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I've got a thing!!! And family fun at the wedding...
21 September 2016

So it turns out my skin problem has a name - it's only taken me 52 years to find out...

I've got a thing - it's called EPP and it's a proper 'thing.' All my life I've had to stay out of the sun, as regulars will know if you recall my blog from early July when I had to report that my 'skin had flared up' during the Rochester Castle fundraising bodyblade wobble in Kent.

What happens is that if my skin is over-exposed it feels like it's on fire, even though nothing shows on the outside. Then it starts to itch as well, and then it swells up and the skin gets super tight. It takes around two days to go down. When I was on a skiing hol once using a balaclava, the skin in between my eyes swelled up and my eyes were like slits. When I stupidly used a sunbed aged around 22 I had the most horrendous reaction my rings needed to be cut off my fingers. And apart from one occasion, I've never been able to do normal things in the sun. When I was a kid I had to shelter away from the sun, I felt like my needs were never made a priority as I just had to make the best of it and bought comics and books and sweets and sat away from everyone else and rarely went in the sea. (the pic above is when I was about 9, that's me behind the deck chairs in the shade. Poor Debbie.) My family know this, and just take it for granted, and so did I, until this year. it's a rare genetic condition, apparently... CONTINUED ON HEALTH BLOG HERE including before and afters of my hands when it flares up...

Book of the Week - Another super tale from one of my favourite authors Lucy Dillon, if you want some super relationship drama from a talented writer do try this one - click here for more.

Have just got Julie Cohen's fab audiobook of 'Falling' (The Day of Second Chances' in the US) and am looking forward to listening to that next. And another Jean Fullerton 'Nurse Connie' story! Well, I will have lots of long journeys coming up, as per my 'cunning plans'... more about those at some point soon I hope!

Patch Update - Sadly Patch is not at all well now. Her tummy is distended with fluid retention and she's all skin and bone. Her new meds seem to be keeping her almost comfortable it seems - how can you tell, with an old Labrador? But whilst she's wagging her tail and eating her food, and enjoying being stroked, I'll keep battling with her...

New QVC blog is out Fri pm here - and features some super news about a fab jewellery range featuring interchangeable charms - you know the kind - on QVC Saturday 6pm. And at least FIVE sneaky peeks of the week ahead. Enjoy!

Have a lovely week!



ps am on over the weekend - which is a bit of a Christmas themed weekend including today's KINDLE Today's Special Value, great deal for a paperwhite, costing less than the usual price, and has a £25 added value case too! Catch my final show at 10pm! Plus tomorrow (Saturday) another fab selection of festive fayre! 



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