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Lesley the mummy meets Lesley the 8 week old puppy - videos!
24 March 2016


OMG what a lovely trip we had up to Medical Detection Dogs HQ again this week, with a special surprise for my mum. You may recall I raised enough funding to name two little puppies and we already met Derek the dog earlier this year (see archive bottom left.) Well mum didn’t know I’d decided – with help from readers’ feedback – to name the little girl puppy after her.

This is the moment when Lesley Dog meets Lesley mummy – and please note – mum doesn’t know! click here

Little Lesley puppy arrived at MDD HQ with a kennel mate called Dyson. They are both going off to socializers till they are 18 months old – getting used to being around people, out shopping, in libraries, stations etc. Then they’ll be trained specifically for the role they are chosen for whether it’s detecting changes in blood sugar in their new owners who have diabetes, or other illnesses.

And they were so cute! Little Lesley is so docile and easy going. Whereas Dyson is a little monkey! This is the pups playing together outside in the exercise pen – soooo little and cute! Click here

And this is when Dyson the boy pup starts getting all macho with his kennel mate – so funny – watch this! Typical boy – click here.

They will keep me informed about how little Lesley puppy gets on and I’ll keep you informed too! If you’d like to read more about the charity, go here to my page or here to their website.

This week I went to the opera as well, right up in the gods! And reported the news with pics on the new QVC blog dated Friday 25th March. It’ll appear on my QVC tab once it’s up. Click here to see it and to see sneaky peeks for the week ahead too including Nails Inc, Richard Jackson's Easter Monday tsv and the new Logo tunic on Tuesday..

Back to you update – First, the group. Wow what a big change for me this week! In conjunction with lovely pal Sharon and a chat with the powers that be, I’ve managed to get them to agree to me not spreading myself so thin with so much social media. I’m handing over the reins to Sharon completely for the Facebook group Back to You (go here to join,) and other admins for some of the other groups. They’ll be in good hands. And I can WRITE MY NEXT BOOK!!! I’ll still use my own page on Facebook mainly though and if you can ‘like’ the page you won’t have to go hunt it out to be appraised of some super competitions going forward including an amazing first competition coming soon to win a left-over Beauty Bash goodie bag. Click here for Debbie Flint Facebook PAGE and press ‘like’ on the page itself.

Go here to read the full announcement about how my social media announcements are going to work going forward. Of course, if you’re on my website you’ll get it all anyway but the daily/regular ‘vlogs’ I’ve been posting only on the facebook page.

Not long till after Easter and the Freedom eating one month programme begins next week – my Back to you blog explains more – read here (being updated Friday pm)

Riwisi = my read it write it sell it blog this week has a book of the week from prolific author Carole Matthews – if you’d like a lovely absorbing romance set by the sea, read the blog here.

Roland Update – great news! This from Lorri Vick – phew! - GREAT NEWS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Xrays just done, which I will post when home, and the change in one week is incredible - Emma, the Vet, and I were jumping up and down when we took the xrays - wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What an improvement - am beyond ecstatic!! As always, HUGE thanks for all your support and hugs - this little man now looks like it wont be too far off before thos pins and fixators are removed - if all goes according to plan xxx More about Roland click here - including latest xrays showing huge improvement. 


Did you guess? Went on a date this week too – did you guess that’s what it was? I can’t say much except that it was pleasant and whilst no major connection, if I was invited out on another dinner date I’d happily go – nice guy, and nice company. Biggest thing for me though was it was the first time out like that in three years! Gosh how time flies. Now I’ve broken the duck, time to do some more first dates this year methinks. Any tips? Lol.

Have a great week!





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  • Comment Link Theresa 26 March 2016 posted by Theresa

    Good for you Debbie going out on first dates is hard and pleased to hear you enjoyed the evening and maybe 2016 is a good year for you. Congratulations to your friend Sharon taking over your back to you group, like you say she will do good. Dont know how you fit all you do in your week and maybe its now Debbie time for a while. You take care x

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