known for her sharp tongue and he’d asked for that one, surely. She watched his mouth quirk and felt an unexpected pang of desire course through her body. Dammit. He seemed to be looking at her mouth now, wasn’t he? Was she looking at his?

He tore his gaze away and knelt down. ‘So what did you girls block the sink up with this time?’ he demanded, as he peeled off his sweats and kneeled down on the floor at her feet, leaving on only his vest and a battered pair of denim jeans. The vest didn’t really cover very much, least of all his well-defined pecs. She tried hard not to look.

‘I didn’t block it up – it just kind of happened,’ she replied, realising how stupid that sounded. ‘Er… I don’t know, it just won’t empty any more.’ He gave her a ‘you think’ face, and continued. She shut up trying to be funny – what was it with this guy and his effect on her heart. She’d better not tell him. Because that could mean biiiiig trouble.

He spent a while poking around near the u-bend whilst she scurried around him, still trying to prepare the lunch, increasingly flustered and not happy with his proximity to her legs and the way he kept looking round at her every time she passed. Well that wasn’t true – in fact, she was MORE than pleased at the way he kept looking at her, but it didn’t help things. She’d had a spotless record as far as her uncle was concerned and she didn’t want to start muddying the waters now. And she certainly didn’t want to cause any trouble for this guy. She could wangle her way out of it, after all, it was her uncle and she was his favourite niece. His only niece. But this guy, he could be given a fine or even be fired.  She shook herself to try to shift the feeling of attraction between them. It was probably all in her mind anyway. Lord knows it had been a couple of years since her last boyfriend had ended with a damp squib exit and she was too out of touch to know if anything was real any more.

‘Well, not emptying is a definite sign of a blocked sink,’ he said, eventually, speaking slowly, deliberately slowly until she realised he was teasing her. ‘That’s why I need this.’ And produced a plunger, bringing it up between them in a comedy way. It made her laugh out loud, throwing her head back, and relieving the tension. He laughed too, a low almost guttural sound, a tiny bit like a famous actor, Sid something, on the black and white programmes on that television back home. His laugh made her laugh even more. She felt as though her whole body was filled with an indescribable joy.  Then suddenly they stopped, and his eyes locked on hers. His eyes were blue, deep blue and entrancing. It felt for all the world like he was about to kiss her until all of a sudden her cousin’s voice came booming across the kitchen behind them.

‘Put her down, Brady, and get back to the plunger. We need our chow, cuz, will it be long?’

They stepped apart and got their work done, bantering the whole while, as he completed his jobs and she did hers, trying to avoid each other’s gaze for as long as possible, whilst she finished preparing the huge vat of steaming soup and bread, and got it ready to serve on the huge wooden table they all ate around each lunchtime. Brady poked, plunged and prodded until finally the sink was running clean away and he finally excused himself with a quip and left the room.

As she watched the swarthy band of brothers devour the food she’d made them, Simone’s eyes drifted over to where Brady sat slightly on his own at one end of the table. He’s a bit of a loner, her cousin had said to her. Sworn himself off women since one broke his heart and took his bank balance, apparently. Well how wild west, she thought to herself, and smiled, just at the point that he looked up at her and caught her eye. She stared at him. And so did Mitch, the owner of the ranch.

‘Brady, a word in your shell-like,’ he boomed, making the whole table shake, as the team went silent, and Brady wiped his mouth and followed Mitch outside for what was obviously a dressing down.


Later that night, Brady cursed. He was hot in his bunk and the stillness of the night didn’t help take his mind off the most amazing eyes he’d ever seen. Blue like his own. Every sense in his body told him how attracted he was to her. The moment he saw her in the kitchen, her beautiful smile, big blue eyes, the shape of her mouth and just being in her presence made him sooooo excited. He wanted to find a 100 different things wrong in the kitchen just to keep talking to her. And according to some of the other guys, whose banter he could hear late at night from his bed, he’d learned how kind she was, and understanding, patient and generous. Dammit. Next time he’d have to avoid the jobs anywhere near her, or he could be in major trouble. And trouble was the last thing he needed so close to achieving his goal of paying back every dollar he owed since his scheming ex did a runner with his cash. But not all women were the same, were they? This one definitely seemed different. And the way she was looking at him too… What had his old Am-mah said? She’d told him once when he was small that when two people meet, sometimes there was more than just cool logic, sometimes your heart fills with joy so much that even against the odds, you had to move heaven and earth to be with the person that fills your head so much that you go to sleep thinking of them every night and the next day they are the first thing on your mind. Or was that all nonsense? The next morning Brady found out it was probably exactly as his Am-mah had said, the wise old woman who helped bring him up and make him appreciate women. Once of the reasons he’d been taken for a ride with the last one – too trusting. Well no more, he decided, and went and asked for a transfer to a different team.


Over the next few weeks, as Brady was put on a different shift he rarely came into contact with Simone. She looked out every day to see if he was amongst the ranch hands joining the team at the table for chow, but only on the odd occasion did he show up, at which point her heart began racing with an unbelievable anticipation of something that just could not be. He was forbidden to spend much time with her and she was wise to stay out of his way if he wanted to keep his job. And considering it was a day’s truck journey just to get to the next ranch, it was a good idea to avoid getting him the sack.  Plus, even having him at a distance still worked, it was better than nothing. If it had to be all or nothing, she’d rather have this. She’d taken to asking the others about him and found out that the last woman had indeed treated him badly – so badly he’d lost the chance of starting his own farm and was working his way towards paying back a huge loan he’d been given by his previous boss. He was an honourable man as well then. Too bad he was proving elusive. But still Simone’s heart filled with joy whenever he was around.

Then one day she had to take the old jeep and drive out to where that day’s team were tending the sheep rather than the men taking a break to come back in. There had been a spate of thefts in the area and everyone was on red alert. In fact, they were all learning a special code to help communicate over the long distances at night. ‘I know morse code,’ she blurted out, as she distributed the food parcels. ‘My uncle taught us it during our school holidays, he was in the army and needed to…’

‘Don’t you bother with it,’ Donno, one of the older, more arrogant ranch hands had sneered at her ‘Women don’t need to know about dots and dashes for working in the kitchen.’ She turned bright red and was flustered when the others just laughed, shrugged and carried on their quizzing. That night she decided to brush up on her skills and was sitting in the kitchen late when everyone had gone to bed when Brady came in with an empty glass in his hand. She turned, skipped a beat of her heart, and locked looks with him. Neither moved for an instant. Then he smiled. He indicated to the glass and gestured to the tap, then walked across to the sink.

‘Seems Donno was a bit rude to you today. The boys told me.’ He filled the glass and drained it, all the while watching her. His eyes were bright and sparkling, and the sexy little smile lines appeared at the corner of his eyes as his face lit up whilst he looked at her.

‘I’m used to it,’ she said, ‘I ignore him. I’ll get the better of him tomorrow as I’ll know every letter off by heart and I’ll answer before he does. Mitch has said I can join the morning lesson. Just in case I ever need morse code, it might be handy.’ She told Brady about her uncle and playing secret agent games. He was impressed. He tested her a couple of times and she only slipped up once or twice. She tested him and he knew almost every reply. Before they knew it, he had been there two hours, the candle had burned low and the air had gone cold. Simone looked at the clock and gasped in surprise. ‘Oh my god – look at the time. Better stop now, early start as usual. I’ll look terrible in the morning.’

‘I’ve seen you in the morning and you always look flawless,’ Brady shot back without hesitation. Simone’s jaw opened then closed again. ‘Th-thank you,’ was all she could manage. He just smiled and bowed his head, suddenly aware of what he’d said.

‘I better be turning in,’ he said, and placed the glass he was drinking from with the others on the counter just as her hand reached out to get one herself. Their hands touched and before she knew it he was holding her in his arms and holding her close, hugging her tightly their lips only inches apart. But he did not kiss her. ‘I definitely should not be doing this,’ he said, pushing back a strand of her hair from her face, ‘but big hugs often help people remember morse code. Good luck in that classroom tomorrow morning.’ Then he gently let her go and, winking, bade her goodnight and disappeared. Simone felt herself flush with overwhelming happiness. She knew in that instant, that instant of connection and warmth and a deep glow she’d never felt before, that he was the man for her. But her heart could not quite let go of the icy feeling it had, knowing that if anything happened between them he was out of a job and could not make the loan repayment deadline he faced. Nonetheless that night she fell asleep more happy than she’d been in years, knowing he felt the same way she did.

It made her more determined to do him proud and reply first to every single test question in the classroom the next day - faster than any of the men. Now the other men were laughing at Donno as she’d trounced him in every question. Pretty soon it was Simone who took on the mantle of teaching the other necomers how to recognise the code which made up letters, and then the short cuts if they needed them. Pretty soon she was fluent. It helped the team out on patrol no end, and as they all took their turn on the rota, Simone held regular quizzes to brush up their skills. Then one balmy evening as the native insects started their calling, in walked Brady’s shift.

As he entered the room, her heart dropped through her stomach. He was freshly showered, clean-shaven, handsome. By god if he was doing this deliberately she was in trouble tonight. And with only a short while left to go before she returned home for good. She called the group to order and began her reminders. They called out the answers, first to call getting a mark on the chalk board behind her. Old fashioned, but her idea of being in control. 

‘.... . .-.. .--.’ is pretty universal and it means…?’ she said.

‘Means help,’ said one of the men at the front.

‘Good. And this?’ she pointed at  ‘-.-. --- -- . / -. --- .—‘ on the board.

‘Come now,’ said Donno, to sniggers and elbows from his colleagues around him.

‘Correct, well done,’ Simone said, ignoring them.

Under his breath but not quiet enough for Simone not to hear he added ‘get you alone that’s what you’d be sayin to me.’ More laughter.

‘Why, ‘cos you couldn’t get it up?’ said a calm, deep voice from the side of the room. Brady. Leaning back against the wall by the door, cool as cucumber. Donno started to get up, but Brady leaned forward and with one quick motion, kicked the chair leg from under Donno and he stumbled sideways into his pals, who laughed at him even more. ‘Sorry Simone, ignore the children at the front. Do continue.’

‘Do continue,’ was all Donno could find to say, in a whiney voice. His mates weren’t laughing so hard now. And Simone continued.

At the end of the class, just after the last person left the room, Brady slunk back in again and closed the door behind him after checking up and down the corridor. Simone swallowed hard.

‘You’re not supposed to be alone in the same room as me,' she said. 'You asking for trouble?’

Without saying a word he scooped her up into his arms once again, and she felt the hard muscular body holding her close – yearning, her body answering its call. ‘I can’t stop myself. I just need to be near you, around you. I have been thinking of you ever since I first saw you. I just had to let you know and if you had said don’t be so daft, I would have accepted it as such.’

‘I would never have said that,’ she said, ‘I feel the same way.’

‘So I have a plan,’ he said. ‘Your cabin overlooks the lagoon, right? Well here’s what we should do…’


The next night, Simone was ready and waiting with the flashlight at the window near her bunk. Sure enough out of the distance came a flash, a mixture of short ones then long ones. She began to translate, her heart pounding out of her chest as his thoughts about her came tumbling out – without a sound, but surely the sweetest words she ever did hear. As sure as if he was saying them himself.

‘I … W..A..S….I..M..A..G..I..N..I..N..G ,’ he flashed out in code, ‘W..H..A..T….I..T…W..O..U..L..D…B..E….L..I..K..E…T..O…K..I..S..S….Y..O..U’

Simone nearly melted. Over the next two weeks they revealed inner most thoughts and dreams, sharing memories with each other, dreams for the future and a secret plan that could only be initiated the day he resigned as a ranch hand and could take the money, pay his debt, and with the little that remained, go get another loan which would help begin his life anew with a down payment on his own farm. A new start. He had to make it clear to Simone. He had to. It would be hard but without that independence what could he offer her. For Brady a new start was exactly what he needed. And he had a plan that he hoped would work. And it involved very careful handling of her uncle Mitch.

Soon it was the night before Simone was supposed to go back to the UK. A long long drive followed by a train followed by a series of flights. And in the early 1960s not many were that brave. Most stayed within their own comfort zones and few chased the dream. Or followed their joy. Simone wondered if she was his joy, truly. If it was For  Real. Or if she was just a way of spending time whilst he worked his way back to solvency. She would have sworn his feelings were genuine, and his words and the dots and dashes had all been so flattering, but still…

On the day she was supposed to go back to the UK, Simone had packed, said her goodbyes to the other kitchen staff, her favourite ranch hands and her uncle and cousin, and was ready to get into the jeep to depart back to the airport and ultimately back to England. But where was Brady. She’d asked whether, now she was leaving, Brady would be able to take her. Mitch had given her a little lecture but had done so with an amused face, now he knew she was leaving anyway. Would Brady be the one to take her back to the airport? But there was no sign of him. Or any other driver. Simone waited with her bags out by the entrance. She began to get worried. Brady surely only needed to go collect his wages and they could leave? Had there been a problem getting paid? She looked over when she heard a noise, and saw Brady being accompanied towards her by her uncle Mitch, with a face like thunder. She gulped. Oh-oh.

As he got nearer, Mitch tipped his hat upwards so he could see her better. ‘Brady here says you’ve been communicating with morse code for the last few weeks. That right?’ His voice was stern, his face surly. Simone looked at Brady who just nodded. So did she. Mitch looked angrily towards Brady, then spat ‘Give her the note.’

Simone felt the bottom fall out of her heart, a cold icy feeling infiltrating every bone in her body as Brady looked uncomfortable and pulled a small piece of paper out of his pocket. He looked at Mitch who jerked his head towards Simone. Brady stepped forwards and slowly held out the note for Simone to take. She felt foreboding in her body and hesitated.

‘Open it,’ demanded Mitch and then looked at Brady. She had to be mistaken, she could have sworn he winked at Brady. Confused, Simone opened the note and then stopped dead.

‘-- .- .-. .-. -.-- / -- .’ it read.

She digested its meaning and tears began to prickle in her eyes. ‘I don’t know what to say,’ she spluttered, barely able to see the note now for tears. ‘Is this right?’

Mitch stepped forward, and patted Brady on the back. ‘Sure is right. Go on,’ he nodded at Brady. Then turned his back.

Brady stepped closer to Simone and took her hands in his. Then he took her in his arms. Then he kissed her. He cupped her face in his hands and held her there for a moment, tenderly kissing her cheeks and her eyes and her nose. His hands were moving through her hair and suddenly his lips were upon hers, exploring her mouth with his tongue, eager, loving, passionate… hers. Hers, For Real. She felt so full of joy she thought her heart would burst.

‘Simone, you make sure you tell him your reply, OK? And tell that sister of mine when you get back home that you’re welcome back out here any time – next summer if you want to. That be long enough to learn bookeeping? I could do with a good accountant.’ And with that he was gone.

Simone turned towards Brady and could still barely speak. ‘Is this honestly, truly for real?’ she asked.

‘It’s for real,’ he replied. ‘And nothing’s going to change my mind. You’re worth it. This has never happened to me before, I didn’t go looking for it, but I just couldn’t stop it. And now it’s happened, I’m so glad. Because – if you want it to happen – I want to be a part of your life from now on.’ She didn’t reply and he looked worried. ‘Except…’ still she didn’t reply, so he continued. ‘Except if you Don’t want to. And I’ve got it all wrong. Normally I know my own mind, but you have thrown me into turmoil. This has bowled me over and goes against how I would normally behave…’ Simone just gazed into his eyes, speechless. ‘Can you help me out here? I thought we both had the same ideas about each other. I just know I need to be around you however this pans out. No one could have foreseen this.’  And with that she took her finger and placed it gently on his lips to quieten him.

‘Me neither,’ she said. ‘I just want to wrap my arms around you and hold on…’



Andrea was listening with rapt attention. Simone, Am-mah to her grandchildren, had paused, glistening eyes, her mind clearly firmly back in that day, fifty years ago and the fragile note in her hand. ‘And what happened then?’ Andrea urged. ‘Come on, what did that note mean? And what did you say?’

Simone’s now bony hands gently unfurled the little piece of ancient paper, and read it out.

‘It said ‘marry me.’’

Andrea gasped. ‘Really? That was sudden! What did you say?’

‘I said, the only thing I could have said in the circumstances,’ Simone sighed after an unbearably long pause, looking pained as though she was trying to recall something really important. ‘I said dash dot dash dash, dot, dot dot dot.’

‘Which means?’ Andrea asked, the anticipation in her face mounting.

‘Which means she told me yes,’ said an old crackly voice standing at the French doors. Simone stopped struggling to speak, and rose from the chair easily, then scurried towards him, the same old joy flooding her body, even now. He HAD followed the joy, he had come with her to England, then returned the following summer together to make their life out here, and he had been with her through thick and thin. And now he’d come back for her. Am-mah and her Brady held hands and he gently led her out through the French doors into the winter sunshine, not a sign of the snow storm from earlier, and if Simone wasn’t mistaken, she was sure she could hear the sound of sheep in the distance.


Back in the room, Andrea was still waiting. ‘Am-mah?’ she said. She reached out and rested her hand on the old lady’s, but it fell to the side of the armchair and the note fluttered to the floor. A peaceful, joyous look was on her face, and if Andrea didn’t know better, she would have said that she was finally happy once more. She gently patted her hand, tears in her eyes, and took her now sleeping little daughter out of the room to go find the care home manager. She’d been lucid almost to the end, although she’d been ill for the longest time, and now, Andrea realised with a jolt, she’d passed away exactly two years since her beloved Brady had done. Well at least they were together now, she thought, and picked up the phone to call her mother. A strange noise from the handset met her ears, and she shook herself. Surely that wasn’t the sound of dots and dashes… No, it had gone now. But stranger things have happened, she thought. In search of Joy.






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