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Debbie Flint

Garden pics and singalonga-MDD-fete!
16 June 2016

Hi - hope you're enjoying the weather - not! Fingers crossed for some sunshine - just a bit - over Hampton Court tonight (thursday 16th) as we're off to see Tom Jones at the open air courtyard festival! At least I'll get some sunshine end of next week in France at my writing holiday - I hope, although when I went last year there was the biggest thunder storm ever on one of the nights and I had to beg the owner of the bar to take a group of us including 80 year old Beryl Kingston, back to the gitte! 

See below for a dilemma about a wedding at the end of July. No, not mine!

Mega Draw Prizes Increase! Closes this Sunday (19th)

But first I wanted to ask whether you would be so kind as to buy a raffle ticket - a fiver to donate to Medical Detection Dogs to help get to our £3k target? Coupled with the £2k we raised at laast weekend's fete it'll be enough to buy a second industrial freezer for the medical research team. They need it to keep the urine samples at minus 80 so that the protocols are top notch for the three year NHS study. Then the doggies should end up being used as part of the official screening process to help early prostate cancer detection. Soon there will be breast cancer detection and malaria too. Exciting times. Here are some of the prizes - and you can get a raffle ticket here on Just Giving site. Thanks to Sara for this one.



Each prize is at least £50 value - some are up to £350 each!

Please get your tickets on this link - thanks again! CLOSES SUNDAY 19TH! 

Fun at the Fete 

Had a lovely time and it all went very well. One of the best bits was the evening singalong! Here are some of the videos - enjoy! Hope we can do another one next year = maybe later this year! Keep getting this newsletter to find out more.

here's patrick's look round - it got over 88,000 reach including in the US! click here

fashion show!/DebbieFlintQVCFanpage/posts/1038100359605947

me and sis singing 

If you can't see them I'll try to get the original video clips to re post!

Got made a lovely cake with me and my two MDD pups I named, on it, all in marzipan! Thanks to Aimee, Lorri vick's friend, who made it, even down to the highlights in 'my' hair, some red, some blonde! A great night indeed.

'Me and Ali singing!


Book of the week is actually short stories of the week - go here to read a completely free story by me, marking the 7th birthday of my lovely publisher Choc Lit! 

More on my qvc blog, on this page. - includes a fab Elemis competition and review of product of the month Superfood Facial Oil, plus pics of upcoming TSV's on QVC including from Antthony!

Finally - here's a quandary. I've been invited to a wedding in spain at the end of July - on my own. Not sure if I'm brave enough to go on my own - it'll be quite dear and of course I'll know the groom - but noone else! He's looking forward to me going but... Hmm... Need some feedback! Oviedo airport? Any tips? I'm a bit scared. And busy, but I have to go for my mate, right? Hmm... Let me know your thoughts!

Have a great week - and do please get a ticket for the raffle! 

best wishes



 ps all my books are here on amazon - click here or go to 'Writing' tab at top of this page.




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