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It's that time again! Xmas sox start here! Plus Singing in Chiswick!
17 November 2016

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Xmas Sox Ahoy! Well it's nearly the end of November so I'm duly hoiking out the masses of Xmas socks I bought last year, to have a 'do-over'! Loved these ones this week - you wearing anything Christmassy yet? Even on the QT?

ITV Come Calling OK so it's not THAT exciting, but I was emailed this week about being interviewed for a new episode of 'When live TV goes wrong' - considering my awful faux pas with the NoNo cream - and the tower of plastic bottles that came tumbling down - they want to include me as the most accident prone presenter! lol! We will see... and I will keep you informed! lol.

Chiswick Concert - happens Friday night - 18th - at St Marks in Bath Rd Chiswick at around 630pm onwards so do come along if you can! And I will put an update on here first over the weekend hopefully with a little video or two! (click here to read more over weekend)

Rico the dog is the Retreats for You dog in Sheepwash, nearby to where I live. He posed like this this week and Deborah the owner and I thought that , if he was on Tinder, this would be his profile picture! hehe! He's a feisty staffy cross, I think, with huge jaws and solid flanks but such a little softie when it comes to cuddles!

Book of the Week is such a good one! I LOVE Jack Reacher novels and 'Night School' is the latest - taking us back to the late 90s with Reacher still a Military Cop - blimmin brilliant! More here.

Charity XMAS CARDS It's nearly time that they all sell out but this beautiful one is still available - how charming, don't you think? Do let me know if you can donate a little by buying a couple of packs for your loved ones this Christmas - it'll be very unique that's for sure as not many others will be giving them! go here to get yours - soon!

EPP update This week I went to see Dr Robert Sarkhany about my special rare genetic skin condition and he told me a really interesting statistic about my kids' chances of having babies with the same thing as me - find out more here. Also after |I left the Lister Hospital in Chelsea, I did a 'vlog' whilst walking back to Sloane Square - watch it here, and do 'like' the page if you like seeng my updates, including early bird order links!

Decleor Early Bird Order Link  - if you're waiting with baited breath the see the newest skincare bundle, be aware it's one of the best of the year so far, and we have nowhere near as much stock as we did with the Elemis one recently. Fiona and |I will be bringing you it on Saturday night, if it's still available! Over £190 worht, on 4 x EZ pay, under £70 total cost, (6 pc set, and the Magnolia oil choice is worth £70 ish on its own!) Don't miss out, take a look here now - click here or to see others including Sunday's NoNo link when it's up, go here to my regular Early Bird blog on my website.

QVC also on my QVC blog -  it's out now click here - updates, funnies and sneaky peeks of next week's deals! And an Elemis Comp!

Fancy a lovely get away in calm peaceful surroundings with home cooked meals, wine at diner, and hot water bottles all included? Here's the latest Retreats for You newsletter - do let us know what you think and if you're interested in booking, just email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view here to find out about writing retreats including being interviewed for TV and radio, or self-publishing ones - plus if you're interested in others like a 'self-confidence and motivation' workshop retreat in the Spring.

Finally as promised, Singing in Chiswick - new blog - go here to see all the info (coming soon)

Have a lovely weekend!




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  • Comment Link Toni George 23 November 2016 posted by Toni George

    fantastic singing Deb's you are inspirational. keep up the good work with all you do. Toni x

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