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Sun sets on 2016. Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year video fun, review of the year, plus sneaky peeks of upcoming #TSVs on QVC!
30 December 2016

Christmas in Devon and with family has been amazing this year. I've managed to capture many of the moments and have posted them online - 

- click here to see xmas day pics and my lovely sister's new house - sixteen for dinner!

- click here to see Boxing Day and beyond at Retreats for You in Sheepwash - my brother joined me and the pogs there with his family and later with his friends, for their new year too.

And it's been amazing spending time in the peaceful, picturesque Devon countryside - click here to see Sheepwash in the distance, the medieval strips and the bluest clear sky. It's just one of the live vlogs I did on my Facebook page (go here to 'like' 'debbieflintauthorqvc page  so that future ones come up in your feed.)

By the way, anyone need a four night getaway in Feb? We have a few spaces feb 6-10 and Feb 20-25 incl. Full board, wine at dinner, afternoon tea coffee cake. own room shared bathrooms, hot water bottles at bedtime and not allowed to do any housework or helping! Great for writers, or academics. Or carers needing a rest. Dietary needs can be accommodated more below. Just relax, walk, read, stare at the open fire... I just don't do enough of that when I'm down there myself, that's my trouble!

Presenter's Funny Xmas Lunch  - there's a great video clip on this post, my xmas blog on - watch what happened when half of us got together for secret santas!  click here.

and my Review of the Year  blog reminded me just how much I'd packed into 2016 - a hard year in many ways, but culminating in a brand new era - a new home down in Devon and one of the most promising futures ahead of me, ever! click here to see some of the highlights - features 8 or more videos! Plus a good sneaky peek at the week ahead's TSVs on QVC.

What are you doing for New Year? I'm on air late afternoon, which means a fab evening of food and games at my pal Shyama's, who I've spent many a fun NYE with over the last decade or so, when I'm not on air. Are you a 'going out?' or a 'staying in?'

Things to look forward to in 2017 -

I'm very excited about my new Till the Fat Lady Slims - Break free from Food Prison (2017) book, being released to order in bookshops too, by publisher Choc Lit in January. more here. Get it here on Amazon if you are truly determined this year to make the difference in your eating patterns - it really works, and don't forget to come join our Facebook group - such a support system, it makes all the difference in the world - click here to join.

Plus, of course, back to Retreats for You - there are several new exciting plans underway for Spring and Summer. If you fancy full board incl afternoon tea, coffee, cake, and wine with evening meal, for only £80 per person per night own room shared bathroom, in a 1600s thatched house in a sleepy Devon village, with nothing to do except relax by the roaring open fire and read or write, or just stare into space, or you'd like to give a £30 deposit for a four night stay to someone who needs it, just email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , details on website It'd be lovely to book some of you in - do bring a pal. Sometimes dogs can come too, with conditions, so do ask. Home cooked meals and no housework - it's not allowed - plus hot water bottles at bedtime. Talk about pampered! And - surprise surprise - I'm really enjoying helping out with the pampering myself. 

Plus much more fundraising activity for Medical Detection Dogs - looking forward to a pop-up charity Vintage Teas Weekend at Retreats for You mid Feb maybe? And of course a super opportunity to set up a permanent vintage tea rooms at RFY from the summer onwards. I'm meeting all sorts of new people down there too - it really feels like home already. Thanks to Deborah Dooley for making this all possible as she goes off to start her long-awaited retirement on a permanently moored houseboat in Bideford, not far away. She'll kindly pop back from time to time to help out too. Wendy and I will be your main hosts for much of 2017 retreats.

I also have a run of lovely holidays lined up - including a return to Chez Castillon in the Dordogne, as well as Cyprus and France for family weddings this year. Plus my daughter's own wedding on 2nd September! #motherOfTheBride! x

One thing I do have a good feeling about is my love life this year. I don't know why - I just feel it in my bones... I won't be 'updating' until there's something proper to tell you and maybe not even then if whoever it is turns out to be a little social media shy, like Mr Back of My Tandem was in 2012! I may be wrong, but, still, it's been long enough to recover from the last one, so let's see what 2017 brings! 

best wishes



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